Weekly LightBlast

December 26, 2013


Freedom is Here

This season of celebration is both a letting go and a poignant embrace.  As you release the year 2013 from your present, are you grateful for the change, the challenge and the triumph?  You are on a precipice.  Take a moment before your leap to enjoy the vista.  Before you is your flight.   You have reached this point through your courage to climb, to elevate yourself and carry with you the hopes and dreams of humanity rising.  Within you is all you need to take wing.  This is the triumph of time; it is a building upon, a refining, a transformation – the Freedom flight.  You are that transformation in form.  You are that transformation experiencing.  Your Freedom is within your inner experience influencing the outer. 

What is Freedom?  It is a perception and a feeling.  It is that simple.  The complexity is within the variance of the perception.  A rainy day to one is enlivening, to another suppressive.  To understand the nature of Freedom in Life, you must first love the nature of life.  This is where your Freedom resides, within the Love.  It is the nature of Life to change, to transform.  It is the nature of Life to consume and release.  It is the nature of Life to yield and support.  It is the nature of Life to replenish and teach.  It is the nature of Life to Love, in all its many facets.  In Love, there is Freedom.  It is within you, within Life.  It is Here, in your present moment.  A choice.  Are you Free enough to allow All Life to exist around you without using it to imprison your thoughts?  Shift your perception and watch as your feelings shift.  The rainy day then does not seem a dampener, but a thirst quencher that fuels more Life. 

As we sit to Blast Freedom is Here, we are presently surprised as Life expands before our hearts.  We are participating in the transformation, beginning within our separate minds and connecting with the collective of humanity.  We are courageously Loving Life because Angels never fear to tread in the waters of Life.  We are maintaining that Light of hope that offers a path in the darkest of nights.  We are remembering the capability of All Beings and the Love inherent in All Life.  Blast on!

December 19, 2013


Allowing the New

What are the clues of this solstice for you?  Half of the world is experiencing the darkest night, the other half the brightest day – yet both are teeming with Love!  You have passed through the gauntlet of 2013, some bruised, some emblazoned; yet all are transformed, as is the nature of time.  In many ways 2013 called for you to look inward and backward, as the future was awaiting your newly fortified choice. 

The solstice is a time marker.  It is a reminder to celebrate change, for each season has its valuable gift to Life.  It signals the New, it heralds time moving and shows you where your best effort creates.  Your best effort is your internal ease with what is.  From this place of peace, your inspiration flows to action pertinent to the time.  Allow the season of this solstice to speak to your heart of how the rejuvenation of the dark night or the play of the bright day serves you.  Allow the new season to flavor your life.

Allowing is an active state of information flow.  As you allow the wisdom of Life to speak to you, and follow the clues that are all around you, you are combining information (allowing) and choice (following your heart) to guide your path.  You are imbuing Divinity, the separation entwined in Oneness.  Something ‘new’ requires an openness that allows new information, new choice.  That begins within you, for you are the sovereign being choosing your life as it suits you.  Your co-creation with the world around is a response to the call of your soul. 

To truly Allow the New into your Life, you create a new vibrational signature within the self.  Often humans do this by changing their environment (new job, new relationship, new clothes, etc.), which can have an effect.  The change is palpable and for a time causes a new focus.  Though for those that do not change their vibrational signature within, similar experiences begin to surface.  You are well aware that physical action creates an effect.  It’s visible and agreed upon by those you speak to about it.  How aware are you of the physical action of shifting your perceptions, of surrendering to your current circumstances until the clues of ‘your best effort’ are conveyed?   How courageous are you to change yourself from within and Allow the New to form over time?  Life is always, all ways, supporting your sovereignty.  Supporting sovereignty?  It is an interdependent co-creation.  You have choice.  Choice with maximum effort or choice with flowing effort.  If you find yourself with effort, whether that is internal emotional stress or outer physical stress – Allow New support into your life.  Watch for the clues of your best effort. 

As we sit to Blast Allowing the New, we are creating space within for new seeds to grow.  We are peaceful, excited and observing Life with the wonderment of a child and the wisdom of Time.  We are open to the information of Life that calls us to new courage.  We are following our perception of Love into new adventures, as we see the world from the (ad)vantage point of a benevolent gift.  We are Loving into spaces we haven’t loved before and saturating our Life with the grace of Love until it becomes the visible, palpable reality in bloom.  Blast on!

