Weekly LightBlast

February 27, 2014


Empowering Advice

As you look within and look around outside of the self, information abounds.  Some of it is helpful, some of it is harmful and some is cleverly disguised as both.  Which is best?  In the current earth experience, there is much harmful information.  Some of it is true information, based on facts.  Yet, harmful still.  There is no good or bad information, it is merely a matter of information that supports and enhances Life, or information that degrades Life.  The truth of information?  It’s potential is always both.  Here, then, is the beauty of your unique perspective and your internal choice.  What will you do with information?  Enhance Life or degrade it?  Only you can choose what you do with information, and its effect is internal until you choose to externalize it.  Then its effect is merely amplified, for even in your internal interaction with information, your electromagnetic emanation shapes life around you.  Those beings that are connected to you begin to respond to your vibration.  In the deepest of Love, they show you your vibrational information. 

All information contains the seed of Love.  Information is Life continuing and creating, and Love is the basis of Creation.  As you live Life, you are bringing Love into human form, you are bringing Love into all the choices you make.  You are bringing Love into the businesses in which you work.  You are bringing Love into your relationships, your grocery store and your family.  In all choices you make, you either nurture the seed of Love or starve its growth.  The truth of information is it has potential – its ‘in-form-ation.’  What grows in the garden of your heart, pulses through you and then out into your Life.  See the ‘harmful’ information as bolstering courage, inspiring action and co-operation, refining choice.  See the challenges as exciting puzzles, as life progressing at the appropriate pace, as humans learning in diverse experiences.  See the supportive information as providing courage, inspiring action and co-operation, refining choice.  Do you see the potential clearly?  It doesn’t matter the positive or negative of the experience, it is your internal choice that creates the next moment for you.  As you choose Love, you begin to stir to actions and words that support you, your growth and your empowerment.  The Empowering Advice is within.  All else is merely a catalyst.  For you. 

As we sit to Blast Empowering Advice, we are shifting our internal dialogue to words of Self Love.  We are seeing the world through Love colored glasses, forgiving those who have harmed us, because with our internal choice, many have actually helped us.  We are remembering that All Life is created from Love and humans are learning to create from Love.  We are showing the way of Love as a choice that empowers new solution.  We are remembering to empower ourselves from within, as we change our vibrational emanation to one that ripples out waves of Love.  We are the drop containing an ocean of Love.  Blast on!

February 20, 2014


Not Allowing Pain

As you cleanse your vessel of the challenges of the past, you are changing your future.  In this way, you are Not Allowing Pain to cloud your creation.  This is different than avoiding pain.  As you observe your past to cultivate the wisdom it has potentiated, you are using the power of your present moment of Love to flood the past.  In this way you cleanse it and you ride the wave of its grace.  Enjoy the ride!  You are a powerful Creator Being, being creative is your power.  Utilize the loving power of your mental acuity to understand the grace of your past, soothe your present and emblazon your future with Joy!

Observing the past is different that immersing in pain with the delusion to learn to swim with its weight upon you.  As you immerse in the buoyant blessing of Love, you learn to ride the current of the universal laws of creation; allowing Life to consume, sustain, release and create anew.  Consume your past as food for growth, let it nourish your courage and wisdom.  This will sustain you as you choose anew, circulating your vibrational emanation into your world as Life responds.  First unseen, your call is answered.  Life begins shaping to your magnetic music.  The dance begins. 

As we sit to Blast Not Allowing Pain, we are unstoppable in our wave of Love as we consume the fuel of lessons learned into wisdom.  We are moving faster, freer and brighter than ever as we ignite our passion into form.  We are the Lightbearers, baring our soul for others to see as the shadows stretch into wisps unable to catch up with the speed of our Light.  We are the courageous, and often the quiet, as Love speaks between the lines of fire.  Blast on!

February 13, 2014



As you move along the path of Ascension, you find yourself Forgetting in odd ways.  The experience is different for each, but All are experiencing an evolution that is creating an internal change.  Many of the ways you interacted in the past are no longer viable for your system.  You are changing the way you eat, the way you exercise, the way you relate and the way you remember.  As you remember the past, you are bringing it into your present.  How you remember then becomes important to your present moment.  Within your present moment, you also hold the key to your future.  The Auspicious present informs the future.  How then, do you remember the past?

As you Forget to remember the injustices, the pain, the disappointments – you are shaping a new future.  Your vibrational signature of your present moment contains your interpretation of your past and your perception of your future potential.  Thus what you create in your future is influenced by your picture of your past.  Forgetting the past as a problem and remembering it as part of the solution is your work of freeing your internal experience into the peace that passes all understanding.  Your work of for-giveness is for getting (attaining) your freedom, your ability to create a new future.  What then could you forget as a disappointment and remember as an opportunity to focus in a direction that better serves you?  For as you tune yourself to the opposite, you are expanding your vibrational emanation to include your past as experience in wisdom’s growth.  Forgetting is truly a remembrance of the potential that each experience brings to you.

As we sit to Blast Forgetting, we are remembering our courage to change from within and create a peaceful, joyous being in action.  We are becoming the powerful emanation of Love that creates growth from the fertilizer of the past.  We are the Wayshowers of the Light radiating from within, guiding each to the treasures of their heart.  We are forgiving easily for it is the fuel that directs the future into a loving, gracious, peaceful world.  Blast on!

February 6, 2014


Auspicious Information

You are in connection with the flow of information at all times, even as you sleep.  Your physical body and your subtle body receive and emit information constantly.  You are never alone, you are never disconnected, you are never truly still.  You do have a choice to be aware, to listen and to breathe the soul.  This is meditation in its quiet form and joy in its movement form, and it is always in-formation.  Your movement flows with your peace and your peace gives way to the Auspicious Information of this age.  You, blessed being, are the fulcrum point of Life’s paths converging, choosing and changing.  The movement of Life will converge within you, the choice is yours to formulate anew, and change is the response of Life.  Information then, is Auspicious based on your choice.  The choice to Love is the change you seek for your world.  Life responds in kind.

You are aware, as you observe the world functioning around you, that dysfunction is prevalent in many ways.  As a Changemaker, you are becoming more and more aware of the impact of your electromagnetic interaction with the symphony of Life.  You are reading more clues in the information of Life.  You are communicating within the subtle realm of pre-form and refining your vibrational conversation with Life.  You are choosing anew in each moment, informing the pre-form as you Love more, Love more and Love more.  All of Life becomes Auspicious within the embrace of your Love.  For you hold within you the awareness that potential needs to sprout, just as the seed needs water.  It is the nurturance of your focus.  That power is within all, though not all know it is there.  As you exemplify by being, doing and becoming Love expanding; you exponentially amplify the Auspicious Information forming your world. 

As we sit to Blast Auspicious Information, we are birthing the Golden Age as we breathe our soul into form.  We are creating heaven on earth, as the stars become the seeds that feed the soul.  We are the potential becoming form, the form of the new world shaping in response to our emanation.  We are the Light shining, illuminating the Love the within.  Blast on!