Weekly LightBlast

March 28, 2013



Are there exceptions or are there not?  It seems that there must be an incongruency somewhere as the world seems to function with exceptions.  Why does this greedy one have that when we’re told that Love is powerful?  Why does war, abuse and greed continue?  It can seem sometimes as if Love is the exception, yet truly it is what makes Life exceptional.  Exceptions are of the root of delineation.  It is a separative function, even in its positive sense of being exceptional.  How then do you, Lightworker, find the unity in that separation?  It is your work, to Light the lost to shore, to Light the darkness to Life, to Light Love’s connective grace into all experience.  Expect miracles.  Where do you make Exceptions in your life? Do you find mental Exceptions, a behavioral Exception for one but not another? Find Love to be the exception and you will be amazed at the flow of creation through you. 

Your logical left brain delineates, categorizes, analyzes, and separates.  With proper use it is exceptional in its ability to understand earthly life.  It is a function of form.  Your right brain unites, connects, and creates.  It is a connection to the formless that requires delineation to create form.  Thus the two halves of the same whole are a reflection of earthly expression and allow you to experience with a totality that is only available to those that utilize both.  There are those with a dominant usage of one or the other.  It can be so separative that those of other dominance are vilified.  Within the middle road is a perspective that understands the value of both and utilizes that to exceptionality. Grounded and capable with time, form and growth.  Weightless and unbound in an ability to gather new energy into form.  As you seek to utilize the opposite, you become atomically [sic] correct in your ability to extract the nebulous wave into particular form.  Your magnetic mastery is found within the compelling force of Love.  As you maintain the nucleus of Love within, the foundations that greed, war and abuse have built begin to pull apart.  Expect miracles.  Your Love is magnificently powerful.

As we sit to blast Exceptions, we are becoming whole within, able to understand separation and unity as the One expression it truly is.  We are diligent in our seeking of the invisible solution creating from Love’s attraction.  We are Love in form, delineating for greater refinement and connecting to greater expanses.  We are the exceptional, Lighting the spark of Divinity within All, not just the few.  Blast on!

March 21, 2013


Being Alone

You are a Being of Love.  God is Love, the universe is of Love.  Love is the compelling, binding force that bonds and releases as Life continues.  There is no judgment in the unconditional nature of Love.  It bonds and new life is formed, it releases and life in form dies to its current form and transforms.  Life continues.  For those that see, that Know beyond physical form, that Love is visible.  It is palpable and it pervades all experiences.  When you are Alone, or separate in physical form, that invisible Love is a great teacher of unity.  It is the poignant desire unfulfilled that finds the Being Alone has a choice to compel Love.  Love is your responsibility.  It is your response-ability.  As you respond with Love, you find the bond of new life forming.  You alone are able to cultivate Love within your life, for Love is within you.  It is in the moments of Being that you find your re-Source of Love springing forth.  That spring is the promise of new Life, for it always comes. 

In your moments of Feeling Alone, you find the emotions of Life streaming out of you in a flow that releases pain into the current of discovery.  It is your inner discovery that allows the flow of Love to permeate the cracks in your amour (amor).  In the solitude of Aloneness, you discover your Oneness.  You are One with a universal flow of Love that builds worlds.  You are One deluge in a drop of ocean.  As you are Being that flow of Love that answers the call to Love, your inner depths are opened to the bond of Love – new Life forming.  It is in your moments of Being that you surrender control and go with the Flow of Love.  You must understand the current, Divine One.  When you allow the flow of Love to take you, the safe shore is discovered within.  Your strength is your response-ability to Love.  How strong are you to forgive?  How strong are you to allow fear to die?  How strong are you to facilitate transformation as you are Being Alone Light of Love in a dark night.  Your grace is Lighting you from within.

As we sit to Blast Being Alone, we are peaceful in the beingness and fulfilled in the solitude of unity in separate form.  We are reaching deep within for the courage to Love when Love’s vulnerability has been shadowed by fear.  We are tranquil in a moment of challenge for the opportunity of discovery of grace is at hand.  We are the One of many, united in Love and alone in form, for diversity is a great gift of Life.  In the reflection of another, you Alone see your Self.  Blast on!

March 14, 2013



Trusting the Self is your greatest gift to the world.  To stand tall, alone or even afraid is a vibrational teacher to all you meet.  How then does the Self know when to Know?  Dear one, your internal interpretation system has many avenues available to you.  You are so equipped that the system can be used for your benefit or detriment in many ways.  You see so many of these detri-mental effects utilized in your media be it ‘news,’ advertising or propaganda.  Your mental faculties can be a vital portion of your physicality.  God made no mistake.  Your mind can be an important tool of connection that serves the heart of (the) matter.   It’s your work to clarify your heart and focus your mind such that you find yourself empowered and fearless in your Love, for you are magnificent and eternal. 

