Weekly LightBlast

October 27, 2011



The unity of the systems of All Life is a beautiful gift to those that see beyond the form into the yet unformed.  There awaits your opportunity to inform.  What instructions will you give the future, not yet formed?  Time is formless in its nature, it experiences form through you.  Your time passed formed you; your past informs this now moment.  Your future is yet unformed, pure potential.  It is your choice in this now moment that creates from potential, shifting the influence of the past.  You can only choose in the now; this is the power of now, this is the importance of being here now, for if your choice is limited by the burden of the past or fear of the future, you are not fully in the now. 

Your future awaits the alchemy of your powerful choice in this now moment. There is nothing more powerful.  You Know this Truth.  The choice for compassion, the choice for joy, the choice for a boundary that serves the nourishment of more than just the ease of now is what changes the future.  That is the wisdom choice, for the expanse of broad perspective (wisdom) sees through time to the choice that brings the greatest win/win solution. 

As a formless construct, time is an interaction on the subtle planes.  You can not poke it with your finger but you can perceive it with your powerful heart/mind.  Do you perceive it as beneficial, burdensome, overpowering or responsive?  Our mind is dependent upon time to analyze, for it uses comparison and categorization to choose.  Comparison and categorization are beneficial when they are used to serve growth and creativity, yet you have the choice to allow them to restrict your flow with self-degradation or fear.  Comparison through right or wrong allows the ‘wrong’ of someone else to pull you from the power of your joy to create.  Is political drama getting you down or inspiring you to create in joy?   Can you handle observing something undesired and still stay in your power?  Creating joy from the opposite requires the focus to see beyond the form of the moment into the potential of the future.  The Inherent Pull of Life is Love, that is our unseen, yet palpable, Divine Nature.  When you Know the engine of life is supporting you, you Allow the momentum. 

Forgiving Time?  Forgiveness is a vehicle; it is motion, it is choice, it is creative because it is directed out.  With the action of Forgiveness you are forcing that which is within and undesired/unbeneficial, out for renewal.  This is an act of creating the new.  It’s a form of alchemy - rapid movement (transformation through directed momentum) for something that would otherwise decay slowly. 

In this moment we alchemize Time.  We do not obliterate it, that is not possible, for it is a valuable and intrinsic part of Life on Earth.  We transform within, we integrate.  By containing All Time, we become Timeless, no longer bound by the past or future, but free to be in the now with complete ease of flow between past, present and future.  The past is appreciated.  The future is trusted.  The present becomes full of potential and ripe for the choosing. 

Forgiving Time is merely the act of releasing any unspoken or unresolved issues with time and opening to empowered, Loving interaction with All Time.  Time has been and will continue to become more fluid and understood through our perception rather than the one-track linearity of past was, present is, future will be.  Those aspects will still be there, just not as separate and solid as they used to be.  As we integrate more of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Wholeness, we will begin to experience Time Wholeness.  Our interactions will become fuller.  For example, with the food you eat, you will become more aware of its past and its effect on your future and you will find yourself making different food choices because the All Time of that food will be in your awareness.  This will begin to shift how you interact with people and the many different choices you’ll be making in your life.  We are becoming more circular with time, not just in the esoteric knowledge of everything is happening now, but really living everything IS happening now because All Time is Now.  The future will still be experienced in the future, you’ll just have more awareness of it as necessary in the now.  This serves empowerment and creativity as you become more self-sufficient in your creative abilities and more aware of your effect on the whole.  Choice.

As we sit to blast Forgiving Time, we are releasing blocks of the past and of the future that inhibit our Full Flow with the powerful Now.  We are opening our perception and our awareness to the fullness of time in all moments.  We are embracing the ability to choose with the wisdom of the past and the future in the now.  We are becoming Whole in our interaction, patient and appreciative of linearity.  We are remembering and creating simultaneously within the essence of All Time rather than the story of the past and the future.  We are observing the world around us and healing/Loving a moment (All Time) within, thereby creating a new future track of experience.  We are recognizing that All Time is within us in a moment, just as All Life is.  Blast on!

