Weekly LightBlast

November 28, 2013


Forgetting Oneness

Following your heart can seem a fool’s journey, because it is so individual that another can not envision the ‘logic.’  You are a unique being, as is each leaf upon a tree.  Life is imbued within you completely.  There is no mistake.  Thus your heart’s journey is Life continuing brilliantly, and just as the leaf knows wholly all that it needs to thrive, so do your innate senses support your path.  With the leaf, which appears to have no choice, no voice, no individuality; there is such great unique beauty that the tree, that Life, is ever more refined.  The whole, be it the tree, the forest, the world and nature itself is more refined because of the life of the leaf.  Forces came into play that created its form, that responded to its movement, that reflected its life and Life was improved because of the courage of that leaf.  It can seem trivial to one that can not hear the song of the leaf calling for and calling forth life.  But Life, so huge that the universe you envision does not even begin to encompass it, is forever changed. 

That profound Love surges to you and through you.  It is so huge, yet there is nothing so small that it is not honored with the vastness of infinite appreciation.  It is the small that makes the large, the large that supports the small and the connection is the Grace of Love.  This is Life.  Humanity has forgotten this connection because it is the journey of Life to understand the balance of its independence and its interdependence.  The leaf is experiencing this.  Each human is experiencing this.  Each experience has the totality of the Whole within it, and the Whole has the totality of all individual experiences within.  This is the Oneness in its fullness.  You, blessed being, are a unique and cherished individual.  You are separate and you are interconnected with All Life.  Life honors both aspects of your Oneness.  Do you?  Do you appreciate the individuality in you and around you; and do you seek to discover the unseen connections of All Life?  The Oneness?  As you remember the connection that is at first invisible, you are exalting the mystery of Life.  It is Love.

As we sit to Blast Forgetting Oneness, we are remembering the Divinity in All Life.  We are honoring the choices that create the paths of discovery that is each Being following their heart.  We are Lighting the way to connection for the joy of the flow that support brings; for the leaf that hides itself in shame deprives the sun the joy of warming it in Love.  We are exalting All Life; the Self and others, as we harmonize our world with the frequency of Love.  We are Love in form, forming Life as we choose, for choice is the unconditional expression of Love.  It is within All.  Blast on!

November 21, 2013


Accessing Grace

Blessed Being, you are the reflection of Love in your experience.  At each moment choice beckons your courage to Love.  It is the paradox of Love, that such sweetness takes such courage.  It is the simplest, though at times, the most challenging path.  All that you perceive in the world around you is reflective of the flow of Love.  Do you observe others with the perception of their ever-changing courage to Love?  Do you observe yourself as you grow in your own ability to forgive, to stand tall, to empower yourself and another?  As you strengthen your ability to Love in all situations, you are Accessing the Grace that unifies your world. 

While separation is a beautiful truth of Life, it is merely half of the story.  The connection, the interdependence of Life, the unseen bond of Love that unifies All Life is the other half of the story.  The visible, palpable separation can blind the senses to what is unseen.  As you open your eyes and ears to the subtle, you are accessing the Truth of Love.  Here you understand the value of saying no.  Here you recognize your own resistance that inhibited flow.  Here you see the courage and value of forgiveness.  Here you understand the intention that speaks.  Here you find the power that binds atoms into planets and your experience begins to form into the realm of physicality.  It is the Grace of Love that binds form.  It is the Grace of Love that destroys form.  It is the Grace of Love that continues Life.  It is the Grace of Love that exalts All Life.  Unconditionally.  Unconditionally.  Can you do the same?  With your own life, with another’s, with a choice, with a fear? 

As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are following our heart to the universal Truths of Love.  We are perceiving our own barriers to Love and protective walls, as they are merely degrees of the same.  We are understanding the exalting of Life as we choose what benefits the Self and benefits All Life simultaneously, as the nature of Life is transformation.  We are remembering our Divinity and applying it to form, as the unseen becomes visible in the Light of our eyes.  We see the beauty in All Life, perhaps even before another sees it in the Self.  Blast on!

