Weekly LightBlast

November 19, 2015


Creation Comes to Pass

In this Year of Creativity, you have been learning your creative power. It can be frustrating at times, for it first resides in the invisible realm, the unknown; the future. It requires that you grow a trust in yourself and the world around you. It requires that you stay astute to signals and open to change. You are learning that Love sometimes calls you to hold a boundary or take a risk that is uncomfortable in a moment. You are discovering your ability to choose rather than just react. It is a powerful time.

Your ability to choose is the foremost important factor in any creation. You can observe life around you and sometimes feel as if choice is not possible or valuable. Choice is always internal. Your inner world is the timeless, the potential, the beginning. When you choose, you are utilizing the passive force, that which builds form in the invisible realm first. Your choice shapes your vibration, the true shapeshifter. Your vibration then emanates and the world responds.

Creation is time formed. From your choice, form has responded and creation comes to be. Rather than time moving, your creation is now moving through time. We play with these words of paradox to begin to release the grip that time has upon you, for it is responding to you more than you know.

As time forms, it becomes part of your creation. As your creation forms, it becomes part of time. As you release your resistance to the movement of Life, you find that creation forms more easily, life flows more easily and your experience is less effort and more enjoyment. Worry drags time and space, disrupting its forming. Doubt is merely a perspective shift into the peace of the unknown, the excitement of discovery and the enjoyment of the journey.

Creation Comes to Pass because it is always moving. Relax and let go more. Discover the future more. Appreciate the past more. You are Life building the form of Life. Life wants to thrive, with you.

As we sit to Blast Creation Comes to Pass, we are releasing the fear of the unknown and discovering our ability to flow into a fulfilling life. We are observing life around us and appreciating the interplay of past and future/self and others, as we create a new now. We are letting go of resistance that interrupts our flow into Love’s grace. We are patient with challenges as they create strength and new perspective. We are the passive force of Love that shapes our world into a new experience of empowered humanity loving Life. Blast on!

November 12, 2015


Forming a Family of Light

As you develop in human form, you go through stages in your life of interacting with self, others and establishing your identity. Ideally, this identity forms an individual that is strong yet flexible, as the beautiful duality pushes you inward and pulls you outward - though another must get pulled inward and pushed outward. The clues of life abound. What is really inward or outward?

Here, family meets function and you find the power of your Light. Family is a grouping that agrees to hold the mirror close. To shine light on the aspects that you are loving and not loving—aspects of your self and life.

Your Family of Light helps you shine.

The diamond is created from coal with great pressure and time. Once the diamond is formed, you shape it into facets that amplify its brilliance, bringing forth what was already within. Your Family of Light helps shape you into many facets of self. Sometimes it feels like pressure as you resist release. Other times it feels like support as you feel nurtured into growth. Much like the seed, you are often surrounded by what seems like darkness, but it is actually the fertile support that helps you bloom into the Light.

Family is all around you. As a child, you feel choiceless. As an adult, you are offered opportunity to create similar family dramas with new characters, or to respond differently to the same pressures that formed you into the jewel you are. Make choice to Form a Family of Light that supports you into empowerment

Create relationships on the inner plane and the outer plane that help your brilliance shine. Your relationships on the inner plane will help you understand motivations, insecurities, fears, and new solutions for empowered Love. Your relationships on the outer plane will help you understand healthy boundaries, interaction, and the support of Life.

Forming a Family of Light begins first with those of resonant qualities that support your empowerment. You then begin to recognize that you are involved with co-workers and others that are also calling you to shine. You start to feel your connection with those you will never meet, but are your Family of humanity. You will begin to have the strength to be open to their positive and negative aspects, creating a flow of supportive Love that was not available before.

When you can Love in the face of opposition (even from a distance), you have embodied grace under pressure. The diamond has formed. It is time to release yourself from under the pressure and let all facets of your Light shine.

As we sit to Blast Forming a Family of Light, we are creating relationships with others and the self that teach empowered Love with diamond strength. We are connecting with the collective of life on a conscious level, for we are strong enough to face the facets of humanity that are reflecting something we haven’t had the courage to Love. We are enhancing our clarity as we recognize the potential creation in every experience. We are strengthening the Love that is natural to humanity, but got lost in fear. We are the reminder of the courage within that Love’s embrace brings into the Light of day. Blast on!

November 5, 2015


Preparing the Future

Blessed Being, your awareness, your choice, and your actions are the vehicle through which the future forms. Life itself responds to your choice. You are the sculptor that shapes your life and this world. That is great power. Life gives it to you freely. You are born endowed with the future in your hands, your heart, your awareness, your choice.

This human experience is a magnificent journey, and you are at an exciting point. The point is not a moment of excitement, but all of the dots connecting. Connection is the point. Are you connecting with Life, with others, your heart, and your mind? Are you connecting your past, present, and future?