December 12, 2013


Creating Change

You are a biomechanism of choice.  It is inbuilt into your system.  It is the brilliance of duality, the wisdom of non-duality and the fun of Life.  Change is a constant of Life.  It creates you, you create it and the spiral of Life continues to intertwine and flow in seemingly magical ways.  The magic?  It is merely the invisible peeking through and poking you – here I am – your move!  Follow the clues, for it is your soul speaking to you.  Your soul speaks through your emotions, through synchronicities and through others.  It speaks to you through a book, a movie, a flower.  With each interaction, you choose.  Sometimes you choose to move forward, sometimes you choose to resist, sometimes it seems that you don’t choose.  Yet you choose.  Every moment of every day.  In life, you aren’t creating massive change in each moment, you are adding information to your vibrational countenance.  Little by little, moment by moment, your life is created by you. 

When you know that you don’t have the responsibility of making big action changes in each moment, you can rest easy.  You can play easy.  You can work easy.  You can enjoy.  Create in joy, for you are creating in each moment.  It is your subtle flow, your emotions and your thoughts that are interacting directly with the unseen energies that are forming in your life.  Your thoughts have an effect, as they are electromagnetic current that influence your experience.  Your emotions have an even greater effect, as the powerful electromagnetic current of your heart flows into your experience.  You are creating a vibrational signal that begins form.  It begins to form experience, which first comes as the peaceful openness to observe the clues to your life.  It forms synchronicities, signals and confirmations.  Then it forms opportunities.  All along you are choosing.  Then opportunity knocks - and still your choices are internal and the action follows that internal clue.  You are mechanism of change, choice steers your life.

As we sit to Blast Creating Change, we are enjoying each moment of life for the choice point it is – some seem big, some seem small, but in Truth they are all both.  We are observing life through the perspective of Love that it is, calling all to their individual empowerment.  We are tasting the buffet of life and feeding the future as we permeate the timelines with Love.  We are embracing change and consciously creating, as Love becomes our choice that creates the new.  Blast on!

December 5, 2013


Being Alive

Following your heart is the freedom you seek.  Your mind defines your expectations of freedom.  If you merely listen to your mind, you have the potential of missing your freedom as it defines and redefines, resists and insists.  The beautiful mind in concert with the heart creates the symphony of your Life.  The mind is not the problem.  It is a beautiful machine of delineation and choice for Earth living.  The ego is not the problem, it is a vehicle of perspective and understanding for Earth living.  Balance is key as these apparatuses are part of the whole creation of your Life.  What a journey of discovery each blessed being is creating!  This is the unconditional nature of the universe, though your dimensional expression has conditions of living upon it.  As you create, embracing these rules of life assists in your manifestation and even your loving Ascension beyond them. 

Life is movement and change.  It is constant, as the movement of time displays.  Your movement and your change is the unconditional choice that Life is.  Does it seem at times that you have no choice?  Follow the clues of movement.  You are being ushered through time by Life, your co-creative expression of soul and self.  “I didn’t choose to get fired, I didn’t choose for my partner to leave, I didn’t choose…”  Consult the soul, for the choice was made with deep Love.  The clues were there.  Life is your eternal partner, expressing through you, not just with you.  You have the same eternal nature as Life itself, though your physical body plays within the conditions of this dimensional expression.  Breathe it in deeply and sit in quiet communion with the soul.  You will receive the rejuvenating, exhilarating Love and appreciation that is as vast as the universe itself.  That is Being Alive.  Your physical body experiencing all the ups and downs of duality as it plays the starring role in a universe of Love. 

As we sit to Blast Being Alive, we are following our heart to the bliss of connection with the many facets of Life.  We are embracing the bittersweet separation that makes touch so thrilling.  We are enjoying the mystery as we follow the clues of our soul seeking greater depths of Love in human form.  We are choosing with the gusto of win/win solutions abounding, as we allow the brilliant mind to follow the majestic heart.  We are Love in form, Love in action, Love alive and well.  Blast on!

November 28, 2013


Forgetting Oneness

Following your heart can seem a fool’s journey, because it is so individual that another can not envision the ‘logic.’  You are a unique being, as is each leaf upon a tree.  Life is imbued within you completely.  There is no mistake.  Thus your heart’s journey is Life continuing brilliantly, and just as the leaf knows wholly all that it needs to thrive, so do your innate senses support your path.  With the leaf, which appears to have no choice, no voice, no individuality; there is such great unique beauty that the tree, that Life, is ever more refined.  The whole, be it the tree, the forest, the world and nature itself is more refined because of the life of the leaf.  Forces came into play that created its form, that responded to its movement, that reflected its life and Life was improved because of the courage of that leaf.  It can seem trivial to one that can not hear the song of the leaf calling for and calling forth life.  But Life, so huge that the universe you envision does not even begin to encompass it, is forever changed. 

