Weekly LightBlast

November 24, 2011



Through these next few months we’re going to have refinement energy that is serving two purposes.  As we become clearer within ourselves, our manifestation becomes quicker and easier (without so many lessons along the way!).  Also, as Lightworkers we are moving into a time of increased guidance for the masses that are awakening at a more rapid pace since the 11/11/11, so as we refine within ourselves we are learning perspective that serves others.  Assisting the masses is about living your Truth.  We each have different jobs as Lightworkers and it only serves to remind everyone that they, too, are Lightworkers.  If your job is accountant and you are a Lightworker, then as you live your Truth openly, you are serving.  Not preaching to your officemates about your belief structure, not leaving accounting because it’s not spiritual (everything is spiritual!) but living them - treating others the way you want to be treated, being authentic, holding flexible boundaries that serve your expansion, nourishment and integrity, observing others without judgment and finding a win/win perspective and solution to every experience.  In this sense you expand ‘being an accountant’ into being a Lightworker with an aspect of your Lightwork being accounting.  This takes you beyond the drone of work and brings Life into every moment.  As you do that you are changing the vibration of the office, the company, the employees, the corporate governing system and more. 

When you are living your Light, change becomes your ally.  It becomes progress, proof and potential.  When change occurs, you know that energy is moving.  You know that manifestation is forming.  You know that your focus and intent are being summoned so that the foundation of new form has a strong base in Love; structure that supports win/win solution.  I found myself Resisting Change in two ways recently.  First I found that I was resisting small, meaningless change.  Things that just had no impact were causing me more annoyance than necessary.  I also found that I was Resisting Change that I didn’t even know was going to come to fruition, I was focusing on too much ‘what if.’

At this stage in our Ascension, we are becoming adept at creating our reality.  We are living and exemplifying the Mastery of Love.  This is an empowered stance of the courage to find the wisdom in any experience and continue our focus even though the logic of the masses would dictate otherwise.  The masses are now awakening at a faster pace, the Lightworkers are now more supported to hold a vibration that facilitates global shift.  Change is your Freedom in whatever form it comes, for it is leading toward improvement.  As you resist, you are holding a fear-based vibration of incapability and uncertainty.  Don’t resist the resistance!  It is important to appreciate it and observe what it is teaching you about yourself.  Do you feel overwhelmed, unfocused, at odds within your beliefs or powerless?  This is a time of refinement and enhancement.  Allow the minor details to empower you to change.  Observance and Allowance are fearless states of Knowing that All is Well, even if it may not be apparent in the moment. 

As we sit to Blast Resisting Change, we are empowering our Mastery in the Now, which includes all moments.  We are practicing holding the vibration of Love empowered and Knowing that the Universal Flow of Life supports us toward improvement.  We are the observers that shift the vibration of what is into the vibration of what Love is.  We are the Wayshowers that teach what it means to live a life of Sharing Love in the world.  When Love directs change, we find the wonder of Life available at every turn.  That is the power within you that no one can resist!  Blast on!

November 17, 2011



The 11/11/11 frequency upgrade continues as we adjust to the new vibration that offers us the exalted resonance of our True Divinity.  This time is culminating as our doorway into balance of Self and All, the truth of Unity Consciousness.  Strong and supported individuality balanced with the wisdom of One that operates in conscious harmony with the Whole.  We will be integrating, many with greater ease than before, as we begin the force of living from the heart with the wisdom and courage of a peaceful warrior.  You are the Wayshower.  Your work now is to fully activate Love in your life, in the world.  As you become Free within yourself, fully Free, you are flowing in your innate magnificence (magnetics) and therefore enhancing Earth’s energetics with each choice.  What will begin to become clearer as this integration continues is that you are supported as you align with the full force of Love.  It will not be a space of viewing only love happening around you, it will be your work to integrate Love into all you experience, even internally.