To Know is to honor the relationship you have with the Self (God in form) and the Universe (God in structure).  This is a fine difference of semantics, created merely for this understanding.  You are part of All.  The structure of the Universe (multiverse for those multidimensionally inclined) is the structure of you, God in diverse form.  Your mind is your focus and perception culminating in choice - the universe responds.  The Self that Knows this Truth, understands the broader perspective beyond dichotomy, beyond limitation and beyond physical life.  It is the great secret.  That which is within you is outside of you as well.  It shows itself in the creation around you.  You are a collective and an individual, both as necessary and equal in measure of Love.  To understand that difference means to accept that the vastness of the universe is you.  Knowing that the power of a molecule is a miraculous magnetic strength that can bond a planet into form.  How then is your size amidst the vast universe a factor in worth?  Know thyself, Magnetic Creator, and you Know the secret of the universe.  All That Is is also you.  All That Is is all so you.  All That Is pulses through you - living, breathing, choosing and becoming.  Know that All is Well. 

To release the detri-mental influence, you find the pulse of Love within every moment.  Time is a vehicle of understanding for the perception to mark growth and path.  Time yields to the collective and to you, that the cycles of Time are both a control mechanism and the truth of Freedom within a dimensional expanse.  Your building phases coincide with your release phases.  As the masterful human observes with an open heart and mind, Love is free to flow in both directions as you give and receive without resistance.  There is no negative within resistance, it merely directs Time’s flow.  Resistance is a benevolent force, as are all universal expressions.   As you release resistance, you open to the perfection of Time and all the forces of manifestation.  You find that time seems to speed manifestation, but that was you.  Choice.

As we sit to Blast Knowing, we are opening the brilliant mind to serve the magnetic heart.  We are remembering the glory of all Beings and all experiences on Earth.  We are perceiving the Love in every painful call of shame, fear or greed.  We are holding strong to our inner Light, for it shines like a star in the darkest of spaces.  We are brave and vulnerable, two sides of the same coin, as we give and receive Love in the most unexpected ways.  We are Knowing, so sure in our Truths that they expand through time, offering a Light of hope to those who have lost their way.  Blast on!

March 7, 2013



You are a relay system of information.  Your physical body is a manifestation of the environment in which it resides, and that extends beyond the visible.  You are constantly interacting with your environment, from the obvious survival aspects like breathing and eating, to the invisible emotional aspects.  Your emotional interaction is within the self and then extends out beyond the self to the people and information you interact with.  When you interact with a news story, you have an internal emotional experience then an external emotional interaction that flows from you, whether you put voice to it or not.  All interaction is information flowing.  You do not stop receiving and emitting signals during your life.  Your choice, your mastery, is within the scope of your Feelings, your emotional and mental reaction to life.  It is the peace that passes all understanding that shows you when your Feelings are dominated by your internal choice rather than the external stimulation you receive.

Vibrational communication is a constant.  In the physical world you experience it as a chemical communication or interaction.  In the emotional and mental world, it is merely subtle prior to chemical expression.  Your thoughts and emotions cause a chemical reaction in your body.  They emit a vibrational signal that is interpreted within.  You are aware that a thought of hatred from long ago can cause fight or flight reactions of increased heart rate and lack of digestive support, to name a few.  Your emotional state of stress keeps the body on alert status.  This is the reason for the efficacy of manifestational distraction with the information that you are constantly receiving.  You, Lightworker, must choose your emotional and mental state.  Do not wait for the world to please you or support you.  Generate your peace from within.  Your physical body will respond better, your ability to focus your thoughts will respond better and your manifestations will respond better as you are allowing supportive flow within your physical and subtle apparatus.

When you are interacting with challenge, it is natural and in-built into your system that you react to the dangerous situation.  So many have come to interpret emotional pain as danger and the cycle of shut down begins.  In physical danger your vision and hearing become more acute, your senses are attuned to the environment, you have a trigger response to noise and movement, your brain is highly focused.  As you maintain this state when there is not danger, even on a minor level such as stress, you are less able to override your natural system of survival.  You begin to try to control the environment, you begin to react with anger, you flood your system with hormones that signal no relaxation.  It often requires additional chemical stimulation to overcome the stress.  Stress, worry, anger, resentment or reaction to the behavior of others is inhibiting your manifestation. Become responsible for your reactions and you will find that your actions, be it in thought, word or deed, are aligned with peace and Love flow toward new manifestation of joy.

As we sit to Blast Feelings, we are responding to the world around us with an attitude of grace as we honor the right of all beings to experience as they choose.  We are holding our boundaries that serve our peace and strengthening our ability to interact with challenge from a renewed, compassionate perspective.  We are clearing our emotional debris that clouds our vision of safety and the beauty of Love around us.  We are free within, where experience is simmered into a fine perception.  That perception creates your truth.  Blast on!