Weekly LightBlast

April 28, 2011



Peace is our gateway to neutrality.  Neutrality balances our inner power that magnetizes change for the better.  Without neutrality we are too polarized to allow change easily.  This can manifest as trying so hard to hold onto the ‘good’ that we restrict the flow of change, or trying so hard to avoid the ‘bad’ that we also stop flow. 

There is a courage to peace that is often overlooked.  It is a balanced state of Allowing and Choosing.  Under the surface is a Knowing that the Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement; therefore, the circumstance of the moment is merely a platform for focus so the next level of improvement can be realized into form.  Choice without Allowing is merely force and isn’t truly free.  Force is only needed when there is resistance.  Forcing a circumstance to be one way or another is a fear-based reaction that seeks to avoid What Is, rather than use What Is to see all possibilities and expand for the better from a strong foundation.  Each moment offers the grace of experiencing a range of events that can teach much more than ‘I want this different outcome.’  For instance, as I sought my inner peace from loud music blaring in my neighborhood, I realized that I could establish inner peace that was unfettered by another’s choice for noise when I want quiet.  Avoiding life or getting angry isn’t the solution because I am the one that has lost my Inner Peace.  That is where Freedom is, otherwise I have a huge world to control.  Not only can I not control all the loud music listeners, I do actually want them to enjoy their lives and that music is serving to improve their life in that moment.  So I had to find a perspective of neutrality that enhanced my own inner well-being while letting people live their lives in the way they want around me.   When you do the inner work, the outer begins to form around it.  I noticed that life took a step towards improvement over time, but perhaps not perfection, then another step towards improvement and on and on. 

The courage to be peaceful sometimes comes after the fact.  If I react badly then it is my inner work to find a new perspective.  Perspective is an active choice.  An affirmation that I don’t believe will have little to no effect on me.  But a perspective that I do believe will bring me great transformation, which results in empowerment.  It’s the equivalent of stair-stepping your way to improvement instead of trying to make an improbable leap.  Life is designed that way, we build strategically over time for the most stable outcome.  You don’t install a roof until the structure of the house is finished.  I seek an avenue to forgiveness or understanding that I’m willing to walk through.  So it may look something like understanding that the person I’m dealing with is emotionally scarred, or too scared to speak truthfully or inconsiderate because they have a wound that is louder than considering others.  Those same things apply to me at times, so it becomes about forgiving Another, by recognizing them Within myself, even if the extremes of the circumstances are hard to fathom.  I can always find a variance of fear or challenge that I can relate to within.  Once that fear is neutralized within me, peace comes, neutrality comes, new solution comes, freedom comes.  That is what makes peace so exciting - FREEDOM!!!!  It’s exciting to know that even though things may look or feel bad today, they are improving within the unseen.  New solution is building a foundation that will soon have a structure.  You are free to interact with life courageously because improvement is the natural progression of life.

As we sit to Blast Exciting Peace, we are opening to a perspective of Love that allows life to change for the better with more ease.  We are balanced on our platform of What Is while empowered to see beyond to the next level of Love.  We are enhancing our own inner courage to find a perspective of improvement in the most challenging of circumstances as soon as we can.  We are honoring our fears, our avoidances and our challenges as opportunities for realizing the freedom that is in our life now and building to greater heights with each peace-full perspective.  We are supporting the natural flow of life and creating the life we desire through the exciting opportunities of Love before us.  We are Allowing and Choosing easily, as we Know that life is benevolent and intelligently designed for improvement under any and all circumstances through the gift of time/space.  We are remembering that we came here to improve the world, one moment of Love at a time.  Blast on!

April 21, 2011



There are two types of Mental Exercise.  One helps you create; positive thought, inspired focus, exciting possibility.  The other hinders creativity; negative thought, review and worry, thought circling within a small box of possibility.  As with physical exercise of the body, when you balance your strength with flexibility, you have greater health.  Our mental self (or body, plane, functionality) serves a great purpose of reasoning, categorizing and analyzing.  These are powerful and necessary functions, but they only fully assist when used in balance with creativity.

