Weekly LightBlast

June 27, 2013


Fast Paced Peace

It seems like an oxymoron, yet peace can be fast paced!  Those that trance dance know the peace of rapid movement, always changing, unplanned, following the collective beat, yet unique through each being.  Those that do math rapidly know the peace of quick brain flow; applying rules and accuracy to an exciting understanding of numerical interaction.  The peaceful state is one of great variety and though it may appear frenetic and chaotic to one that does not understand the flow, for the one that understands, there is vast expansion available. 

Joy is a peaceful state and has many different degrees.  There is no need for joy to be expressed loudly or quietly, for it is appropriate and potent either way.  As you are filled with joy sitting on a park bench, you radiate that vibration forth and the field of response (which is Life) responds.  You are open to experience and participating, even as you sit quietly.  In that moment of quiet, peaceful joy, the clarity of your desires align and the synchronicities occur, with or without your awareness.  For instance, one that is of like vibration walks by and smiles, you emulate and Love is strengthened.  Next, one that is of opposite vibration walks by and frowns, you defy with a smile.  At this point of choice, you are either internally strengthened in your Love or you are diminished, that choice is yours.  Here you seek perspective to fortify.  Why did that frown walk by you when you were so joyful?  How could you have attracted that?  The field of Life responds, and you are always offered opportunity to create with the collective.  The frowner may have received it or not based on their choice, but their outward actions are no indication of the true interaction.  It may have fed them, giving them hope, it may have enlivened their anger which can lead to their creation of empowered boundaries with another, they may have answered your unknown call to find Love in situations that Love is not evident, or all of this and more.  Your ability to find the empowerment within the challenge allows you to remain peaceful - at a faster pace.  Quick dips out of joy, only to find greater capacity to maintain it when the circumstances oppose it.  What benefit in opposites! 

You can sit joyfully quiet or bound joyfully about, yet the swirl of life is around you.  The moment of quiet or stillness is bursting with quantum information and movement.  Remain peacefully open to Life, allowing and directing as the synchronicities confirm and guide.  Participate with life and enjoy the response that answers your call to Love.  Direct your energy outward and allow the response to reach within you.  One who is peaceful knows they are safe.  That there is no frown that can break their Love, even if they must work to regain it.  That is true peace.  It is not a weak stance.  A peaceful one is so courageous that they need not control the world around them, for the Love within is much stronger than an action without. 

As we sit to Blast Fast Paced Peace, we are excited with Love and allowing Life to dance us to new heights.  We are the stillness that transmits Life force in a nanosecond of gaze, sustaining Life.  We are finding Love’s solution to any problem of Life.  We are letting go of controlling the outside world and allowing the internal world to speak of Love’s power.  We are flowing such courage to Love that Life responds with more rapid synchronicity.  We are open, safe, emulating and defying, ever changing and expanding.  Blast on!

June 20, 2013


Foretelling Futures

All futures exist within the possibility of your present.  It is merely a matter of choice and focus.  As you observe your present, it is mostly easy to understand how your past has influenced your now moment. As you observe your future, it seems nebulous and out of your control since there are so many factors outside of yourself.  In many ways it is nebulous, for it is a potential that is yet unformed in your dimensional expression, thus the solidity and clarity of it is untouchable.  As also, there is somewhat of an ‘out-of-your-control’ aspect to your future, as you are part of a collective whole that responds to your desires.  As you observe these two factors, which aptly support each other, you find the clarity that is needed to focus or direct energy and to remain diffused or allow energy.  These dual aspects are the building blocks of your creation.  That creation is of you, for you, by you and with you. 

The creation of you is a constant.  All moments you are creating your Self.  The person that is successful or not is merely a perspective, thus it is of no consequence.  The internal creation is of importance because it is the domain of the perspective.  Observe your internal actions and reactions and balance the direct/allow for internal ‘success,’ which is feeling peace.  The state of peace is an active, open state of being.  The peaceful state permits free flow between the directing and allowing of creation.  This is the creation of you, thus the creation of your world.

The creation for you is an aspect of Love.  Love is the diverse unifying force of Life.  There is such diversity in Love that all experience could be considered Love, yet for clarity, the understanding of good/bad is helpful for the self.  You are created of Love.  There is no lack thereof.  Within your experience on earth, you feel Love and interpret.  Look beyond what you interpret as bad and find Love, find the good, find the potential of Love.  Here is your key of the experience of life/creation for you.  That all that you would deem bad is actually a gift of love, it is for you, not against you.  Empower the self, forgive, learn tolerance for the choices of others, express yourself, show yourself, participate.  Participate with Love and resist the opportunity to manipulate, control or force.  All of this is for you.  And all that is for you, is for All Life. 

The creation by you is Life expressed.  This denotes something outside of the Self, and this is appropriate.  Your internal world is your only important matter.  (ha! Matter!) Yet what is outside of you matters, too.  (double ha!) You, Creator, Cosmic citizen, human Being, that which is outside of you is your creation.  The person in front of you, they answered your call to Love to create within this collective experience.  Here we address that which seems beyond your control, for it is outside of the Self.  Love, in its diverse nature calls to you what fulfills your desires.  Your desires are deep within the self, this is the ‘of Love.’ Also within you are beliefs that you acquire on earth and other incarnational experiences.  As your desire and your beliefs mutualize, you experience the synchronicity of alignment and manifestation occurs.  The people in front of you are either antagonist or protagonist in experience, yet they are always (all ways) Love in form.  They offer you choice of creation, either emulate or deviate.  What you choose is the creation by you.  And it effects your outer world.