That profound Love surges to you and through you.  It is so huge, yet there is nothing so small that it is not honored with the vastness of infinite appreciation.  It is the small that makes the large, the large that supports the small and the connection is the Grace of Love.  This is Life.  Humanity has forgotten this connection because it is the journey of Life to understand the balance of its independence and its interdependence.  The leaf is experiencing this.  Each human is experiencing this.  Each experience has the totality of the Whole within it, and the Whole has the totality of all individual experiences within.  This is the Oneness in its fullness.  You, blessed being, are a unique and cherished individual.  You are separate and you are interconnected with All Life.  Life honors both aspects of your Oneness.  Do you?  Do you appreciate the individuality in you and around you; and do you seek to discover the unseen connections of All Life?  The Oneness?  As you remember the connection that is at first invisible, you are exalting the mystery of Life.  It is Love.

As we sit to Blast Forgetting Oneness, we are remembering the Divinity in All Life.  We are honoring the choices that create the paths of discovery that is each Being following their heart.  We are Lighting the way to connection for the joy of the flow that support brings; for the leaf that hides itself in shame deprives the sun the joy of warming it in Love.  We are exalting All Life; the Self and others, as we harmonize our world with the frequency of Love.  We are Love in form, forming Life as we choose, for choice is the unconditional expression of Love.  It is within All.  Blast on!

November 21, 2013


Accessing Grace

Blessed Being, you are the reflection of Love in your experience.  At each moment choice beckons your courage to Love.  It is the paradox of Love, that such sweetness takes such courage.  It is the simplest, though at times, the most challenging path.  All that you perceive in the world around you is reflective of the flow of Love.  Do you observe others with the perception of their ever-changing courage to Love?  Do you observe yourself as you grow in your own ability to forgive, to stand tall, to empower yourself and another?  As you strengthen your ability to Love in all situations, you are Accessing the Grace that unifies your world. 

While separation is a beautiful truth of Life, it is merely half of the story.  The connection, the interdependence of Life, the unseen bond of Love that unifies All Life is the other half of the story.  The visible, palpable separation can blind the senses to what is unseen.  As you open your eyes and ears to the subtle, you are accessing the Truth of Love.  Here you understand the value of saying no.  Here you recognize your own resistance that inhibited flow.  Here you see the courage and value of forgiveness.  Here you understand the intention that speaks.  Here you find the power that binds atoms into planets and your experience begins to form into the realm of physicality.  It is the Grace of Love that binds form.  It is the Grace of Love that destroys form.  It is the Grace of Love that continues Life.  It is the Grace of Love that exalts All Life.  Unconditionally.  Unconditionally.  Can you do the same?  With your own life, with another’s, with a choice, with a fear? 

As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are following our heart to the universal Truths of Love.  We are perceiving our own barriers to Love and protective walls, as they are merely degrees of the same.  We are understanding the exalting of Life as we choose what benefits the Self and benefits All Life simultaneously, as the nature of Life is transformation.  We are remembering our Divinity and applying it to form, as the unseen becomes visible in the Light of our eyes.  We see the beauty in All Life, perhaps even before another sees it in the Self.  Blast on!

November 14, 2013


Following Another

Sweet, sovereign Being; you have been graced with Life in individual form for your courage to do so.  It is not something you earn, for you have asked; it is something you answer.  You are at a poignant point of discovery at each moment.  In your current expression, you are discovering the Self as it relates to the Whole.  You are discovering your answers beget the question, and the discovery of Life continues.  Wholeness is the nature of Life, though that entails the seen and unseen, the spoken and the unspoken – the connection of duality.  Duality can be an ease or a disease, it is for you to answer that question of Life.  Duality is merely two opposites, Wholeness is your sovereign choice to be empowered enough to integrate both within you.  What then does Following Another have to do with this? 
Following is a refinement of allowing.  To become Whole, you Allow Life to flow along your path and you direct/choose it into empowered expansion.  You direct and allow, allow and direct.  The circle encompasses and blurs the point of separation, as the beginning and the ending merge into Oneness.  This then is the benevolent Truth of Following.  It is not the giving up of the Self to another's authority.  It is the Self creating a path of Life.  Allowing is the opening, following is the flowing and choosing, a simultaneous act of observing and desiring, that desire stirring the next path of flow.  Life will never ask you to Follow to your detriment, though that is a choice you can make.  Life will continually seek to flow you to your greatest path, such that a new path begins.  So as you Follow Another, you are recognizing the sovereignty in all, open to the flow of Life, and choosing for the Self.  In this way, you understand the interdependence of Life and you actualize the independence of Self.  The two are co-creative, creating a Wholeness that blazes a new trail for another to choose to merge.  This merging, from another perspective, creates a fork.  The beginning and the ending blur into One, Another One. 

