Weekly LightBlast

November 29, 2012


Creating (and deconstructing)

You are a creative being because Life is creative.  Creating is continual, the flavor of death or birth is merely function of form, a creative omen, not a creative end.  Life is a force, that which is continual; and you are that.  Your active participation is only necessary based on your desire, for the force of creation continues.  Choice is active participation.  You are part of a collective that includes All Life within the cosmos. As you focus your emotional and mental intent, Life responds to your Creative force, along with the collective.  As you allow the force of Creating to show you birth, even within a death, you begin to see the Whole Truth of Life.  The cosmos is alive with response and creation.  You need only perceive it to connect more fully with the powerful flow of Creating.

Creation and destruction, or birth and death are merely two sides of the same coin.  They are two ends of a spectrum of Life, connected – the circle of Life.  You are the apex of the triangle within that, looking down on each end, one with the eye of connection, one with the eye of separation.  Maintain your power of full perspective, strong within the Self without doubt.  See All.  See the destruction as the benevolent release that it is into the collective expanse of the vacuum of Life.  See the creation as the generous surrender to the collective form that it is.  The electron, in deep, detached Love, offers its Life to a collective form.  Willingly.  In this way, death is Life.  Your food does same.  Your breath does same.  Your choice does same. 

Within you, you merely need observe your impulse, for you are filled with the desire for Life on a cellular level.  Become still and hear the truth of your heart cells, pumping desire through the cosmos.  Receive the data of the world around you and find the pulse of Creating.  Do not look at another and see only pity.  Use both eyes from the top of the triangle and see the separated being that is in despair/deconstruction and see the powerful being that is calling for Life/creation, unaware of how to Create just yet.  Hold a vision of Creating in your vibration and allow those in despair to see your Light.  When they see, they will desire to hear, to feel, to know within themselves.  This is your Lightwork.  You are a wayshower, a Being of Knowing All is Well when the tides push and pull those blinded by the darkness.  You are Creating choice in each moment, for the Self and the interacting Collective.   

As we sit to Blast Creating, we are fueling our internal fire of Life into implosion/explosion – the event horizon of New Life.  We are becoming the moment in fullness, allowing the river of Life to imbibe our vibrational signature to flow forth into fluid form.  We are Creating form within the nurturance of Love, the connective force that builds the cosmos as All Life is connected and unique in time/space.  We are open to change yet unyielding in focus as we become the brightest Light of Love forming Life. We are lit.  We are ignited.  The flame of Love united, burning brightly.  Blast on!

November 22, 2012


Sampling Everything

November is building into a crescendo of creative focus, the sustenance of an empowered, prepared human being.  The chaos in the world around you has been testing your focus, testing your choice of Love or Fear.  When an initiate encounters fear, it is a matter of will.  Will denotes choice, will you or won’t you?  Are you 'strong' or ‘weak’ in the face of fear? Strong and weak have many definitions.  Blessed Being, you are Prepared for fear when you Know your internal capability.  It is the illusion of the world around you, the chaos seeking its harmony, the external creation of what is within.  Your power is your ability to Love in all moments.

The bold Lightworker knows that the head in the sand doesn’t work.  The Self is not empowered and the outer world is not changed.  The wise Lightworker knows their limitations, as saturation requires much energy to reverse.  You have experienced that too much of anything results in challenge.  Balance and change are possible, it is known as the middle road.  There is no polarization that results in fortification, the middle road is about interaction and acceptance of All within the wise choice of what benefits the Self.  Love always benefits the Self, for it is the connective creative force that binds the universe into form.  Yet even only Love is not for this dimensional experience, it is head in the sand.  The bold Lightworker increases strength by opening to all experience with the wisdom of knowing when it is too much.  Too much of the current media often results in a saturation of hopelessness.  Sample Everything, know your limits and move beyond them at your healthy, strong pace. It is why you came here, Starseed. 

