Weekly LightBlast

December 26, 2013


Freedom is Here

This season of celebration is both a letting go and a poignant embrace.  As you release the year 2013 from your present, are you grateful for the change, the challenge and the triumph?  You are on a precipice.  Take a moment before your leap to enjoy the vista.  Before you is your flight.   You have reached this point through your courage to climb, to elevate yourself and carry with you the hopes and dreams of humanity rising.  Within you is all you need to take wing.  This is the triumph of time; it is a building upon, a refining, a transformation – the Freedom flight.  You are that transformation in form.  You are that transformation experiencing.  Your Freedom is within your inner experience influencing the outer. 

What is Freedom?  It is a perception and a feeling.  It is that simple.  The complexity is within the variance of the perception.  A rainy day to one is enlivening, to another suppressive.  To understand the nature of Freedom in Life, you must first love the nature of life.  This is where your Freedom resides, within the Love.  It is the nature of Life to change, to transform.  It is the nature of Life to consume and release.  It is the nature of Life to yield and support.  It is the nature of Life to replenish and teach.  It is the nature of Life to Love, in all its many facets.  In Love, there is Freedom.  It is within you, within Life.  It is Here, in your present moment.  A choice.  Are you Free enough to allow All Life to exist around you without using it to imprison your thoughts?  Shift your perception and watch as your feelings shift.  The rainy day then does not seem a dampener, but a thirst quencher that fuels more Life. 

As we sit to Blast Freedom is Here, we are presently surprised as Life expands before our hearts.  We are participating in the transformation, beginning within our separate minds and connecting with the collective of humanity.  We are courageously Loving Life because Angels never fear to tread in the waters of Life.  We are maintaining that Light of hope that offers a path in the darkest of nights.  We are remembering the capability of All Beings and the Love inherent in All Life.  Blast on!

December 19, 2013


Allowing the New

What are the clues of this solstice for you?  Half of the world is experiencing the darkest night, the other half the brightest day – yet both are teeming with Love!  You have passed through the gauntlet of 2013, some bruised, some emblazoned; yet all are transformed, as is the nature of time.  In many ways 2013 called for you to look inward and backward, as the future was awaiting your newly fortified choice. 

The solstice is a time marker.  It is a reminder to celebrate change, for each season has its valuable gift to Life.  It signals the New, it heralds time moving and shows you where your best effort creates.  Your best effort is your internal ease with what is.  From this place of peace, your inspiration flows to action pertinent to the time.  Allow the season of this solstice to speak to your heart of how the rejuvenation of the dark night or the play of the bright day serves you.  Allow the new season to flavor your life.

Allowing is an active state of information flow.  As you allow the wisdom of Life to speak to you, and follow the clues that are all around you, you are combining information (allowing) and choice (following your heart) to guide your path.  You are imbuing Divinity, the separation entwined in Oneness.  Something ‘new’ requires an openness that allows new information, new choice.  That begins within you, for you are the sovereign being choosing your life as it suits you.  Your co-creation with the world around is a response to the call of your soul. 

To truly Allow the New into your Life, you create a new vibrational signature within the self.  Often humans do this by changing their environment (new job, new relationship, new clothes, etc.), which can have an effect.  The change is palpable and for a time causes a new focus.  Though for those that do not change their vibrational signature within, similar experiences begin to surface.  You are well aware that physical action creates an effect.  It’s visible and agreed upon by those you speak to about it.  How aware are you of the physical action of shifting your perceptions, of surrendering to your current circumstances until the clues of ‘your best effort’ are conveyed?   How courageous are you to change yourself from within and Allow the New to form over time?  Life is always, all ways, supporting your sovereignty.  Supporting sovereignty?  It is an interdependent co-creation.  You have choice.  Choice with maximum effort or choice with flowing effort.  If you find yourself with effort, whether that is internal emotional stress or outer physical stress – Allow New support into your life.  Watch for the clues of your best effort. 

As we sit to Blast Allowing the New, we are creating space within for new seeds to grow.  We are peaceful, excited and observing Life with the wonderment of a child and the wisdom of Time.  We are open to the information of Life that calls us to new courage.  We are following our perception of Love into new adventures, as we see the world from the (ad)vantage point of a benevolent gift.  We are Loving into spaces we haven’t loved before and saturating our Life with the grace of Love until it becomes the visible, palpable reality in bloom.  Blast on!