In Following Another, you are merely observing the reflection that Life is presenting to you.  You are the question in form, the answer forming.  Another reflects for you clues to your choices, that is what you Follow.  As you observe and choose, you are an Empowered Sovereign that is creating with the wealth of information that Life makes available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

As we sit to Blast Following Another, we are empowering our internal choice with external information, the two becoming One to create anew.  We are Allowing and directing our own flow of Life with the wisdom the past brings into the now.   We are the wayshowers of Loving Life, such that the clues we leave upon our path Light the way of Love for another.  We are the answer on a quest for Grace.  The path follows the heart.  Blast on!

November 7, 2013


Being Resistant

Resistance is fertile when it serves your choice of flow.  Is your life moving too fast for comfortable integration?  Resist the urge to keep running and slow to a restful place.  From the outside eye, the slowed movement would seem to be resistance.  It is empowered choice that is actually the indicator of movement, though the untrained eye or the manipulative ego will protest.  You are a being of flow that is in constant movement, as movement is a constant of Life.  As you Forge Ahead, you define your future; and invisible movement is a powerful quantum catalyst.  Invisible movement is choice, choice is a catalyst that creates movement, always first invisible.  Here you are redefining resistance and accepting it as the benevolent part of life that it is. 

You are aware of the resistance of ego.  In order to perpetuate a pattern of survival, the ego protects through resistance.  It builds a wall of protection that fortifies from vulnerability.   Though to move beyond a wall, one must move beyond the wall, so how then was it effective?  From a loving, empowered choice, it helped separate until one was ready for the next integration.  It helped emblazon the fire of the heart until the warmth of passion ignited movement.  It helped the mind deplete its strategizing such that inspired action could begin.  Do you hear the echo?  What was a mark of war and domination in earth history, is actually a clue for freedom.  Resistance is both futile and fertile.  Only choice and time define which. 

As you observe your own resistance, Love into it.  It is merely a survival mechanism that supports the continuation of Life.  As you Love into it, the action verb (Love) ignites the ease of flow the soul seeks.  It is the least resistance, not no resistance, for you expand by the inclusion of All.  This opening of the heart is the action that soothes the ego, that regulates the pulse of Life as it benefits All and that engages you with a new expression of Self and Life. 

As you observe the resistance of another, Love into it.  Warm your heart with that friction of discovery that another is reflecting for you.  Spark your own empowered choice and open the flood gates of Love that quench a thirsty Earth.  Understand their sovereignty and lovingly detach from their choice, for it serves them in ways you can not see.  Choose Love and you embrace them with the seed of hope that they can then choose to nurture.  All that you think and do and say fertilizes life, for All Life is sovereign and interconnected.

As we sit to Blast Being Resistant, we are honoring each Being to flow at their own pace of Life.  We are patient with the flow of Life and loving the scenery.  We are choosing Love as it shows us the opposite reflection of Life, so that we can become Whole in the knowledge.  We are in a state of awareness as our empowered choice shows us the next path of least resistance.  This resistance slows us to a pace of enjoyment and survival.  What a gift.  Blast on!

October 31, 2013


Forging Ahead

All in your universe is influenced by movement.  Movement, or change, is a constant in your universe, though the pace is available to your influence.  You reside within a set of rules that have a balance of creation within them.  Your dimensional expression is the result of rules and you interact within them.  Here you discover your limitless nature as you integrate a set of rules and expand beyond them.  This is universal law; that you are subject to your own frequency.  You are born into a collective experience with a separate physical body and identity.  From this reflective balance, you move and change.  The Self integrates, moves and the collective is affected.  The choice of many individuals influences this change, but it must begin within you.  A choice is not a word spoken, it is a library of vibrational information that shapes form, at first unseen.  What then, does your vibration speak into the ethers? 

To Forge is to create with the power of the elements at your stead, boldly shaping and defining life.  In your history, this has been the mark of war, domination and suppression.  Yet you live in the time of a new battle, as you seek to regain the sovereignty of the heart and mind.  It does not require a fight, but a Forging of the Self such that outer influences do not penetrate and dominate your choice.  You are part of a collective.  All systems of Life are interdependent, just as they are sovereign.  Your choice; therefore, is sovereign within you, yet interdependent with All Life.  As you Forge the Self, you are effecting and effected by the collective of Life.  Within this mingling of cause AND effect, you become Whole.  Until the next moment of change.  It is a process of shaping and being shaped as you open the Self to the collective experience through empowered choice. 