In the beauty of your linearity, your present moment has been established by your past. You perceive the world based on your past experiences and what feels right to you based on those experiences. Have you been supported and loved? Have you been abandoned or abused? Though it may be hard to understand, these are relative to your perceptions. You need not deny pain; that does not assist its resolution. But you must choose to Stop the Past from holding you in vibrational resonance with the pain of abandonment or abuse.

Has your past established an empowered presence that is prepared to change the future into a journey of more Love and support?

Preparing the Future requires patience as form builds. It requires the awareness of the signals of the invisible form building. Because Life is in your creative hands as you shape it, it speaks to you. It sends you signals of what is working, what is futile, what is harmful, what is helpful. All beings do this, do they not? Why would Life itself be any different? Sometimes you have to observe closely, use logic, or use intuition. 

Preparing the Future is done in the present moment. You make choice of action, inaction, and response. This builds upon Stopping the Past, because if you have vibrational resonance with victimhood, for example, it shapes your future. You need not toil over the past, just make the strong choice to stop its flow as it was, and choose anew. Appreciation of the past allows new flow, new understanding, new perspective, and new energy into your present moment.

As we sit to Blast Preparing the Future, we are appreciating the past and opening the present to new form for the future. We are enhancing our internal power that allows challenges to resolve into a new strength. We are holding a powerful perspective of Love’s potential as we forgive the past and remember that Life is supporting us to improve the future. We are a beacon of Love’s power as we maintain a balance and stability that embodies the grace of empowerment shaping a future of Love. Blast on!

October 29, 2015


Stopping the Past

Dear Ones, you are accustomed to your linear time and it serves you well. You are aware of your brain processing information based on your five senses and establishing reality for your choice platform. This is a valuable and natural process. Yet you are at a point in your evolution where you are expanding this process to include more of your natural subtle senses. 

You have heard statements such as; time is not linear, all time is now, the past does not exist, and the future is probabilities that have already occurred. In theory, some of these may be partially or even completely correct. However, it has no true value for you until you apply it into your experience. Here, we will begin to give you applicable information to expand your sensory experience with time.

The Law of Resonance maintains your linear and sensory experience. This law will not change, however, you will change with it as your vibrational resonance changes. As with all life, you affect it and it affects you. The Law of Resonance states: that with which you are resonant, you are interacting. For example, when you are resonant with joy, you are joyful. Your spiritual journey is a path of finding your joy, and while others may show you marker points or pathways, you must walk the path and create your own resonance with joy. 

In a moment, Life assists you as it pushes and pulls you toward joy. In another moment, it may feel as if Life abandons you, offering you sorrow, pain, or frustration. It is here where your choice platform presents what you have established as your possibilities. All the evidence from the past has been established into what possibilities are available for your future. With which possibility do you resonate?

We have entitled this message Stopping the Past to utilize your linearity and begin to expand it into its non-linear counterpart, the other side of the coin. For when you envision Stopping the Past, you are consciously and powerfully choosing to change your present. But we want you to include the past and claim your present power, for that changes your resonance. It does not force a fa├žade to change, it creates new form (the future). Sometimes it requires the patience of Knowing All is Well, as invisible potentials are creating new form. That Knowing is a powerful resonance to maintain.  

How do you Stop the Past? One may say, “It has already occurred, it is done, undoable and the present is reacting to it.” Instead of reacting, choose a new action. First, observe what has caused the present resonance. An action from another? An action from you? Inaction from one? Whatever it was, it is causing you to make a choice in the present—a powerful action that can create new form. A new future. 

Here is where you seek appreciation for the past, for it has established the form that you are now. The gift of the present. It has caused your heart/mind complex to observe, experience and desire. The flow of form continuing. Desire, want, need—these are the pull of the future calling you to Life. Your suffering is as available to choice as your appreciation. What will you choose? Will you stop the joy or will you stop the suffering? Both reside on your platform of choice.

As you appreciate the past, you are opening a flow of resolution that creates a new resonance within you. To Stop the Past, starts a new future. As you appreciate, understand, resolve, heal or forgive—all powerful ways of saying a similar action; you are creating a new resonance in your now moment. You are opening a flow that wasn’t available before. You are preparing a new future with the powerful passive force of Love. The invisible realm is responding. Dear One, you are more powerful than you think. Feel your powerful ability to Love the past into a new future.

As we sit to Blast Stopping the Past, we are opening the flow of Love to appreciate all that has come before us. We are understanding the beauty of limitation as it causes us to observe carefully and completely until we understand new choices available. We are respecting the flow of time’s wisdom as it resonates with our highest good; for this universe of Life calls us to thrive. We are authentic in our feelings of the past, as our unique discernment brings detail and clarity to our platform of choice. We are bold, unrelenting in the power of our Love; for it has been so patient with our fears resolving. Where we once forgot to Love and found only hatred, we now see a sprout pushing through the concrete past. It is our Love. Will it flourish? Blast on!