November 14, 2013


Following Another

Sweet, sovereign Being; you have been graced with Life in individual form for your courage to do so.  It is not something you earn, for you have asked; it is something you answer.  You are at a poignant point of discovery at each moment.  In your current expression, you are discovering the Self as it relates to the Whole.  You are discovering your answers beget the question, and the discovery of Life continues.  Wholeness is the nature of Life, though that entails the seen and unseen, the spoken and the unspoken – the connection of duality.  Duality can be an ease or a disease, it is for you to answer that question of Life.  Duality is merely two opposites, Wholeness is your sovereign choice to be empowered enough to integrate both within you.  What then does Following Another have to do with this? 
Following is a refinement of allowing.  To become Whole, you Allow Life to flow along your path and you direct/choose it into empowered expansion.  You direct and allow, allow and direct.  The circle encompasses and blurs the point of separation, as the beginning and the ending merge into Oneness.  This then is the benevolent Truth of Following.  It is not the giving up of the Self to another's authority.  It is the Self creating a path of Life.  Allowing is the opening, following is the flowing and choosing, a simultaneous act of observing and desiring, that desire stirring the next path of flow.  Life will never ask you to Follow to your detriment, though that is a choice you can make.  Life will continually seek to flow you to your greatest path, such that a new path begins.  So as you Follow Another, you are recognizing the sovereignty in all, open to the flow of Life, and choosing for the Self.  In this way, you understand the interdependence of Life and you actualize the independence of Self.  The two are co-creative, creating a Wholeness that blazes a new trail for another to choose to merge.  This merging, from another perspective, creates a fork.  The beginning and the ending blur into One, Another One. 

In Following Another, you are merely observing the reflection that Life is presenting to you.  You are the question in form, the answer forming.  Another reflects for you clues to your choices, that is what you Follow.  As you observe and choose, you are an Empowered Sovereign that is creating with the wealth of information that Life makes available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

As we sit to Blast Following Another, we are empowering our internal choice with external information, the two becoming One to create anew.  We are Allowing and directing our own flow of Life with the wisdom the past brings into the now.   We are the wayshowers of Loving Life, such that the clues we leave upon our path Light the way of Love for another.  We are the answer on a quest for Grace.  The path follows the heart.  Blast on!

November 7, 2013


Being Resistant

Resistance is fertile when it serves your choice of flow.  Is your life moving too fast for comfortable integration?  Resist the urge to keep running and slow to a restful place.  From the outside eye, the slowed movement would seem to be resistance.  It is empowered choice that is actually the indicator of movement, though the untrained eye or the manipulative ego will protest.  You are a being of flow that is in constant movement, as movement is a constant of Life.  As you Forge Ahead, you define your future; and invisible movement is a powerful quantum catalyst.  Invisible movement is choice, choice is a catalyst that creates movement, always first invisible.  Here you are redefining resistance and accepting it as the benevolent part of life that it is. 

You are aware of the resistance of ego.  In order to perpetuate a pattern of survival, the ego protects through resistance.  It builds a wall of protection that fortifies from vulnerability.   Though to move beyond a wall, one must move beyond the wall, so how then was it effective?  From a loving, empowered choice, it helped separate until one was ready for the next integration.  It helped emblazon the fire of the heart until the warmth of passion ignited movement.  It helped the mind deplete its strategizing such that inspired action could begin.  Do you hear the echo?  What was a mark of war and domination in earth history, is actually a clue for freedom.  Resistance is both futile and fertile.  Only choice and time define which. 

As you observe your own resistance, Love into it.  It is merely a survival mechanism that supports the continuation of Life.  As you Love into it, the action verb (Love) ignites the ease of flow the soul seeks.  It is the least resistance, not no resistance, for you expand by the inclusion of All.  This opening of the heart is the action that soothes the ego, that regulates the pulse of Life as it benefits All and that engages you with a new expression of Self and Life. 

As you observe the resistance of another, Love into it.  Warm your heart with that friction of discovery that another is reflecting for you.  Spark your own empowered choice and open the flood gates of Love that quench a thirsty Earth.  Understand their sovereignty and lovingly detach from their choice, for it serves them in ways you can not see.  Choose Love and you embrace them with the seed of hope that they can then choose to nurture.  All that you think and do and say fertilizes life, for All Life is sovereign and interconnected.

As we sit to Blast Being Resistant, we are honoring each Being to flow at their own pace of Life.  We are patient with the flow of Life and loving the scenery.  We are choosing Love as it shows us the opposite reflection of Life, so that we can become Whole in the knowledge.  We are in a state of awareness as our empowered choice shows us the next path of least resistance.  This resistance slows us to a pace of enjoyment and survival.  What a gift.  Blast on!