Weekly LightBlast

January 29, 2015


Creating the New World

Blessed Being, your Love is the Light that creates the change that sets a new foundation of potential for the future.  You now have a momentum of support that is the natural flow of your current timeframe.  Your focus determines the pace and direction. 

Love is calling you to look into challenge and see potential.  It is calling you to your empowerment and divine birthright to become the power that creates.  You can see the suffering around you and understand that empowered Love has not been a dominant creative force for humanity.  That changes with your choice, your focus and your persistence to Love Life.  You determine the Future.   

Love is always a choice.  It is the catalyst that determines the next creation’s forming.  It will never force, for Love is a vehicle of empowerment.  It Love’s you so, that it would embrace you in a moment of anger or sorrow.  Love is in service to you, for you are its director of form.  As you forgive, you offer new growth of Love.  As you hold healthy boundaries, you offer new strength of Love.  You are Love’s vehicle of flow.  Flow it into all human experience, challenge and triumph alike. 

As we sit to Blast Creating the New World, we are boldly Loving and healing the disdain that is causing desire for change.  We are observing governments and businesses and amplifying the direction of Love’s flow into future form.  We are taking the reins of the course of humanity, for we are it, and empowering change in Love’s direction.  We are looking deep within at resentment, fear, anger or pain as we nurture its transformation into wisdom gained and cultivated to feed the future.  We are emanating the power of Love in all experiences, for Angels do not fear to tread anywhere.  We are the New World, Creating a foundation of Love that supports All Life.  Blast on!

January 22, 2015


Foretelling Futures

As you embark on your year of creative power, you are focusing part of your energy from your now moment into your Future.  This has been a nebulous pursuit from the human perspective, for the functionality of your heart/mind has not been taught as valuable to the future beyond its ability to put action into order for creation. 

Even those that believe it to be powerful do not often fully trust the mechanism, for it is not as understood as action creating result.  To feed someone that is hungry is obviously valuable.  Yet for those that do not understand the power of the mind/heart complex - to Love that same person and see their beauty and capability is a lovely gesture, but ineffective for results. 

As you begin to honor the entire process of creation, from invisible vibration of thought and emotion, into visible participation of your choices and actions; you are utilizing your full creative potential.  Humanity does this automatically, for they observe, think, compare and choose.  Yet most are not taught the creative power of the thinking and feeling mechanism (intentionally singular because they work together).  Therefore, humanity does not control their thoughts or feelings as they control their actions, for the actions are seen as contributing to the final result.

In your recent years there has been much support for Lightworkers to cleanse, strengthen and focus the heart and mind.  This support has often felt like the wringing of a rag as you were squeezed free of vibration that blocked your Love flow.  This year of creative power will take you to another level of Self Love as you begin to focus your creation of Ascended Self into form. 

Your empowerment is your ability to not only maintain your inner world, but to choose its focus.  There is no other that can truly do this for you.  It is the domain of the individual and it is your work as you create.  Your future depends on it for manifestation. 

The Future is merely your past and your now focused through your perspective.  Your perspective is like a beam of light illuminating potential into form.  That is the nature of your holographic experience.  You Foretell your Future into form with your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Your work is to focus your perspective on creation for the Self, for each empowered individual must learn to do so.  It is your Future to Foretell.  With a moment of deep, empowered Love, visualize yourself empowered and creative.  No details, just empowered and creative.  As you are empowered and creative, you offer it to all you meet.  It is part of your service to the world.     

As we sit to Blast Foretelling Futures, we are focusing our potent beam of Love into the Loving future of humanity.  We are initializing a new holographic potential as we illuminate the positive potential of any negative experience.  We are letting go of the focus on the negative that dims the understanding of its wisdom.  We are becoming strong enough to handle the negative and wise enough to foster the positive.  We are seeing the Light of Love clearly, even as we choose a path of the unknown, for our power to create is becoming known within.  Blast on!

January 15, 2015



Ownership is a powerful aspect of creatorship.  To create, you direct your intent.  You must own your own intent for the most powerful creation.  You then Allow Change as Life responds to your direction and co-creates with you.  Life is always co-creation, for you are within a collective, or better stated – a connection.  Life is a balance of give/receive and self/all else.  You must also own your power to allow, to be well with Life and allow it to flow with you. 

What do you own?  What you own is with-in, for all else is outside of self and having its own experience.  Connected, absolutely; yet owning the self.  You cannot think for another, but they can allow you to influence their thoughts.  You cannot choose for another, but you can deceive them into giving up choice.  Own your choice and your inner voice, for this inner ownership is your key to empowerment.  It is the power that will change the world, for each being owning the self is connected to all else.  Take back the power of your inner world and you begin a chain reaction of Love healing all wounds into wisdom. 

As we sit to Blast Ownership, we are taking back our inner power and owning the power to create through choice.  We are honoring the separation of human form and the unseen connection to All Life.  We are holding the space for Love to form as Life flows through us in a timely fashion.  We are appreciating the outside world, for it is the completion of a new connection of Love.  We are unyielding in our ability to Love in any experience, for that power is owned within.  We are the Light at the end of the tunnel of focus, illuminating the power of Love to create a new world.  Blast on!