Creativity is Love Flowing.  It can come in any form you can imagine (haha!).  Working with numbers can be a form of creativity when you love the challenge.  Talking with someone can be a form of creativity when you love the exchange.  Certainly classic artistic endeavors like painting and music are Love Flowing into form.  The mental function either allows that flow or stops it.  It stops creative flow when an expected outcome becomes more important than the journey; like stretching our knowledge, listening to an opposing view or playing an instrument perfectly for admiration from others.  It supports creative flow when we use our Mental Exercise to enjoy learning through trial and error, finding compassion for another or finding beauty in something we thought was a mistake. 

Our mental abilities give us the analytical aptitude to discover solution.  When we are in creative flow, we discover new solution.  In order to discover new solution, we have to access our heart energy.  This brings excitement and joy to our solution.  This also brings in the need for Trust.  (cue the music: dun dun duuuuunnnn)  It’s a cycle that supports growth, yet requires courage.  The beautiful Anais Nin quote speaks brilliantly to this, ‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  In the most rewarding aspects of life, it takes the courage to blossom, whether its opening to love, taking on a new or improved career (or even just asking for a raise), having children, giving your time to help people in need, healing your negative patterns, allowing your family and friends to be imperfect….  All of life has potential to be creative, yet we also have the choice to stagnate. 

Trusting in Life to improve takes great courage.  The mental mind accesses the past and brings it into the present moment.  It is a vast access point for knowledge from the past; this life, past lives, others’ lives.  The mental body is a logical functionality that works towards survival and improvement.  This is why we can go on autopilot and brush our teeth without concentrating.  While the mental body interacts with emotion, it does not originate emotion.  It merely analyzes, categorizes and applies them from certain experiences of the past and then advises towards survival and progress in the safest manner.  This is incredibly valuable for survival.  Where the mental function loses touch is connecting the present to the future.  The mental function does not like unknown.  Unknown is scary and could result in death.  The unknown is a survival issue, so the mental wants to play it safe.  This is why we aren’t all mental.  This is why we are hard-wired for Love with a beautiful fail-safe mental body.  Ever meet someone that hasn’t quite learned how to apply the Law of Attraction in a grounded space of reality?  They are so ‘focused on love’ that they are actually just avoiding reality.  They’re still remaining tight in the bud because it hasn’t quite become painful enough yet.  It’s not a punishment; it’s just a function of life.  We have to honor the space of the moment whether it is one of release or receiving, positive or negative, rest or action, challenge or triumph.  Mental Exercise working towards improvement asks, ‘How is this moment teaching me to access more Love?’  When the heart is open, that moment is a gift of learning, not a punishment.  The heart is the access point of Love Flowing, so it always has access to new solution.  It is a space of all time and no limitation.  It Knows us as the eternal Beings of Love that we are.  It is the perfection of Love, appreciating the beautiful gift of the mental plane to bring in preference, joyful action and learning. 

We live in a world of time, structure and limitation.  How these will enhance and expand you is your choice of interaction with them.  Time is a beautiful journey of discovery when you don’t drag the past along with you into a fearful future.  Structure is a magnificent foundation of sharing when you don’t resent the labor of love.  Limitation is an exciting opportunity of innovation when you allow challenge to improve you.  The worldwide tragedies that have been occurring with frequency are/were a limitation that has the capacity to expand compassion, courage and trust into a new experience for many.  How will you use your Mental Exercise?  Do you mind suffering a little on the path to improvement?  Do you mind being annoyed, judged, misunderstood or challenged?  Do you mind a new solution coming in after you ‘failed’ a few times?  All of these are merely a choice of perspective.  It’s not a matter of perceiving joy during a tragic event or even a minor challenge, that would be avoiding reality.  It’s what you do with all the moments of your life.  The mind working with the heart (Mental Exercise) allows each moment to have its place with the understanding that all of them are initiating change for the better, even if you can’t see it or feel it in the moment.   That’s the capacity of the heart, to feel great sorrow when sorrow arrives and to feel great joy when joy arrives.  Risking joy when sorrow may possibly be a result is where the mental must concede to the heart.  The promise of Love is that it makes life more flavorful, sometimes with the salt of tears.  And don’t those come with joy as well as sorrow?  The heart, in its access to all time, knows the future of Love is assured. 