Love is a force, a magnetic force.  When you choose Love, it becomes directed into an electric force.  Electric and magnetic flow are so cooperative that they can not truly be separated, they actually create each other, thus whether you are giving or receiving Love becomes moot because they are so reciprocative that they can not be separated.  Where people get confused is mistaking manipulation, need or control for Love.  This is how people replace Love with avoidance or discernment with righteousness.  This is how energy gets out of balance within the human system, how sharing becomes servitude and how relationship becomes bondage.  Luckily, the brilliant Universal system of Life, though unseen, is built to self-correct.  Ultimately, so are we.  We are designed for balance, though our societies and earthly systems are not necessarily structured for our highest good.  This is what you are seeing around you, the restructuring.  It won’t always seem like Love, that is your work.  To view change and possibility through the perspective of Love and magnetize that into Being.  Your Freedom is in the Whole Truth of Love.

Love is the binding force of physicality.  It compels people to great sharing and lack of it compels people to great separation, pain and confusion.  Love is a spectrum of many qualities and no matter how opposite a quality may seem from Love, there is still a thread of Love available within all experience.  It is for you to find that thread and loom the fabric of Life into the Loving support that it was always meant to be. You can never force Love, only compliance and submission.  In the energetic of forcing compliance or submission, the Universal system self-corrects and the rebellion begins.  First subdued, then somewhat forgotten; until what becomes forgotten is the fear that first allowed submission.  As you focus your powerful creativity toward building Love, what was once rebellion becomes inspiration.  What seems like a battle becomes an artful expression of new solution.  That is the power of Love, that is what sets you Free. 

Freedom is a manifestation of Love.  When you observe your surroundings and authentically feel Love and appreciation even in the midst of challenge, you are Free.  It is that Freedom that then permeates the situation.  Have you ever had an experience where there was an emergency and one trained in emergency response arrived at the scene?  Everything changes.  They aren’t there to take your power and control you, they are there to quickly establish safety and balance so that sovereignty is again restored.  This is what you do when you maintain your powerful Love in a situation that doesn’t seem like Love at first glance.  You establish a foundation of safety and balance that may not have the lights and sirens announcing it, but the balancing phase of the unseen Universal system of Life begins to flow with the force of Love.  It is Freedom that sustains Love rather than control.

Freedom for the Self is you focusing on your path of Love in your Life.  This has an effect on the Whole whether you are aware of it or not because you are maintaining a vibrational resonance that influences the world around you.  When you focus on Freedom for the Self, you are not enforcing your choice on others.  Your interaction will reflect your vibration and it will also beckon your vibration.  Part of your focus will be to find that thread of Love in all interaction rather than trying to find the thread of explanation.  In this sense the ‘why’ becomes the ‘how can I share Love here, even if I’m the only one that is aware of it and partaking?’ See how Free you are within that?  Forgiveness is for you and may or may not involve another.  Solution is for you and may or may not appeal to another.  Silence or speaking is for you and may or may not appease another.  Love can be the truth that hurts if one is unable to hear improvement.  Love can be the silence that allows another to purge or have a moment of expression, even if you would disagree.  Love can be the patience that is required to allow another to learn at a pace that is different from yours.

As we sit to Blast Freedom For The Self, we are enhancing the sovereignty of humanity.  We are remembering that as we emanate Freedom, Self-Love and Compassion, we are flowing with the Universal system of Life and opening doorways for others to choose.  We are building the new structures that will allow the Flow of Love to flourish and nurture the new solution.  We are changing from the unseen inner world into the scene of Freedom for All as we interact with others from an empowered stance of not needing to control or manipulate response.   We are Lighting the way and showing by example that Love is the question and Freedom is the answer.   We are Allowing Grace to seed the Earth as the Power of Love is returned to Full Flow within.  Blast on!

November 10, 2011



This is your momentum of Mastery.  Form Formed, ever forming.  As you incorporate the expanse of time, the movement of time within – you understand and expect movement through Life.  Your forgetting is your only obstacle.  Your FOCUS is your work.  As you play with that, you find your Mastery.  Here we speak of 11, for this is the portal portended.  You recognize it because the time codes within you have been culminating to this point.  Yet a point is always a precipice, awaiting your leap of F.A.I.T.H. (Full Acceptance In The Heart) to fly.  The expanse broadens, the movement continues.  What is this moment for you? 