The universal laws support Life.  Thus your choice is supported through the laws of Life that define your dimensional expression.  To move past your current dimensional expression, you choose/lean/open into the next.  Your third dimension requires your empowerment; your next dimensional expression requires your Love.  In this way you, as a sovereign being, choose Love.  As you Forge Ahead with Love, you open to movement, choose and go with the flow of Life.  It is moving with empowered Love that fully integrates you into the next dimensional expression.  As you interact with Love from the perspective/frequency of the sovereignty of All, your choices are the cause and effect of your life and the empowerment that fuels the choices of others.  All else becomes consumed through the grace of time – the vehicle through which change is understood in your world.

As we sit to Blast Forging Ahead, we are the masters of change that create the new age of Love.  We are opening to the flow of Life as we boldly create its path of least resistance.  We are empowered in our Love as we honor sovereignty and choice, knowing our choice within is birthing the future.  We are the Lightworkers, shaping our Light into a flame that creates, shining the grace of Love on all we meet.  Blast on!

October 24, 2013


Accepting Oneness

Following your heart is your path to connection, not only with the Self, but with the timeless flow of Life.  You are infinite in your Spirit, finite in your form.  This form has its limitations which can be illuminations for the enlightening one.  To surpass a limitation, you move beyond it, or expand.  To surpass the limits of your form, you expand into your formless nature.  This reshapes your experience into one that is more aligned with the attributes of the formless; the connectedness of life, the Oneness.  This requires your openness, your attention to the formless realm, and the trust that the self is capable to do so.  With patience, or the allowing of time, it reveals a new set of limitations that call you to a greater expanse. 

Thus to surpass the limits of your form you seek beyond what is in the present moment of form and you find the thread of connectedness, of Oneness.  So as your boss berates you, as your parent chastises you, as your friend speaks ill of you to another, you seek the thread of fear they are expressing.  Within that dark thread of fear is a spark of unformed Love of Self that they are blowing on hard (and loud) to ignite into a flame.  Perhaps in that moment the boss seeks self acknowledgement of their own value, the parent seeks justification for the judgment of others and the friend seeks a bond of need that is not found within.  Each situation is unique, yet the unformed Love is the same.  As you seek that thread of Love, you find your inner courage of empathy.  The boss, the parent, the friend, the stranger, the past, the future; you understand it all.  From that place of peace, you choose.  You choose the expansion of Love. 

It is the nature of Love to encompass without consumption.  Love does not ask that you give up the Self, but that you share yourself.  Love does not ask that you agree, but that you express yourself.  Love does not ask that you are perfect, but that you are authentic.  Here we circle back to the sharing of yourself.  To Accept Oneness, you share the Self through the expanse of Love, even when you say no, say nothing or say goodbye.  For each sovereign one chooses connection.  Connection does not bind, it supports. 

As we sit to Blast Accepting Oneness, we are opening to the Grace of God, unconditional Love.  We are honoring the sacredness of Life as we choose for the Self without shame from another that seeks domination.  We are opening to the understanding of all perspectives and the value of choosing for the Self.  We are seeing connection in all that we experience, even as we walk away.  We are fearless in our Love, strong in our internal empowerment and patient with the form of now.  Blast on!

October 17, 2013


Being Truth

I Am That I Am.  Truth.  It transcends right or wrong, it begets choice.  Choice is freedom in every moment.  This resides within you.  Being your Truth is honoring your uniqueness, the breath of Life instilled within you.  You are sacred, beloved, revered and special; as is All Life.  You are the Truth of Life.  You may disagree with the truth of another, yet their truth is valid for them.  To expand, one must embrace all facets of Life while choosing experience for oneself.  It is the paradox of The One.  You are One, both a sovereign, separate being in a physical body with an identity and a united being that is one with All Life, all time, All.  Embrace it All and become Whole.  Lean into that which you resist and allow.  Allow it to Be.  Allow your resistance to Be.  The mystery unfolds within you as to the perfection, the Truth, of All things - the subtle, the formed, the fractal, the whole.  Be it All.

