Weekly LightBlast

December 27, 2012


Catastrophe Averted

Congratulations on all the Love you created this year.  It didn’t come without effort and it certainly didn’t mean no challenge, yet the catastrophic, earth ending events that many predicted did not occur.  You have known that fear is a great catalyst for giving power over to another.  The thought forms then build upon each other, magnetizing more of the same.  Fear in one area leads to fear in another and one finds oneself with little power left to manage.  Often that results in band-aiding power leaks with action or avoidance.  When you build walls to protect, you build walls of separation.  There is nothing wrong with walls that protect, as long as they also support ease of appropriate sharing.  It is the difference between boundaries that serve and boundaries that shut down. 

Within you is the power to create.  You are a creative being, a Builder of Form.  Your ability to respond to the moment of creation is your internal set point of time and management of other energies.  You have passed a threshold of Time that really speaks to your awareness, your focus and your ability.  As a Builder of Form, you are inherently capable, it is merely your awareness and focus that spring forth from you in proportion to your belief and choice.  Use this time to choose your beliefs.  Find belief in yourself and belief in your abilities.  Find belief in the power of people to change and choose differently.  Find belief in the beauty of Life, the support of the unseen.  Find belief in the new world that you are creating. 

As we sit to Blast Catastrophe Averted, we are understanding that our focus on Love changes potentials.  We are forgiving the reasons behind fear mongering and emanating Love visibly in our lives.  We are holding strong to a better future for All Beings and appreciative of the present challenges and triumphs for focus.  We are stepping into our own spotlight as our Light shines as a beacon for the weary, the lost and the washed ashore.  We are open, ready and excited – embracing this new threshold of creation with joyous courage. Blast on!

December 20, 2012


Preparing for the New

Moments connect.  As you allow your heart and mind to focus within a moment, you are bringing interconnecting Life into it.  Your dimensional expression is visible to your senses that you allow active participation.  As you focus, so do you create.  This is your time of active participation within an expanded awareness, connecting you to available dimensional expression.  This is the Ascension - your heart and mind connecting you with a fuller dimensional expression.  That which always was becomes that which is, becoming that which is experience.  You as a human are utilizing your full biological capability as you emit and receive vibration into your awareness, the cauldron of creation.  Your focused awareness is the key ingredient in the soup that feeds your Life.  As you experience in a moment, you are connecting your past, present and future with the cosmic collective of Life. 

Time is part of your make-up.  It flows through you as does your breath.  It experiences with you as does your family.  It manifests into expression as a moment, a memory or a potential – ripe with connection for your awareness to shape.  You prepare the moment within and choose.  Time responds.  Fast or slow is a matter of your need (if you direct it) or your perspective.  You are able to utilize a moment to focus your awareness into greater connection.  As you connect with the full power of the universe of Life, you are utilizing the energy that builds worlds.  You are a Builder of Form, too.  Your focus is your magnetic signature that believes and becomes, ever refining form.  Time is the manifest vehicle and as such you have physical evidence of your focus.  Your heart/mind capability then expands as each moment builds upon the next. 

There is no other that is creating for you, yet all are creating with you.  You are a collective in individual form, the focus of creation becoming one through many parts, each equal in measure of Love.  The first aspect of your physical nature that benefits your focus is your energy to create.  Does your energy signature contain fear, frustration, resentment or lethargy?  Understandable if some of these are a challenge as you remake yourself into the next moment’s information.   

The next aspect of focus is your interaction with Life.  Do you embrace people, finances, religions, governments, businesses as inherently good?  If you do not enhance their goodness, who will?  You are a Builder of Form, and though deconstruction is a natural effect of Life, your focus magnetizes the next form.  You may observe problems that create a desire for change, but then your focus shift becomes important.  When you build through connection, you create more connection.  When you destruct through problems then try to build from there, the solution band-aids previous problems, though perhaps effective, not wholly connective.   

Your final aspect of focus is patience.  Within the full spectrum of patience is a Knowing.  It is a confidence that goes beyond an emotional feeling, it is an understanding and full interaction with the Laws of Building Form.  It is an understanding of the beauty of time and the Knowing that form is responsive to your vibrational signature or signal.  The whole vibration is either resonant with fear, etc., and we come full circle to self-awareness, the first aspect of focus.  Clarity within the self, clarity within the interaction with Life and patience with time.  The patience is actually a catalyst for such  speed of creation that you seldom feel as if life is moving slowly.  Your perspective sets your internal vibration and your internal vibration nurtures the outward creation, or Building of Form.  In this way, you are Prepared for the New. 

