Weekly LightBlast

February 23, 2012


Realizing Greatness

This is our second go ‘round with Realizing Greatness.  We focused on it last July during a phase of LightBlasts that were about balancing the ego – or getting out of the mental and into the heart and allowing the mind to then serve Love’s Flow.  As you live life from the current of Love, you are aligning with the innate cosmic power that builds worlds.  The atomic structure shows you that the positive proton, when sufficiently supported by the neutral neutron, is the magnetism that brings the negative electron into form and structure begins.  This same energy applies to the draw of Love.  As you are neutral to circumstances and allowing the flow of Life to in-form your choice (direction) toward Love, you are creating in alignment with the natural laws of form.  As you experience the manifestation of the power of your Love within, you are given the keys to the kingdom and Life yields, for even the formless electron cedes to form in the wake of the positive pull.  The clue of Love in form.  As we enhanced in last week’s Physical Embodiment, we are here to live Love in form.  This week, we take that to a new level of LOVE.

In the mirror of Life, you see the reflection of vast beauty and ugliness.  Have you not seen that which is perceived as ugly be a great gift of beauty and vice-versa?  If this is so, then the Whole Truth indicates the Unification of the two, for there is no true separation of one or the other, the potential resides within both and is determined by your perception.  If you perceive through Love, you see the grace of what would be deemed ‘ugly’ as a mirror image (seemingly opposite, but just a reflection of the same) of beauty.  That is hatred awaiting the grace of understanding to unite instead of separate.  Degradation awaiting the grace of forgiveness to teach compassion instead of aggression.  Fear awaiting the grace of valor to ignite rather than decay.  Love awaiting the grace of surrender to be vulnerable enough to open the heart with such courage that every fiber of your being Knows All is Well.  There is no suffering that can remain in the embrace of Love.  This is the seed within All of Life that compels you toward creation, toward your Divine Nature.  You are here in human form because you are already capable.  Let the remembering seep deeper into your Knowing as you open to such colossal Love that Life around you responds with the reflection of Love. 

As we sit to Blast Realizing Greatness, we are embodying our Whole Truth as Divinity in form.  We are seeing that Divinity within All Life, all experience and seeking the perception of Timeless Love beyond the moment of form.  We are accessing more Truth as we allow Love to in-form through our physical body/mind/spirit.  We are Being Love, the Great force that compels, and the world forms in response.  We are the beginning, the foundation, the axis of Love.  The wheel of Life is then changed.  Blast on!

February 16, 2012


Physical Embodiment

There is a faith that you have within you that is resonant with the Divine Being that you are.  As a human you have agreed that you will experience a sharing of life with other souls that incarnate into unique expression as you have courageously done.  Yet this delicate balance of self and others is a fascinating experience.  You agreed to All for One, One for All.  Did you know you are that strong?  You are so Divine that you could carry your world into the return to Divine Grace.  The fun of it was evident, you see this in the eyes of a child. Are you having fun yet? ;o)

As a Lightworker you are here to bring illumination to the dark.  It’s easy with children, animals and nature – have you ever met a mean tree?  We are here to Light the path to the return of Divine Grace in human form.  This entails all that we do.  After last week’s Releasing Pain, we are now ready to embolden our resolve of how amazing Life can be and shine that forth.  Embracing the human form completely is a daunting task.  All that you resist is requesting your Love to allow it to teach you that All really is Well.  That is a quality of God that seems unfathomable when you observe the world around you.  How could God allow this or that?  As humans we see, think and feel in the finite.  Something was, is or might be.  Divinity sees, thinks and feels through All Time.  A tragedy from one perspective is liberty from another perspective.  Can you see, think and feel that?  It applies to the physical body, money, sex, beliefs, behavior.  Your perspective and your choice are what determine your Grace.  Your Divinity Knows your eternal nature and most assuredly, your Divinity Knows the power of forgiveness in human form.  That is Love in action.  Forgiveness is such Grace Within that the past springs into the now in a deluge of Light that ignites the future.  What was withheld (held within) releases into the elixir of Love and fashions into ecstatic movement through All Time.  The pull of polarity is welcomed within and the key opens the gateway to Divine Human.  That gateway? LOVE.

This is the esoteric into applied living.  Your work is to make human Divine.  To physically emobody Divinity.  It is Love that does that.  Many confuse Love with no suffering.  Love is so bold that it will suffer.  The mother offers her body as a sacrifice for new life, the momentary pain of birth assured.  The flowers offer their tenacity for a fleeting reminder of vulnerability.  The plants and animals offer their life to feed other animals and humans.  The mystery of Love is that it is deeply willing to suffer and yet when Love’s Grace is present, suffering is transmuted.  This is Physical Embodiment.  Love, the infinite formless wonder, sacrifices its Whole nature to separate into form.  Do you see it, think it and feel it?  Love is everywhere, everything, everyone.  Love is everywhere, everything, everyone.  Love is everywhere, everything, everyone.  Love is everywhere, everything, everyone.  That is what God Knows.  Do you?

As we sit to Blast Physical Embodiment, we are perceiving the Divinity that All Life is.  We are becoming adept in our ability to Grace All Time with our powerful Love.  We are ushering in the return of Love as the currency that creates the world.  We are the flow of Love in form; seeing, thinking and feeling the embrace of Love that is invisible to many but obvious to us.  We are the forgivers, the reminders and the warriors of Life that show the power of Love through our strength of will.  We’ll say yes, we’ll say no, we’ll say nothing – as long as Love is served.  Blast on, Divine One!