As we sit to Blast Mental Exercise, we are allowing the wisdom of the heart to relax the mind into a space of calm where new solution is found.  We are allowing new solution to be birthed in a future of faith and appreciating the gestation.  We are stretching our brilliant mental capacity to focus our inspiration into action and our patience into rest.  We are realizing the challenges as opportunities for growth and remembering that the promise of new life arises each morning.  We are using our capability to transform our world into a future of empowered people, beginning with ourselves and emanating that out.  We are focusing our mental power to support the courage of our heart to Love and Love again, even when the moment is a challenge.  We are recognizing our Love reflected in each brave hero, each brave choice, each brave artist, each brave flower, each brave moment.  We are using our Mental Exercise to build a healthy world of Love.  That is a beautiful mind.  Blast on!

April 14, 2011



Movement is constant; therefore, what is solid is transient and based on our perception of solid form.  As exemplified through time, there is not a moment of complete stillness for time never stops. Through space, there is also constant movement as rotation occurs in relation to cell, to self and to other bodies.  Thus in space/time there is constant movement.  Based on your perspective, you either see it or believe it, for some movement takes such a long time or is too small to see that you rely on the assertion of others that it is, in fact, occurring (or your internal time-lapse photography to realize it).  Time and space together are markers of progress, of form, of focus.  While they seem to function separately, and they do; space is a container of form and time is a reference of form, you require both because they influence one another.  They are the dualistic interplay of your perception and your intention, your reaction and your choice.

Form is as it is only in the now moment, thus space is always now.  It is influenced by the past moment as what is formed began forming prior to now.  It influences the future because your choice and your interaction with the form of the now moment will influence its change into the future. 

Time is as it is only in the now moment.  You are capable of remembering the past, even re-acting to it, but not reliving it (though you may repeat it of sorts!).  The time passed has served to create the now moment, but the now is the only moment you can experience in form.  That which is past formed the now that you perceive.  The future is awaiting its birth into form through time based on your interaction with the now.

Space is a function of heart energy and time is a function of mind energy.  As with all things, they can be separated for understanding, but there is no true separation for they interact implicitly.  Space is felt as you interact with form with your heart.  Your perceptions are then interpreted with the mind and you utilize it to determine preference and action.  This is such a simultaneous interaction, and the mind most often so much louder (in these times), that the heart is overlooked, but not participating any less whether you acknowledge it or not.  The heart is spacious because it is merely a container for Love in form.  Love is vast, quantum and powerful beyond All else, for it is beyond this earthly experience.  In death, form may die (transform), but Love does not; the container of Love is merely broken open to release Love into new form, for movement is constant.  The mind is timely because it is a reference mechanism.  It seeks markers, categorizes them and compares them.  Most are unaware of the vast referencing capabilities that work in concert with your entire body, but now we focus upon the mind.  It spans time passed to reference for time now.  In this way it seeks possibility that has been manifested before, as well as perceptions of danger and failure so that it may assist survival. 

The mind does not feel, it references and interprets feelings/emotions into chemicals via the electrical impulse/resonance of perception.  The chemical is the beginning of new form as your body is shifted in vibration based on its chemical components.  Thus as you perceive Love, do you vibrate, emanate and inform more Love.  As you perceive failure, tragedy and hatred, you vibrate, emanate and inform such into the future of time/space. 