To walk the mundance (typo’d that again!) with sacred view is Being.  Being is a state of connection, a state of awareness and as all life, can not be fully separated.  You can compare it to ‘doing’ from a state of disconnection, but you can not separate it from ‘doing,’ for it is ‘doing’ with connection and awareness.  The mundane becomes the mundance, a creative flow of movement of the body – living Life.  Whether one sits in deep meditation and the subtle body dances, or one gardens or cleans house and the physical body dances; the Truth of ‘doing’ is deep.  Let Life fascinate you and you are Being a sacred Truth.  You recognize the awareness in all things, even the beauty of greed has a poignancy to one that is deeply in Love with Life and embracing the potential of connection that the separation of greed ignites.  Are you that beacon of Love, the powerful Tiny Tim that holds redemption in your heart and emits it through your very Being of the Truth of Love?  You, blessed Being, are alchemy in form.  You take it with you every where you go – to work, to church, to a rock concert, to yoga, to the grocery store – everywhere, every moment.  You need not broadcast it with your words, for it is transmitted in all it’s Truth from your very Being.  Words are not always a match with the truth of vibration.  This often tests the patience of those seeking results that ‘doing’ produces!

As we sit to Blast Being Truth, we are honoring the natural flow of Love as the vehicle of change that it is.  We are strong in our unique essence, diverse in our collective connection with All Life.  We are sure of ourselves, open to others and patient with the pace of creation.  We are excited, peaceful and deeply in Love with Life, for all facets are the sacred elixir that feed progress.  We are the blessing and the blessed, recognizing the spark of Love in all we meet.  Blast on!

October 10, 2013


Releasing the Noise

Video Version HERE

It is easy to perceive or feel that life should be a different way.  It is one facet of the grand paradox of Life.  All is Well in this moment, yet all is changing in this moment.  If all is well, why is there change?  In these moments of paradox, you find new space.  When there is no definitive answer or direction, there is the void of potential.  Here you release your definitions and you find your dispersed, subtle nature that has not one answer, but multiple perspectives of Truth.  It is the way of Truth, it changes with you.  Within paradox, your truth expands; first undefined, then refined, then released again for the next wave of expansion.  This expansion is a result of you releasing your preconceived notions and definitions, opening your heart and mind and finding your new, expanded Self in the quiet moment of paradox.  The noise is the internal and external chatter that tries to define or hold stagnant the inevitable expansion.

To release the noise, you find the Self within the collective symphony of Life.  The two are not separate, and yet you are in a separate body having unique feelings, thoughts and experiences.  You are the instrument of Life and you are capable of utilizing the power of your heart and mind to release that which disturbs your empowered quiet.  There is no disturbance that is more powerful than you, even if it has domain for a moment.  You are capable of finding your path to empowerment, be it focus on the breath, a walk in nature or interaction with a loved one.  There are innumerable ways to connect with the self, and even at times to disconnect with the chatter around you.  There is yet another paradox.  How do you connect and disconnect at the same time?  No matter what the noise, there is quiet underneath.  As you seek it, like the treasure hunt that it is, your new Truth is revealed in the silence of discovery. 

As we sit to Blast Releasing the Noise, we are going within to reach the outer expanse, universal in our pursuit of happiness.  We remember the One and the many are Truth, occupying the same space.  We are letting go and reaching in, for the Truth is out there within.  We are opposite and same, depending on the perspective, for All Truth is as relative as we are.  Blast on!

October 3, 2013


Resisting Change

In these times of your Ascension, the great change of the Ages, you are in the midst of great change.  It is the way of Ascension, that which was done before, which may have even been comfortable, is no longer.  It does not all happen at once, it is cyclical, and yet there are times in each of your lives where the shift feels more intense.  The recent years have been as such, yet much has culminated in 2013.  After the passing of the marker of your collective choice to Ascend (12/21/12), you then have collectively, wisely chosen to release all that no longer serves you.  It isn’t the first time you’ve made this call, it is the timing of your newest collective yes to Love.  It is the answer to your heart’s yearning.  It is the dominion of the Inherently Divine Soul within the experience of the body.  Change is the vehicle of this Soul Progression.

Your very Life is the vehicle of Ascension and the vehicle of choice.  You are sacred and revered, even in choices you deem wrong.  There is no judgment in choice for it leads to change.  Change, or movement, is a constant of Life.  Sometimes movement contracts, sometimes it expands; yet it always moves and that is Life.  In a moment of contraction, or challenge, do you resist?  It is Life progressing, and you are the steward.  Resistance is a perspective, for not all ‘resistance’ is harmful.  When you allow the change to flow, you are in a state that is assisting your progression, even if it feels like contraction, rest, realignment, challenge, direction change or ‘wrong.’  All is Well, for Life is an engine that creates.  Change is the vehicle.  You are change in physical form interacting with linear time.  Be the change.  Wise words from one who Knew Love, even in challenge.  Your path, because of Gandhi and many more, can be easier in this time frame.   The collective of humanity has initiated a progression of Ascension.  Allow the change of that to flow through you or around you with as much ease as you can Be.  There is no judgment for a reaction to Life, there is just easier flow with your authenticity. 