As we sit to Blast Sampling Everything, we are boldly going where we are called to go so that our focus of Love can bring the harmony of new creation.  We are wise with our needs, our limits and growing past fears; the middle road expanding out.  We are the in-breath of courage, the sustainer of worthiness (life) and the exhale of wisdom feeding the system.  We enjoy all flavors of Life, for the diversity is Love’s catalyst for expansion and inclusion.  We are the harmony of life, synchronizing Time’s grace of All experience as beneficial now.  A moment healed, a life nurtured, a world changed.  Blast on!

November 15, 2012


First Things First

There is an order to chaos that reveals itself.  Chaos is merely a space of change that is available to subtle manipulation.  It is a dissonance that is still harmonizing and synchronizing.  They are two distinct characteristics though not the only characteristics of creation.  Harmony is the agreement of space: you uniquely occupy space within a collective.  Synchronicity is the agreement of time: space yields to shape within the guidelines of time.  Time’s linear nature and time’s pace is a response to your ability to create within chaos, or to harmonize and synchronize within chaos. 

What then, is First?  First, the Acceptance of the dissonance is your ability to Know that All is Well and focus your Self toward change, or to harmonize.  The chaos is allowed to flow within you, meeting your strong heart’s electromagnetic influence and responding.  How strong is your Love?  How much do you want peace and harmony for all the world’s people?  Are you willing to feel for it?  Compassion is not a bleeding heart, it is a leading heart that knows the innate Mastery within all Beings.  Acceptance begins harmonizing that which can not find its rhythm, it’s own pulse within the system of Life.  Acceptance allows the child to know capability, the teenager to know individuality and the adult to know mastery.  The Being, Prepared; is harmonized within. 

Next, Choice.  When Life is received within, and you receive it within whether you allow information or distract yourself from it; you have the ability to harmonize it within.  You do this through choice.  You choose your vibrational response to it and coherence or resistance/discord begins to form within you.  To choose to Love is to choose the connective, unifying, blissful creational response.  To choose to resist merely prolongs harmonization, and thus synchronization (form built). 

Finally, as you Accept what Life is and choose to Love it into internal harmony, you come full circle and Know All is Well.  You have created a new world within and exhaled it into the space around you, beginning form within Time’s grace.  You speed time’s synchronistic ability with your internal harmony.  This is why you notice more synchronicities on your spiritual path.  The fail-safe?  If you do not find harmony within, there is a desire somewhere; in a child, in a parent, in a Being that is breathing harmony into the atmosphere, and their Love will encircle you eventually, one breath, one mantra, one desire at a time.  Time.  It responds to you, Master.

As we sit to Blast First Things First, we are aligning our heart into a coherence with those Light Masters all over the world Knowing Love’s grace within.  We are gazing our vision of harmony into the hearts of all we meet.  We breathe chaos in fearlessly, entraining it to the beat of our own drumming heart and choosing the dance of Love.  We are the Creators that consume chaos, as Love gives of itself willingly, Knowing that harmony with another is the bliss of Life.  Blast on!

November 8, 2012


Being Prepared

Being Prepared.  We build upon last week’s LightBlast focus of Knowing All is Well.  The one who does not know their internal power and does not focus on their sovereign grace does not feel prepared.  They look for external solutions to external problems and look no further.  The Master that knows All is Well, knows that he/she is a Being, Prepared.  Prepared for any blessing, prepared for any challenge, prepared for any change, prepared for any patience.  The external solutions are merely part of living on Earth and are valuable, as is the internal preparation for Life. 

Have you noticed the pendulum swing from those that had to separate from society for spiritual growth, to those that interact or even deconstruct society for spiritual growth?  Each are valuable in their own way, just a product of the natural improvement of Life.  Last week the obvious was stated: that the system of Life on Earth has been disrupted for separation and domination.  Thus the Masters utilized that very same system and found in it’s own program Mastery in Separation.  Brilliant.  Working the disruption in mirror reflection to itself.  The separation actually served Unity, for the Master found that there was no true separation, only a disruption of focus.  The Master found Unity within the Self; a Being, Prepared. 

