Weekly LightBlast

October 30, 2014


Give and Take

You are a biomechanism of Life expanding through a progress of interaction and choice.  It is continual and valuable as you begin to perceive new choices that you didn’t feel were possible.  In truth, it is that you didn’t feel strong enough to endure.  To forgive another or an experience takes a strength of knowing that within you is the power to choose for yourself.  To confront life takes a power within.  This is the Give and Take of empowerment.  Give your pain to lesson learned and Take your power within.  For prior to that, you gave your power to the other or to the experience.  Know that you are strong enough to thrive.  Your choice Gives strength to potential to form.

The stories of your past are either supportive or depletive, you choose.  They are past, yet not complete until you Take the lesson learned and Give yourself the power to choose anew with new strength, new wisdom, new potential that is born from the past. Give and Take is an engine of duality merging into new form, you choose.  With every choice you Give and Take of Self and Life.  It is your work of empowerment to perceive the visible and invisible aspects of each.  As you do this, you find the mutually beneficial mergence that allows new form based in Love, supportive of Life, to emerge.  As you Take of Life, you Give it new form.  As you Take your power within, you Give Life new potential. 

As we sit to Blast Give and Take, we are opening to the natural engine of Life expanding as we choose with the power of Love.  We are giving to the Self so that the Self may give to Life as we take our power of peace within.  We are boldly choosing peace in the midst of chaos as we open to the constant flow of change.  We are well with what is, for it is giving platform to new choice as we take control of our internal focus.  We are taking deeply of the Love of Life, allowing it to renew us into new potential forming.  Blast on!

October 23, 2014



The paradox of self and others is a clue to the progress of Life.  You are a being of physical form.  With that comes a unique perspective from your point in the fractal space/time of Life.  You are separate and unique, you are valuable and precious.  Words could never describe your value or the complete nature of how unconditionally you are cherished.  Every aspect of you that you would deny, suppress or resist is cherished and valuable for Life.  Your uniqueness adds to the wholeness of Life.  Here again, the paradox and the clue to progress.

You are Cohabitating with Life.  It is a constant interaction with choice and change.  As you release resistance to all aspects of self and others, your uniqueness merges into the wholeness.  What does that really mean?  Your ego, which is merely a biomechanism of focus for choice, naturally resists giving up the self.  This is the perfection of limitation, for without it the strength of choice is not born.  Life seeks its strength, for this is an aspect of its continuance.  Humanity has learned strength through dominance, coercion, deception.  Indeed, even the self can deceive the self, dominating and coercing itself into change without full knowledge of what the change truly is.  Humanity has also learned the strength of Love, forgiveness, mutually beneficial choice.  You are in a time where you are opening to more of the Truth of connection, unity, empowered Love and abundance.  This is Cohabitating with Life, embracing the connective nature of all aspects of Life.  Your powerful, loving focus is what brings new experience into form. 

As we sit to Blast Cohabitating, we are opening our hearts to all aspects of Life, even those we resist, suppress or deny.  We are recognizing the potential in every experience as duality merges into a wholeness of opposites uniting into new form.  We are appreciating the current circumstances as we begin to see the whole picture of potential calling our empowerment into new boundaries of form.  We are living easily with challenge and triumph alike, for they are each as valuable and cherished as Life itself.  Blast on!     

October 16, 2014


Freedom Bound

Dear Ones, with great affection we ask the question: is your Freedom Bound or are you Freedom Bound?  As you hear the question in your mind, sense what your physical body says to you, what your emotional body says to you, what your mental body says to you, what your spirit says to you.  They speak in various ways, but they are communicating with you constantly.  Allow their impulses of wisdom to penetrate your consciousness, for they are ushering you to Freedom in all moments. 

Freedom is an expanse, it is potential available.  Feel the depth of your potential, human Angel, for you are potential in human form.  You have potential of heart and mind that you are learning to utilize for your expansion, for your Freedom.  You also have limits of physicality.  You are tasked to perceive the unseen potential within any limitation, for limitation is just a boundary of current form calling you to expansion.  Boundaries are important for your expansion.  They allow you to refine your focus, your strength, your sovereign power.  When you are sufficiently empowered, expansion calls.  As you direct your focus and open your heart, you are piercing the current boundaries of your Freedom with your Creative power.  You are Freedom Bound. 

As we sit to Blast Freedom Bound, we are appreciating our current limitations as we nurture growth through empowered Love and fierce determination.  We are maintaining our focus on the potential of Love within each challenge as humanity arises into the grace of Divinity in human form.  We are courageously anchoring the Freedom of Love into the boundaries of physical form.  We are taking responsibility for our focus on potential seeking form, as we hold the vision of Love’s grace leading the expansion of humanity.  We are living Love as we appreciate the present moment’s challenge and support leading us into a glorious future of empowerment for All Life.  We are Freedom Bound.  Blast on!