The creation with you is Life experiencing, the unity diversifying in form.  There is no wrong or right, merely experience; and it all leads to Life and more Life.  Your choice creates with Life.  No matter what the words or actions of another, they are Love in form and they are attempting to create with you.  Choose Love - forgive, embrace, enjoy, support, sustain, participate – and life responds with you.  Those of like choice come to support you with emulation and life builds.  Those of unlike choice come to support you with defiance and a bond is broken so that a stronger, more beneficial bond to your desire can build.  Either way, Life builds.  It begins within you and emanates out.  For this reason, you are tasked to perceive all as Love or a call to Love.  You choose your answer.  Look beyond the visible, hear beyond the audible and sense beyond the old answers to the potential that is gracefully nebulous.  This is creation with All of Life.  It heralds your connection to Life, your creatorship and the value of your separation.  Life is always (all ways) with you.  Within and with-out. 

As we sit to Blast Foretelling Futures, we are embracing the unknown as Love’s newest creation.  We are releasing control and allowing direction to answer our call to Life.  We are responsible for our response and responding with Love.  We are perceiving Love’s form in all we meet.  We are aware of Love's presence past the moment of now and awed at its bright future.  Blast on!

June 13, 2013


Focusing Truth

Dear Focuser of Love, you are being called to your empowerment.  You are being called to Focus your Truth so strongly that you become a dominant vibration in your own life.  To find your Truth, you must look within.  All the wonderful information that flows from others in words of kindness and words of degradation helps you to find your Truth.  You are a unique Being, God in form, informing Life.  Do you feel that wisdom?  You were not created because God was bored and needed worshipers.  You were not created by mistake or mere chemistry.  You are a Divine Being, you see that in All Life around you.  You were created in such deep Love that your Freedom to choose is unconditional from the broader perspective of Life.  Your Truth is as internal as all other perspectives of life.  As you Focus, you are choosing your actions and reactions to life and emanating them strongly.  That is what Focus does, it is a powerful beam of information.  As you are Focusing Truth, you are speaking volumes of quantum information outward into Life.  Life responds. 

Truth is relative and ever changing.  What truth you find - as you maintain your open, connective, loving nature! You are available to broader, encompassing truths.  For instance the truth of your separation as a being is evident.  It is true.  You can not think, choose or live for another, you are separate beings.  Yet there is a broader, less visible, less solid truth.  You are united with All Life.  Whether through the collective of humanity, the nurturance of nature or the cosmic heritage of your universe (not to mention the dimensional expanse of your multi-verse!); you are united.  You matter, you make a difference, you are important and you are appreciated.  Are you Focusing your Truth and observing the response?  It comes in the form of synchronicities, or energy alignment.  Focus your Love and observe Love’s response.  Of course, you are also free to Focus on the truth of anger, war or lack and see that response as well - merely a truth within a broader Truth.  Choose your Truth and Focus.  That is your primary action in life. React with Love.

As we sit to Blast Focusing Truth, we are choosing to broadcast Love throughout the airwaves of earth, the greatest truth in advertising!  We are remembering the Divinity of Life and emanating that Truth to all who pass into our awareness.  We are loudly Loving in the silence of our transmission.  We are empowered, sovereign and deeply connected to All Life, choosing to focus on the greatest Truth of Love.  Blast on!

June 6, 2013



Freedom is an internal perspective.  All of your life is lived in your internal experience, what is outside of you is merely a reflection of your beliefs, perceptions and reactions.  How is an action different from a reaction?  It would seem that an action begins from within you and a reaction is a response to something that began outside of you, but in truth, they both begin within you.  You are the common factor in your life at all times.  Love is the connective flow that opens you to the fullness of your own Being and the unseen truth of God in form.  As you seek the perspective of Love in all situations, even the challenges, you open the gates of freedom that can show you the glory of Life.  From that perspective, your actions and your reactions are the impulse of Love interacting with Life.

At times it’s easy to feel stuck in poor choices (lesser of two evils) or what seems to be no choice, but choice is always available.  This physical world is loud, distracting and seems so solid.  Yet your internal world is your vast, powerful soul speaking to you and through you.  How do allow that to shape your view of Life?  How do you view your ability to navigate it?  Your Freedom is the choice within you, which manifests as action/reaction.  Listen to the prompting of your soul that glorifies your unique Beingness.  Listen to the pulse of Love that quietly calls your attention.  The world around you will clamor for your attention.  Your choice is your action/reaction.  What happens when you react with Love?  What happens when you forgive, forget and forego the option of maintaining the chains of the past?  Allow the past to become wisdom rather than an excuse for anger.  That is the truer definition of reaction - taking an action that is the same as in the past.  The Freedom to choose a new action or inaction (which is inward action) is what changes the world one moment, one person at a time.  Choose.

As we sit to Blast Freedom, we are flowing the powerful connective force of Love that bonds Life into form.  We are the gateway of new solution that quietly awaits our attention to allow it into action.  We are forming new Life within and silently calling those hearts with ears to hear.  We are forgiving easily, as so many are not taught their true power and beauty.  We are Love in action and reaction, as Life renews with each Loving breath.  Blast on!