Your space is your now, your perception is your vehicle of timely influence and your perspective is your choice that creates the future.  Perception is immediate, perspective is a choice that can be sought with aware interaction between the heart/mind.   We are only beginning to interplay actively with the future.  As you give heart space to your future time, you influence creation formed in Love.  As you release victimhood and actively participate in changing your world through the perspective of Love, you are actively creating with your heart/mind.  Perspective comes when you view form (experience, a moment) from all sides, from all possibilities, from all time.  As you view a new future, you utilize your heart to access a new possibility of Love, for your brain can only reference what has come before or be actively aimed toward interpreting Love or analyzing a new path via the heart.  Therefore, if you can not figure out each detail of action that will assure a Loving outcome, as an architect would utilize to build a sustaining structure, then use your brain to interpret Love without detail and release the chemical formulation that will attract more form to you with the emanation of Love.

On a cellular level movement towards the positive is constant when neutrality is great enough to balance easy flow between positive/negative.  It is the positive that attracts, so negative is ripe to its influence, swayed from movement forward to the compelling spiral of Love.  From the subatomic to the cellular, you are this in form, ever changing and ever emanating a new moment of form forming.  That which is solid is changing beneath the surface, unseen in the now moment, yet vibrating a resonance that draws more life to it.  Once enough time has passed a new moment is visible in form, taking up space. 
As we sit to Blast Solid Form, we are releasing our dependence on relating to the world only through What Is and opening to the perspective of New Solution based in Love.  We are recognizing our ability to create from within and manifest form through the gift of time/space.  We are focusing our intent within our heart space and allowing our mind time to formulate the appropriate chemical infusion of Love.  We are remembering that we forgot our focus, we forgot our power and we forgot that Love is the True Transformer of Life, the most powerful force on Earth.  We are remembering to feel our way to New Solution and to think our way to new space/time creation through the gateway of Love.  We are remembering Who We Are, solid in form yet ever changing as we spiral toward Love’s call.  Blast on!

April 7, 2011



Complete Knowing is a state of Allowance.  It is an active observant state, which is a state of awareness and active participation, without the need to force outcome - for within Complete Knowing is the understanding that All Is Well.  Complete Knowing is the formula of Free Choice, for in the interactive design of life on earth is the Knowledge that All Life returns to its Source of Love, so time and pathway are of no consequence in the larger scheme of Life.  Human perspective differs here. 

Within our human perspective, we have experiences that we enjoy and experiences that we don’t.  We tend to want the enjoyable ones and try to avoid the negative ones.  We could even look at the past and determine which path led to what negative experience, or better stated, which mistake or trauma.  There is nothing wrong with wanting good experiences, the Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement, we are wired for pleasure and improvement.  But as we embark upon Ascension and incorporate more of our Divine Nature with our Human Nature, we recognize the challenges and undesired experiences as a point of focus instead of a point of failure. 

Life has challenge, that is a fact today.  Whether or not you choose to view challenge as an opportunity for improvement is a choice.  It is our choice that sets us free.  As we choose to embrace What Is with an understanding of its point of focus towards improvement, we are empowered to create a Life of positive experience without resistance to the negative (neutrality). 

An important component of Complete Knowing is living life without regret.  This means no evaluating where mistakes were made, because there are none.  Each path leads to wonderful growth and it is a matter of understanding the power of your choice and even the power of patience as you deal with challenging change.  Choice is viewing a challenge as beneficial because you grew in strength, knowledge and capability.  Regret is a feeling of failure that is still influencing your now.  Patience is viewing a challenge as moving along at the perfect pace as new solution is brewing in the unseen until it is ripe enough for harvest. 

As we sit to Blast Complete Knowing, we are opening to healing the past and releasing fear of the future.  We are Allowing the now moment to focus us toward improvement while appreciating the path of life.  We are remembering that All Is Well, the Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement.  We are neutral within the active choice of creating a better life for ourselves and the world.  We are freeing ourselves from worry, regret and control as we understand that Life is constantly changing, constantly improving and constantly offering opportunity for sharing Love.  We are opening to our Divine Nature as we choose an improved perspective and interact from that point of focus.  Complete Knowing is your relaxed state of inspiration to dream, then bring, New Life into Being.  Blast on!