October 20, 2011



We are moving into alignment with our Fullness.  This is a process of expansion; expansion of knowledge, expansion of perception, expansion of compassion.  The middle road expands to contain All.  This could be called integration, inclusion, understanding or Oneness.  We are opening to see the Whole picture, the unseen, the potential, the unity that contains the separation.  The Divine Balance, the Sacred Marriage.  It is within you, it is all around you.  You are unique, whole unto yourself and united with All Life.  As we progress the expansion, the connection through time, we are culminating to specific markers, like a graduation or a marriage is just a ceremony, yet it has effect and all that leads up to it progresses through steps.  It is the way of nature, and we as Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds and most importantly, humans; are becoming our True Nature. 

This time of Wholeness is the union between our Divine Masculine nature and our Divine Feminine nature.  This union is the fulcrum of creation, and as we unite into our Wholeness, Wholeness forms more easily around us.  The path is one of recognition and remembrance, as we internally perceive (re-cognize) the Whole Truth, allow it to gestate within and birth it out into the world around us.  The remembrance is the internal mechanism of Oneness and Divinity, the eternal Being exploring all facets; and the remembrance is the external mechanism as humans recognize the Truth you emanate as Whole, familiar (familial) and expand themselves through a resonant bond.  As the resonance is recognized, the union is remembered and the Whole becomes aware.  It is the path of those that seek to Know thyself, that they remember ever so much more than mere Self. 

Being One, it is Being Life.  Life is what you create and you do this through the eternal moment-by-moment cycle of birth, interaction, death; then begin again refreshed and renewed, ready for the next cycle, for the interaction has inspired improvement.  Creativity continues with the inspiration.  This is why focusing on improvement, focusing on the pleasant, focusing on creating in joy; is so powerful.  You see quite clearly that it is not the only way to create, as many create with greed and fear.   However, Life is intelligently designed to continue and to improve, as even destruction is saturated with Life as decomposition feeds renewal.  Anger, fear and greed can create, but what will it inspire within the Whole?  Unseen or unspoken in a moment, but interacting nonetheless, the interaction with the Whole has effect.  Free Will is honored without judgment, but it is honored for All Life equally, though you may not hear or see it in the moment.  Thus through the interaction, begins the decay, that the Whole system is fed. 

Through the wisdom of compassion, a single Being feeds recognition and remembrance into the system and the system reacts.  2 or more begin to gather and momentum builds.  Hatred and anger can unite, but they will trigger a recognition and remembrance of separation and the Whole system will not inspire new creation resonant with that vibration.  See the Whole.  Hear the silent Truth.  Hatred cries, ‘I want to Know (recognize) myself, but I can’t (remember) because I’m in pain/fear.’ Integrate through compassion for All Life, even the hatred and anger.  It is a mechanism that can inspire Love.  Forgiveness cleanses the system and Love is remembered.  Here is a moment.  What will you choose? 

As we sit to Blast Being One With Life, we are recognizing our connection to All, courageously plumbing the depths of separation seeking Unity.  We are recognizing the support of the Whole, though silent and unseen to the external for a time.  We are embracing the opposite as the reflection of the Whole, recognized through the grace of separation and interaction.  We are recognizing our strength to take Life deep within through the inspiration of renewal and expansion of Love.  We hold the memory of Love within the sacred space of the heart, embracing All Life as family.  We remember that All Life contains the seed of Divinity that awaits the Love that nourishes its growth.  We are that Love.  Blast on!

October 13, 2011



We are in the final weeks before the 11/11/11 and gearing up for a powerful activation and opening.  More and more we are being called to our Divine disposition so that we are emanating through the example of balance within chaos.  As Lightworkers and Wayshowers, we are integrating the final pieces and parts that have wisely inhibited full flow of Divine Grace.  Wisely inhibited?  Of course.  If it was not beneficial for the improvement of life, it would have been different.  As healing and learning progresses in stages, we savor each part and apply it to the Whole.  You are inherently Divine.  You need not earn it, but as you actively remember it in all situations, you remind others of their Divinity within, you show a new way of Being in the world, but not of it.  As we blaze the trail of Love, increase our stamina and seed new solution in old energy, we are enhancing the flow of Divine Being.  It is a sweet space.

