Weekly LightBlast

January 26, 2012



The LightBlast is a code mechanism (among many) that is progressively clearing, activating and empowering Lightworkers to expansion.  It is designed to assist those who are focused on self-improvement and living the path of service in the way that is appropriate for their specific journey.   The path of service is best stated as a path of sharing, as you find that your internal expression of Love is the catalyst that creates change in the world.  As you predominantly enjoy your life, you are seeding improvement for others.  Moments of sorrow or fear just serve to strengthen your capability and expand your compassion for self and others.  This is your Time.  You are tasked with being courageously Loving and Compassionate - being focused on the highest benefit of a moment.  That is Accessing Fullness.  Thus you need not avoid the negative, fear the world or suppress your Light.  You gallantly express yourself in the way that is natural and utilize your strengths to shift many and utilize your weaknesses to shift yourself and others as we unite to balance the Light Work load.  Your Fullness is your Light shining fearlessly, your authenticity expressing unabashedly and your Love and Compassion changing the world around you. 

Accessing Fullness is the courage to shine your Light appropriately in dark places.  When you look, you see it everywhere.  In the destruction and devastation that war and civil disobedience brings, you rarely see the Light shining.  Look deeper within and you will find it.  You will find stories in your own life of forgiveness, courage and inspiration.  You will find stories of Israelis and Palestinians working together for peace.  You will find pictures of Christians protecting Muslims as they pray on Tahrir Square.  You will find the courage of a child to forgive an adult.  You will be reminded that you are powerful, you matter so deeply and your Joy is what an entire universe is silently cheering you toward.  Don’t allow a moment of sorrow or fear to inhibit your Fullness, allow it to fortify your resilience and resolution toward improvement.  Your power is your Love.  This Truth is deep in your cellular structure.  This Truth is deep in your celestial origins.  This Truth is your catalyst that changes the world, one majestic moment at a time.  Are you feeling that?  When you find yourself in sorrow or fear now, don’t you also find a thread of gratitude for your courage and compassion?  Seek it.  Fortify it. 

As we sit to Blast Accessing Fullness, we are progressing toward Empowered Living through courageous Grace.  We are expanding into the Divine Humans we were intelligently created to be.  We are following our heart to mindful creating, building a world of potential that manifests in alignment with our vibrational intent.  We are looking past the creation in the now and catalyzing a future of Full Access to Empowerment.  We are choosing actions in a moment that will create a future of Love, even if that means saying no.  We are sure of who we are, utilizing our powerful Light and illuminating the dark with our Divine Flame.  Look in the mirror and see the Whole Truth of your Self and your Power.  Blast on!

January 19, 2012



Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders?  It’s time to let it go.  Fortitude is strength – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.  As Lightworkers we have been reevaluating strength and courage to create a new paradigm of what it means to be strong.  Oftentimes when change first occurs, the pendulum swings far to the other side.  That seems like a solution for awhile until the system seeks homeostasis, as typically a more balanced approach is needed.  That is where we are finding ourselves during this stage.  We are shifting very rapidly.  The pendulum may swing for a bit until we reach a balanced flow, then a period of rest and another swing at bat!  Are you in?  If you are, you’ll want to establish a stronghold of Love that is fearless and persistent.  When you are fortified with Love in all situations, you easily navigate the back-and-forth of Life, you end up with long term solution that nourishes Love’s growth into the future and you are experiencing Life fully; not walled-in to a bastion of avoidance, not flagrantly exposed without self-preservation.  You are courageously IN the world, yet not attached to its sway.  This is what we’ve been preparing for.  Our Time is NOW.

Your entire body system is created in harmony with Love’s courageous lead.  We are hard-wired for pleasure, we are soft-wired for compassion, our operating system is programmed for improvement.  It is the inherent Flow of Life.  Begin to notice it more and more.  This will acclimate your body systems toward more and more Love-based interaction and build the mental muscle that has been humanity’s missing link toward Empowered living.  Don’t allow your mind to put you into avoidance of what is being presented in your life.  You have the resources to process through challenge and come out of it clearer, stronger and renewed.  Don’t allow your mind to fortify negative programming or negative focus.  You have the resources to redirect mind chatter into a direction that enhances your growth, whether that is through meditation or affirmations that are reality-based, naturally stepping you into improvement.  In this way you fortify gradually.  That is an important aspect of creating, as we are creating in the subtle planes first – that is what makes us Lightworkers and that is what we are doing differently from others, most of the masses still believe you only create from doing doing doing.  As we build from the subtle, we must allow time to clarify our own subtle intent, allow new information to come in, readjust and remain open to change, synchronicity and co-creative participation from the unseen. This is the new paradigm and ‘Being the change you want to see in the world’ in action.

As we sit to Blast Fortitude, we are becoming the Empowered Love beacons that Light the way to shore.  We are realizing our immense capability to transmute less-than-Love into wisdom solution that supports Life beyond our Time.  We are the ambassadors of galactic origin that serve Love’s seeding and growth, which feeds legions through all seasons.  We are the fully realized Divine Human, emanating the vibration that reconfigures the subtle as it forms into the material.  We are remembering that challenge was the gift that awoke the dragon within and the warmth of Love is our True Nature.  Here we begin to boldly hold shore as the masses awaken.  You are in the time of Empowerment, seek support and be support.  No human is an island.  Unite in the strength of Love in form.  That is who you are.  Blast on!