February 9, 2012


Releasing Pain

Pain is an indicator of imbalance.  We are in a gauntlet of swift balancing – welcome 2012!  This time now is for Ascension and that means rapid evolution into living as a Divine Human with an activated Lightbody.  To accommodate these frequencies, the emotional, mental and physical frequency must be compatible with the frequency of Spiritual Masterhood.  This is accomplished through many different paths, but all require awareness, practice, patience and diligence.  All experience within the physical world; be it a health condition, an emotional or mental state or an experience with another, is a reflection of your inner world, for you are the creator of your experience.  It is time to become the Master of your destiny.  You do this by focusing your powerful attention on imbalance within and integrating the catalyst of Love into everything you are.  As you become aligned with the power to shift your reality that is less than Love into an experience of the shared joy that is Life, you are releasing the pain of separation from your Divine Self.  To do this, you become Well with what-is and infuse it with healing Love.

Pain is a powerful teacher.  Humans can ignore the body until it hurts, take those that love them for granted until they rebel and numb out to a life that provides a modicum of survival until the rug gets pulled out from under it.  Or you can actively seek to hear the cry of the body that needs attention.  You can appreciate who and what is in your life and move past survival-based living into Love-based creating.  To do that, you must find the courage to become Well with what is and aim your powerful intent toward what you want to create.  This requires astute attention to directing your flow and allowing the field of Life to speak to you to help you refine your intent (masculine/feminine balance).  Can you be Well with a challenging moment and Love through the anger into a state of Peace Within?  Can you find your courage to allow the unknown to express through you without having to figure out or fix every situation so you won’t experience challenge?  Can you find Freedom in a moment of sorrow, can you find Life in a moment of death, can you find Love in a moment of hatred?  This is the work of a Master.  That is within you. 

As we sit to Blast Releasing Pain, we are freeing our body from the distortion of worry, resentment and guilt into the freedom of healing through the path of ease that is paved with Love and support.  All that you need comes into your life because you are open to the information of the field around you and within you and directing your focus toward improvement, the natural path of Life.  We are finding our courage to access our inner wisdom and summon sharing with others of like heart and mind to enjoy Life rather than fighting against it.  We are realizing that the support we always wanted is within, for the wellspring of Love is the bringer of solution and peace through all aspects of Life.  We are becoming strong in our ability to Love, sure in our faith and free in our Joy.  This is the lesson that pain brought and we have boldly learned.  Now it is time to teach the lesson of the power of Love.  Blast on!

February 2, 2012


Caring For Another

In this year of 2012 as Ascension looms large, we are moving into our full embodiment of Divine Masculine/Feminine balance.  We are balancing duality into a Wholeness that encompasses all experience into the experience of The Divine in human form.  You have never been less than that; however, as your awareness comes into alignment with the Fullness of your Divinity in each experience, your mental construct reflects the emission of your heart of Love and your true role as an emissary is manifest.  The Love Within is so full that it flows out in the Grace of All is Well, All is Love. 

Your willingness to become a Whole Being that serves through the overflowing Love Within is a path to Mastery.  It is your work as a Master to utilize Time to bring life’s perfection into this moment through the vehicle of your Love.  Your Love is the catalyst for another’s choice.  You are not here to create for another, you are here to LIVE LOVE and allow All their Free Will to choose their path.  This is the Love of God incarnate that manifests through you.  It is that simple.  When you can Love one that would harm, one that would destroy, one that would dominate; you offer solution.  This solution is most likely unseen in the moment, but deep to the core.  Deep to the core.  This Truth of manifestation is unseen in the moment and requires a Knowing in the Laws of Creation.  The unseen nature of the beginning of manifestation is what confuses most into inefficient action to shape the world around them. 

Love comes in all forms.  It is the passion to create or share.  It is the courage to forgive so deeply that retribution is not sought.  It is compassion that understands so clearly that a moment of challenge serves growth.  It is Self-Love so complete that Divinity is not a theory, it is life experience that glows forth as a beacon to others.  That is Caring for Another - that you would see their spark of Divinity Within and fuel it into full radiance. 

What of those that are sick, suffering and dying?  Dear One, become the fullness of your Divine Nature and see their eternal nature, their courage to teach and learn through pain and ease that moment with the catalyst of Love.  You offer a doorway at that moment (pity or Empowerment?), and the Divinity within the pain of a moment is beckoned into the sweet embrace of Original Love.  It is there that FULL choice is available.  In the relaxed breath of Peace, the Whole Truth is revealed.  See past pain into the eternal Angel within.  See within a child the ancient Master.  See within an adult the innocent child.  See within yourself the glory of your True Divinity.  You must Know your own worth to teach that to another, even without words. 

When you are complete in your Knowledge of your Source Beingness and the immense value and infinite nature of your self, though the human form is temporary, you Know that same Source is Within every Being, every experience, every challenge, every death, every birth, every tear, every apology, every fear, every hug, every moment.  Can you be Well with that and Love so fully that even sorrow becomes a benevolent path to Wholeness?  A Master has such connection with the Divine Grace within All Life that it emanates forth and affects those around them.  That is how an emissary is truly Caring For Another.  In this way, it is Divinity connecting to Divinity, the Whole Truth of Love. 

As we sit to Blast Caring For Another, we are aligning the power of our Love with the power of our heart and electromagnetically emanating the only true healing device in the world, the energy that creates worlds – LOVE.  We are becoming that which we were born to Be, Love in human form.  We are releasing resistance to those experiences that cause us pain, fear or anger through the catalyst of Love as we lean toward Unity rather than separation through judgment.  We are becoming the Masters, the emissaries, the Way-showers we always knew we were as the world around us becomes less confusing or less wrong and becomes the beautiful gift of life that gives form to the formless, that gives time to the infinite and gives Love to the forgotten.  We are Being the Love we want to see in the world; that is what unites in the physical world of unique Beings.  Blast on!