As we sit to Blast Resisting Change, we are releasing that which inhibits our easy flow with Life.  We are balanced in the contraction and expansion, Knowing All is Well.  We are the courageous and powerful Beings of Love that Life is.  We are Loving easily, Accepting Gracefully, and changing rapidly.  We are living Love in all its facets, infinite in our ability to adapt, for we are Life progressing.  Blast on!

September 26, 2013



Knowing is a depth of trust in the Self, a trust in Love, and a trust in Life that defies fear.  To Know, is to follow the path of the heart.  Following your heart often means going against the norm.  It sometimes means not listening to the internal chatter in your own mind.  It means dismissing doubt and allowing logic to disperse into a less-dense/fixed form so that you are able to shift your truth into a new, expanded form.  Many times Knowing does not have the experience of no doubt, it is the experience of rising beyond doubt.  It is a broader perspective of Knowing that All is Well, no matter what decision is made.  The mere act of making a decision begins to solidify life into a path of experience.  There is no wrong path of experience for a Divine Being such as you, there is merely experience.  It all leads to Life and Life leads to expansion.  Life is Love in form.  Thus all experience journeys the path of Love in its many diverse forms. 

Doubt is a distraction of the mind, a pattern of thought that does not serve you well.  It is a pattern of thought that is not in alignment with the truth of your Divinity and your ability to create.  You are God in form, interacting and creating with your intent.  The thought patterns of doubt are insufficient intent to establish solid creation easily.  This patterning is not functional for your being to establish a path of creation.  When you Know that All is Well, and you choose, you are creating with the intent of One who Knows the depth of Love.  Love is the thread of Life that bonds.  It creates a magnetic bonding that begins to build form.  As you Accept Gracefully what is currently in your experience, you open your creative abilities to the peaceful, expansive potential that creation is.  New solution flows well in this state as you release fear, doubt and worry. 

As we sit to Blast Knowing, we are using the mind to create from the broad expanse of capability and growth.  We are calm and courageous, holding dominion over disempowering doubt.  We are appreciative of the path to our Knowing, as it solidifies our understanding of our power to create within a collective and linear time.  We are reminded that All is Well as Life calls out to solution and Love answers.  We are the path, we are the beacon, we are the magnetic core of Love’s potential. Blast on!

September 19, 2013


Accepting Gracefully

As you open your heart to your present moment, that which is desired is enhanced.  That which is undesired is embraced and with that embrace, transformed.  Do you feel that in your embraces?  Do you feel the transmission of Love, or is it a moment of action without connection?  To touch another, to touch Life is a gift of open sharing of Love that does not require physical contact.  You embrace with the intentions of your heart.  Life feels those intentions and responds.  When you Accept Gracefully, you are embracing Life as it is and that embrace creates an increased spin of Love.  The bond of Life is enlivened and creativity is sparked.

When you ‘embrace’ another, whether through a hug, a smile, kind words or even a thought, you are transmitting quantum information that is read by the all the cells.  Where you get lost is in the physical evidence and the continuation of a thread of Love.  It is easy to be distracted by the physical reality.  Even to be in the vicinity of others, you are bombarded with their information.  Are you courageous enough, disciplined enough and patient enough to maintain your thread of Love?  It takes practice.  It is worth the effort as you begin to dominate your own atmosphere with the grace of Love.  Those around you have the potential to be changed, for you already have.  It is not your job to save the world.  As you Love, the world shifts in unseen quantum ways.  All Life is imbued with Love.  As you stimulate that innate quality, creativity is sparked.  It only requires your acceptance of Life and Love does the ‘work.’ 

As we sit to Blast Accepting Gracefully, we are the bridgers of new solution without a word spoken.  We are empowering ourselves and others to the fullest potential of creative joy.  We are remembering that Life is beautiful in all its imperfections and that we are powerful beyond visible circumstances.  We are transmitting the peace that passes all understanding into the mundance of life.  (Mundance was ‘mundane,’ but I ‘accepted’ the typo! ;o) Blast on!

September 12, 2013


Following Truth

When you follow the impulse of the Self, you are honoring your innate Divinity.  Yet you are part of a collective; therefore, the Self is reflected in All Life around you.  Part of your Truth is shared with nature, part with those that inspire you and part of your Truth is shared with those that you disagree with.  For those you disagree with, your Truth is reflected through the grace of opposition – that which encompasses All of Life.  Your Truth is true to you, and it changes with you.  Allow yourself to follow the voice within, for it is your Divinity speaking.   