Chaos is a free space.  Its etymology relates it back to chasm/abyss/open space.  Divine Potential, emptiness – is where new life begins to form.  This is the great teaching of Buddha.  The Nothingness is the Everything, and Everything has Nothingness within it, for all life changes.  This emptiness/nothingness is potential (which is everything-ah, the circle of life!).  Life is Flow, and when you are not polarized to good or bad, you are free within potential.  It is here that choice begins to create form.  Chaos, embodied in Love. 

Knowing is a state of Being.  It is not the accumulation of facts through books or teachers, it goes beyond facts from others, though there is definitely value in books and teachers.  When you Know, you have the power of application.  It’s not just a logical understanding of what the context of words mean, it’s a deep feeling of Being One with those words, that they become applicable in your life.  So if it’s a mathematical formula, it’s not just a memorization of 7x8=56, but a deep understanding of multiplication.  Therefore, your thinking mechanism must go beyond factual memorization and open to conceptual understanding.  The singular becomes connected to a Whole which applies back to singularity.  The circle of Life continues with your Knowing.  Divinity flourishes on Earth as you offer it to others through Knowing your powerful Love, Knowing their inherent value and providing nourishment for Divinity to grow with forgiveness, empowerment and visionary creativity. 

As we sit to Blast Knowing Divinity, we are remembering Who We Are.  We are accessing the Divine Truth within every cell and space between every cell of our magnificent Being.  We are embracing All with our empowered space of Love in a Heart so wide open that all that echoes is a reflection of Grace.  We are shining the Light of Love into the dark with a Joy that saturates even the farthest corner.  We are nourishing Love in the sweet space of freedom, the emptiness, the non-expectation, for All is Well.  Divine One, there is no chasm that can separate Knowing.  Blast on!

October 6, 2011



Here we meet Allowing again.  It is a powerful, wise and open state of being.  The power comes from knowing you are resilient and capable, it’s the confidence that appreciates your limitlessness and your limitations.  The wisdom comes from access to multiple perspectives and discernment of what benefits you, others and the future.  Openness comes from trust that all is well and improving, as Love and change are the inherent pull of life.  One who allows, knows their capability so clearly that life can swirl into experience without fear of loss.  This is the power of vulnerability.  When you know your True Nature, you know there is no loss, only the perspective of loss.   Enter Truth. 

Truth is personal and changes along with you, it is your unique perspective.  The wise one interacts with the truths of others and allows them not only to be, but to teach.  It is received, observed through the inbuilt systems of discernment and processed with detachment as beneficial or not.  Thus the truths of others do not overpower, they merely assist in enhancing your own flowing truth.  The state of allowance supports the calm stillpoint of internal recognition.  As you appreciate the value in all truths, the fluid nature of truth is allowed proper flow and the future moment is nourished rather than resisted.   

Your heart speaks truth through emotion and emotion is a library of information in a succinct category.  Everything is a subset of Love as it all contains a thread of Love; from the emotions that seem similar like reverence and appreciation to the ones that seem so opposite like hate and fear.  Within the experience of hate or fear there is opportunity to find forgiveness and empowerment, to name a few.  Forgiveness is a love-flow mechanism and empowerment is a love-creation mechanism.  As you listen to the quiet voice of the heart, you allow compassion to open you to multiple perspectives, viewing truth through the eyes of another, through the eyes of fear, through the eyes of lack.  What do you feel now?  It’s no longer hatred, it’s Love in its myriad forms for one that is yet too afraid to see or behave past their pain.  That’s the wisdom to see the complete information, not just the words that were spoken or the actions taken. 

As we sit to Blast Allowing Truth, we are remembering that our power is within and it is the thread of Love that unites All.  We are finding our peace within chaos to allow the truth of the heart to be heard.  We are recognizing that others that lie or manipulate are speaking the best truth they can in the moment and supporting them through exemplifying authenticity and sovereignty.  We are widening our wisdom to encompass the truth of Love as it creates the world anew.  We are beckoning the new world with the call of Love.  Blast on!