December 12, 2013


Creating Change

You are a biomechanism of choice.  It is inbuilt into your system.  It is the brilliance of duality, the wisdom of non-duality and the fun of Life.  Change is a constant of Life.  It creates you, you create it and the spiral of Life continues to intertwine and flow in seemingly magical ways.  The magic?  It is merely the invisible peeking through and poking you – here I am – your move!  Follow the clues, for it is your soul speaking to you.  Your soul speaks through your emotions, through synchronicities and through others.  It speaks to you through a book, a movie, a flower.  With each interaction, you choose.  Sometimes you choose to move forward, sometimes you choose to resist, sometimes it seems that you don’t choose.  Yet you choose.  Every moment of every day.  In life, you aren’t creating massive change in each moment, you are adding information to your vibrational countenance.  Little by little, moment by moment, your life is created by you. 

When you know that you don’t have the responsibility of making big action changes in each moment, you can rest easy.  You can play easy.  You can work easy.  You can enjoy.  Create in joy, for you are creating in each moment.  It is your subtle flow, your emotions and your thoughts that are interacting directly with the unseen energies that are forming in your life.  Your thoughts have an effect, as they are electromagnetic current that influence your experience.  Your emotions have an even greater effect, as the powerful electromagnetic current of your heart flows into your experience.  You are creating a vibrational signal that begins form.  It begins to form experience, which first comes as the peaceful openness to observe the clues to your life.  It forms synchronicities, signals and confirmations.  Then it forms opportunities.  All along you are choosing.  Then opportunity knocks - and still your choices are internal and the action follows that internal clue.  You are mechanism of change, choice steers your life.

As we sit to Blast Creating Change, we are enjoying each moment of life for the choice point it is – some seem big, some seem small, but in Truth they are all both.  We are observing life through the perspective of Love that it is, calling all to their individual empowerment.  We are tasting the buffet of life and feeding the future as we permeate the timelines with Love.  We are embracing change and consciously creating, as Love becomes our choice that creates the new.  Blast on!

December 5, 2013


Being Alive

Following your heart is the freedom you seek.  Your mind defines your expectations of freedom.  If you merely listen to your mind, you have the potential of missing your freedom as it defines and redefines, resists and insists.  The beautiful mind in concert with the heart creates the symphony of your Life.  The mind is not the problem.  It is a beautiful machine of delineation and choice for Earth living.  The ego is not the problem, it is a vehicle of perspective and understanding for Earth living.  Balance is key as these apparatuses are part of the whole creation of your Life.  What a journey of discovery each blessed being is creating!  This is the unconditional nature of the universe, though your dimensional expression has conditions of living upon it.  As you create, embracing these rules of life assists in your manifestation and even your loving Ascension beyond them. 

Life is movement and change.  It is constant, as the movement of time displays.  Your movement and your change is the unconditional choice that Life is.  Does it seem at times that you have no choice?  Follow the clues of movement.  You are being ushered through time by Life, your co-creative expression of soul and self.  “I didn’t choose to get fired, I didn’t choose for my partner to leave, I didn’t choose…”  Consult the soul, for the choice was made with deep Love.  The clues were there.  Life is your eternal partner, expressing through you, not just with you.  You have the same eternal nature as Life itself, though your physical body plays within the conditions of this dimensional expression.  Breathe it in deeply and sit in quiet communion with the soul.  You will receive the rejuvenating, exhilarating Love and appreciation that is as vast as the universe itself.  That is Being Alive.  Your physical body experiencing all the ups and downs of duality as it plays the starring role in a universe of Love. 

As we sit to Blast Being Alive, we are following our heart to the bliss of connection with the many facets of Life.  We are embracing the bittersweet separation that makes touch so thrilling.  We are enjoying the mystery as we follow the clues of our soul seeking greater depths of Love in human form.  We are choosing with the gusto of win/win solutions abounding, as we allow the brilliant mind to follow the majestic heart.  We are Love in form, Love in action, Love alive and well.  Blast on!