Life is ever changing.  For those with eyes to see, it is improving; sometimes through struggle, but it is improving.  Allow the Truth of life improving to show you your capability to create, for you are Divinity walking. 

As you Know yourself, you realize that the Truth of Love is limitless within you.  Have you found your Loving connection to All Life?  When you see the flower do you see the truth of your beauty reflected?  When you are inspired do you see the truth of your capability reflected?  When you are opposed, do you see the truth of your strength reflected?  Within each of these is also an unpleasant truth - the fleeting nature of life, what another has accomplished that you have not or the strength of one that opposes you.  How are you with the unpleasant truths?  They are merely a perspective, as is all truth.  Where do you give your power and energy?  To the truth of your glory, ability and Love; or to the truth that hurts?  All truth, both pleasant and unpleasant, calls you to your courage.  Do you have that courage to Love? 

As we sit to Blast Following Truth, we see the path of Love in all we experience.  We are leading the way to the peace that passes all understanding.  We are calm in the wake of anothers truth, riding the wave of Love’s grace to new shores.  We are strong in our own truth, allowing it ebb and flow as new experience contracts to expand our Love.  We are the path of least resistance to Love, showing the beauty of diversity in our strength of unity with All Life.  There is Truth in every perspective, your choice is what you follow.  Blast on!

September 5, 2013


Being One

You are a unique, cherished aspect of Life.  All Life is divine, and you are the human embodiment of that.  Each being nourishes their individual perspective and the Whole sees life through a new angle.  You, as a fractal emanation of All, are separated into a special unit of Love.  As you live your life, you are receiving, perceiving and emitting information for the Whole.  It seems technical and yet there is a depth of Love that space itself cannot contain.  Within you, the same.

Your physical senses are designed to delineate.   You are on Earth, in a separate body holding a separate perspective; as is each being.  Yet all are made of the same Divine spark, divided into separate form in this dimension.  As you observe others, you are reminded that they are just like you at the core, though different in surface appearance.  What repels you in another is asking for your loving integration, for it is you that is integrating and expanding.  What compels you in another is asking for your loving integration, for it is you that is integrating and expanding.  The push/pull of the engine of life continues and duality becomes the mere visible portion of the deeper truth of connection.  Being One is being unique and connected.  The delineation and the connection are the whole truth, though one is more visible than the other.

As we sit to Blast Being One, we are reminded of the beauty of all life, even that which repels.  We are finding forgiveness for that which separates and embracing it into unity.  We are unique and united in this u-n-i-verse.  United in Love, unique in form; informing Love’s expansion.  Your heart expands as you open it.  Find that infinite depth of Love within.  It is the Truth of who you are.  Blast on! 

August 29, 2013


Being Present

In each moment you have all information necessary for the healing and creating you seek.  All is within you, and yet in this dimensional expression, it often rests in those around you, waiting for your observant awakening.  You observe the struggle of another and find your inner compassion.  You observe the solution of another and find your similar path.  You interact with another and Find a Truth about yourself that is reflected to you through the experience.  It is all in your present moment, even though it unfolds so beautifully through the grace of linear time.  Your past has called forth the present experience, so it is here.  Your future is forming from the present experience, so it, too, is here.  Your present can have an ease to it that is the peace that passes all understanding; for the Truth within you is magnificent capability. 

Being is often described as the opposite of doing, yet they are similar.  You are always ‘being’ even if you are ‘being’ unaware and consumed with tasks of 'doing.'  You are always ‘doing’ even if you are ‘being’ still, conscious and connected to a greater awareness.  The difference is valuable for your awareness, yet the similarity is valuable for your openness.  Time moves and change is a constant in your experience, thus ‘being’ is merely a conscious state of ‘doing.’ The benefit of being is that you are connected into an invisible current that assists the healing and creating you seek.  The unseen momentum becomes a high-voltage catalyst, different from one who is not connected to that stream of flow.  Thus being reduces your action of doing and utilizes the unseen power that bonds worlds into being.  Grace is in that flow. 

As we sit to Blast Being Present, we are doing ourselves a favor by being aware and open.  We are being conscious of the influence of the past and future on our present choices and actions.  We are opening to the path of Love through the experience of Life. We are peaceful in the present, knowing the past is healing and the future is forming in grace.  We are courageous Beings of Love, that is our present/gift to the world.  Blast on!