As we sit to Blast Preparing for the New, we are relaxing into the ease of creation as a master painter would with a blank canvas.  We are appreciating the data of the moment as an indicator of the challenges of the past that lead to the solutions of the future.  We are focusing on the clarity within the self as the cosmos interacts within us.  We are emanating the call and response that is the natural magnetism of Life, the collective bond of Love.  We are fearless with our Love, aware of our limits and expanding beyond both into the next moment of creation.  Blast on!

December 13, 2012



Forbearance is the act of patience, the act of forgiveness and a new basis of equality reached that amends within a new circumstance.  To have Forbearance there is a certain strength required within an interaction.  For one that seeks to improve Life, the strength to forgive is a powerful catalyst of freedom that is generated from within.  It is choice.  The strength to admit having harmed another or ‘failed’ in some way is also a potential catalyst for freedom.  Yet how often does one seek forgiveness from another and not forgive the self?  How often does one speak words of forgiveness and silently hold a grudge or piety?  How patiently can you accept Life where it is, hold your unwavering, loving Light and magnetize change, which is merely Creation?  It is a matter of your internal strength.  That includes your ability to understand your limits and expand beyond them with loving grace.

You are an individual, valuable part of a cosmic collective interaction.  Your internal vibrational signature ripples out into the world and creates a wave that begins form.  Those in resonance with your Creation Respond; be it those to assist form or those to refine focus.  The entire system of Life responds to the call of your wave emanating out of you.  It is for you to observe with the Forbearance of patience and strength so that you, too, respond to Creation’s needs.  Does it require you to change, to forgive, to stretch beyond a comfort zone?  Does it require you to Love yourself, Love another, Love Life?  Your Forbearance is your ability to respond as Creation does, with the wisdom and flexibility of one who Knows change is always beneficial when you observe, choose and focus. 

As we sit to Blast Forbearance, we are signaling the Light of Love that change is forming a new world of global benefit.  We are observing where Love’s call is emanating out and responding within the heart of community expanding.  We are fast approaching a new world of interaction that values all choice as Life forming. We are holding a foundation of acceptance, patience and courage that builds form in Love’s grace.  Blast on!

December 6, 2012


Bold Action

Each Being creates.  By choice or by default - by breath; you create.  It is not a contest as your games and governments would have you believe, it is a function of Life and the rules are few.  Observe, choose, focus.  You observe because you are part of a collective, all of the cosmos is a collective.  Your interpersonal experiences are your indications of your collective permission.  Observe because it is speaking to you of your creation that is, your dimensional reality.  To observe is to perceive; you bring the external into your internal and mix it with your perceptions, beliefs and choice.  To dismiss this response-ability due to fear or overwhelm is to allow the engine of life to continue to create by default around you; though as always, still with you.  Either you become the interactive force of creation you were meant to be, or you default your power to another of choice and focus.  It matters not, for Life continues.  Yet as Love continues, realize there is a cosmos beckoning you to Life.

Choice is your alchemical tool.  You create within.  If you do not use your tools, creation continues for that is Life.  If you utilize your tools of creation, you begin to vitalize your external world with the vibration of your inner world.  You are the sun that shines the Light of your soul into the world.  Do not dim your choice for the shadow of another.  Be well with what is, for it is what has built into your now.  Observe with Love, Choose with Power.  Create.  Allow the waves of your preference to stir the still waters into motion.  Emotion.  Inner motion.  Move the world around you, Divine One.  Observe, choose and focus. 

Your focus is a powerful YES! to Life, to Self, to the Collective that you are.  Focus is your commitment to the same, it is your action in the process of creation.  As you focus, you maintain a vibratory resonance of strength that allows Creation to respond, form to build and dissonance to align.  It is not a matter of overpowering, it is the power of matter forming.  Dissonance is merely that which has not yet settled into new form.  It can be perceived as bad or good based on your perspective.  Or you could just perceive it as change.  Your medias’ stories of circumstances are merely the moment’s new form beginning.  Utilize your focus, Powerful One.  It is your inner flowing outward into the world.  Smile it out, laugh it out, peace it out and when necessary, cry it out.  Just know that you are creating in each moment and either you take the action of focusing on what you create, or you allow the action of the focused ones to dominate.

Be bold and Love fearlessly when hatred would destroy.  Be bold and Love honestly when greed would deceive.  Be bold and Love blamelessly when war would divide.  Be bold and Love diligently when shame would push you away.  Be bold, Lightworker.  You were meant for storms.  There is no place where Angels fear to tread.

As we sit to Blast Bold Action, we are focusing the laser of our Love into a beacon of form.  We are Loving so intently that combat surrenders to the wisdom of global community.  We are blazing our Light of Love into the cosmos and aligning the force within to the Universal Flow of Life.  Love is the responsibility of those who Know it’s power.  We are unwavering in our focus of Love’s ability to create a world of interaction that benefits All Life.  There is a way.  It is you.  Blast on!