January 12, 2012



Resistance speaks to you with deep love and admiration.  Resistance serves your Empowerment when you listen to it with a courageous heart and a wise mind.  As you observe it, allow it to teach you and follow its gift of information.   You will find yourself presented with choice, for each moment is about choice.  How you deal with Resistance is your choice.  When you listen carefully and wisely, it will yield great benefit, no matter what the situation.  Resistance can be emotionally based and physically based.  Emotional resistance is often teaching you something about your present that may be influenced by your past and/or perception of the future.  Physical resistance is often showing you something about your past that can be shifted by your present.  It is for you to unfold the information and readjust accordingly.  Sit quietly and listen to your internal dialogue.  If the answer doesn’t come immediately, patiently remain aware, for when the time is ripe or the messenger arrives, you will be informed.  This could be through another person or something you read or hear.  The Field is always speaking to you.

Emotional Resistance in a moment is part of your innate intelligence that is cluing you into imbalance.  Are you doing something but feeling Resistance?  You may be out of integrity with energy exchange or boundaries.  You notice the subtle feelings of Resistance by lack of excitement about something, a ‘gut’ feeling or the lack of easy flow with it.  Energy exchange is everything from money to respect.  Honestly evaluating where you are in the scale of energy exchange is the work of a Lightworker that is living Compassion and Empowerment.  Giving away too much or too little is as imbalanced as receiving too much or too little.  Boundaries work the same way.  When people are looking to take energy from you, you know it.  They want attention and energy, but not personal Empowerment.  Within the scope of sharing with friends, family and even clients you balance give and take overall, not in each moment.  When someone has a moment of need, you will begin to naturally balance that in your life as you focus on your empowerment. You don’t need to figure out the energetic exchange of each moment.  Your body and your emotions will speak it to you.

Physical Resistance manifests as fatigue, inability to concentrate or disease.  Every single physical symptom in life has an energetic cause, whether it’s congenital or even caused by physical exposure to something.  That’s a bold statement.  Feeling Resistance to it? ;o)  Understood.  We’re taught to feel victimized by the world around us, it makes us more controllable because then we need something outside of us to save us.  In last week’s Quality of Life, we recognized that life is a balance of sharing, choosing and holding boundaries.  Here we do more of the same as we understand that we are capable of transmuting anything within a suitable time frame. and we will be presented with the information and resources to attain homeostasis.  It’s a balance of Allowing and directing.  It requires courage to keep moving forward and patience to do so with Grace rather than Resistance.  Physical symptoms can be frustrating and even scary.  And yet as you relax into healing, your body responds.   Note that Resistance is often teaching you to slow down, so it is not bad in and of itself, it is just a clue for your awareness.

As we sit to Blast Resistance, we are opening to change with Grace, Lighting the way for others to follow.  We are listening to the subtle information, the obvious information and the obscured information.  We are aligning with our path of Empowerment and Love as we maintain focus on improvement with patience.  We are reminding others that Life is a beautiful experience of expansion that is fueled by contraction.  We are going with the flow of Love; nurturing growth, eroding resistance and shaping our world to accommodate creative sharing and joy.  We are boldly observing Resistance as the internal mechanism of information that it is – guiding us toward more flow, more ease, more Joy with all aspects of Life.  Blast on!

January 5, 2012



2012.  Can you believe we’re really here?!  What is it truly all about?  Ultimately, that is for you to decide.  You determine your reality with your focus.  You determine your health; physical, mental, etc., with your choices.  Yet as a Lightworker, you are blazing a new path of creativity.  You are, by soul agreement, experiencing health shifts because of your frequency elevating to a purer level of vibration, one that is more Love based rather than fear and survival based.  Your choice is how you will focus on these and act from inspiration and understanding of progress rather than the fear of destruction.  This takes careful attention, wise choices and balancing food options, exercise, health care alternatives and emotional/mental focus.  Your Light shines as a beacon of walking your talk; living proof of what is possible in a Love based lifestyle. 

Your perceptions are the basis of your Freedom.  Freedom is a theme that comes up repeatedly during the LightBlasts as we clear through the debris of survival based living into authentic Love based living.  True Quality of Life is a balance between setting boundaries that support the Self while still interacting and sharing with others.  This entails moving past martyrdom, poverty and isolation.  It necessitates enhancing Empowerment, abundance and sharing the joy of being human.  This applies to every relationship whether it is friendship, mate, family, earth or coworkers.  It applies to every aspect of Life whether it is work, spirituality, money or sex.  Our perspectives that we live are our energetic signature that is emitted to the Field of Life.  This is how Life responds to us, this is how form and experiences manifest.

To live Quality of Life on a day-to-day basis, you become peaceful with what is while also calmly and boldly directing your life toward improvement.  You observe the mental and emotional discordance that comes up and find a genuine perspective of improvement.  You observe the physical challenges and utilize many different support systems to enhance your physicality so that living in the world flows more easily.  You maintain your boundaries of what you will immerse yourself in while stretching your comfort zone in a safe way so that growth and Empowerment are both augmented.  We are the Wayshowers that exemplify the benefits of the spiritual work we do.  We are the ones that live by the creed of As Above, So Below.  We ARE Heaven on Earth when we live the words we speak and the impactful silence. 

As we sit to Blast Quality of Life, we are improving our vibrational transmission to align with our highest goals and beliefs.  We are exemplifying the new way of living based in Empowered Love and healthy boundaries that support sharing.  We are strengthening the path to a world of peace that fosters healthy people, a healthy environment and joyful creativity.  We are healing our wounds with Grace, patience and courage.  We are the sovereign, envisioning and enacting the New World of Love, embodying authentic Empowerment.  We are the ones we’ve been preparing for, because Lightworkers don’t wait, they create.  Blast on!