You are that.  You are a Master in form refining focus, integrating more Unity into your Self that interacts with life, finding the solutions to separation within your brilliant heart and mind.  From that internal place of empowerment, solution is born.  The external is then fed with the exhale of your Knowing, Master.  Fear has no place in Knowing.  Excitement of the unknown is merely creations welcome echo.  When you are Wholly in your heart, that echo is an expected reflection.

As we sit to Blast Being Prepared, we are observing our own preparedness and refining our focus for internal strength within interaction.  We are recognizing the call of the heart within humanity’s desire for Love and Acceptance.  We are looking beyond the moment of what is and beckoning the grace of what is being prepared as life naturally improves.  We are the bastions of strength, offering the powerful vibration of Love into the space around us, boldly changing the disruption into harmony.  Blast on!

November 1, 2012


Knowing All is Well

It takes a broad view and a courageous heart to Know All is Well in these times.  The current machine of Earthly life is set to disrupt conscious creation with its noise.  There is a mechanism that you have within you that is receptive, for your nature is connective.  Your nature is to receive the pulse of the universe into your own heart, perceive it as part of you and honor the out-breath of Life in All, so its unique impact upon the dimensional interaction is received, recorded and released to continue Life.  That is the nature of Life and you are that.

You are on a path of transition and you are responsible for what you emit into the world because you create it.  Vibration begins its new creation within your own vessel.  It is brought into your consciousness, for you are biologically receptive.  Your Divine gift of free will is choice.  You choose within and the vibrational dominance is created, then emitted.  You signal Life for creation and Creation Responds.  The relay system continues; the breath of life. 

The system is vast and your senses are designed to assist the life continuation process.  As you sense fully, you are the conscious creator you were meant to be.  Life has its own value, it does not earn it.  The system continues and has its fail-safe of interaction, limitation, construction, destruction.  These are not just opposites or duality, they are actual functionalities of the system of life and these affect your dimensional interaction.  When you become aware of your full functionality within the system, you begin conscious creation and you move beyond the dimensional restrictions into the next level of dimensional interactive ability. 

The key codes that you seek are within your own construction, providing the instruction you need.  It is mere full consciousness of vibrational resonance (what is received, created within and then emitted) that changes your world, thus your dimensional interaction.  The current machine of Earthly life seeks to disrupt that internal instruction with fear, distraction, separation from empowered vibrational deciphering.  It requires careful discernment that is the mark of one who is empowered within, for there is no outside influence greater than the internal connection with the universe of Life.  Your worthiness is exemplified in your mere breathing.

Your alignment with Knowing All is Well is but your empowered discernment.  The truth is revealed to the sensitives that fear no evil and suffer no fools.  When your power within is paramount to any authority outside of yourself, your internal world has the power to manifest into the outer rapidly, for the vibrational emission is strong and clear.  It is stronger than the disruption that plagues the current earthly dimension, for you naturally become dominant with your vibrational emission of clarity and empowerment.  Life is connected and receptive, so exclusion has a natural repulsion due to lack of available sustainment.  It is not mere emotion, it is recognition of Truth.  Either life is vital and integrative or it decays and is eventually consumed in order to continue life.  There is deep love within that for the fearless sensitives to experience.  Deep Love.

As we sit to Blast Knowing All is Well, we are fearlessly opening our hearts to sow the Love that forgiveness reaps.  We are breathing life in as it is, sustaining the sense of improvement and exhaling the invisible empowerment that feeds the next breath.  We are foregoing the option to allow another to control our inner world, for we understand the mechanism of life, fail-safed through the connective power of Love that binds a universe into form.  We are the ones that prepare the moment for Love’s manifestation, mirroring the beauty of each disconnected being that seeks the embrace of Life.  Blast on!