Do you know your power of chaos, your power of perception, your power of choice?  Do you Know who you are?  This is your work. 

It is all within you, Master.  This you have been learning and now this you live.  It is your Flow that determines your moment.  When you are in Flow, you are in Mastery, you are in Empowerment, you are in Creativity.  You are in the natural current of Life; creating, changing, moving and yet still within time.  See this in your perception, for it is your creative foundation.  You perceive, you choose, you perceive, you choose.  Your perception is like a still photograph, a moment captured in time.  From this marker, you choose and new direction begins.  It’s so engrained in life that you overlook it, not seeing the forest for the trees.  You have not believed that your choice is that powerful, for your need for proof has deterred the understanding.  When you choose, you release control to the whole, for you do not create alone, you choose alone and create with All Life.  All forces have their opposites; it is the reflection of Life.  The singularity (you) requests through vibrational emanation and the Whole responds.  It responds because All Life is connected, and yet your singularity is True, too (two).  Singularity is two?  How could it not Be?  That is the 11.  The reflection in form is formed, yet ever forming (the echo). 

Empowerment Within is you allowing the natural functionality of Life to Flow to you, through you, with you and without you.  When you Trust the natural Flow of Life, you create with ease.  You have no need of fear, for you see beyond the chaos of the moment into the Knowledge of Life.  Here you see the trees and the forest.  The Master Knows All is Well, for Life balances itself.  The Master Knows the details are forming by natural response to energy; at once silent and melodic.  The details - infinitely complex; yet as simple as Love.  Love Knows when response is needed.  Love Knows when support is needed.  Love Knows when space is needed.  This is your work.  Relax into Love, Master, for the reflection presents volumes to you.

Perceive Love.  Choose Love.  From that simplicity you will see the Truth of chaos.  You will feel the ease of information.  You will recognize the benevolence in all experience no matter the outward expression.  You are eternal and you are now.  Embrace both and your reflection is formed, ever forming.  Life becomes the codes that nourish you, the codes that excite you, the codes that remind you, the codes that Love you.  The forest is revealed.  11.  You are home.

As we sit to Blast Empowerment Within, we are accepting the full flow of the codes that call us.  We are remembering through All Time the Truth of who we are.  We are not just One, but Two as One-unending; Self and the reflection, Self and All.  We are Free within our perception and focused in our choice.  We are the Masters we’ve been waiting for, (four) formed.  We are seeing the reflection through the perception of Love, our True Power.  We are the strength that nourishes the moment, nurturing the new world through our powerful Being.  The chaos is your playground.  Are you having fun yet?  Blast on!

November 3, 2011



This is a time of magnetic significance.  We are moving into an Earth time phase of increased human potential that you have been preparing for over many years.  For some it was a conscious preparation and for others there was much occurring beneath the surface as you now become aware.  Over these years of preparation, you have been clarifying your intent and courage, exercising your creative potential and focus, and learning the ins and outs of Divine Human Being.  As you discover the Truth of who you are, magnificent magnetic Love in physical expression, you recognize your innate ability to effect change in your world through your True Power, Love.  It has been a reconciling of the erroneous teachings, the effect of time on manifestation, the interaction of the will of your human self, Higher Self and cooperative sharing of Life with all the Angels on Earth.  As you blaze the trail of Loving Life courageously through all its varied facets, you have come to know the value of all expression, all experience and the Universal Flow of Life, which is inherently benevolent.  Here we pause in a moment of rest as we hold a powerful catalyst in focus – Asking.

Why Asking, you may ask? ;o)  Why not commanding if I’m such a powerful Creator – I command my reality!  That is Well and True, Powerful One, but let us look fully at the meaning and then you’ll clarify your intent and use them interchangeably, for most assuredly, this is a time of Empowerment.  When you Ask, you put an intent to learn and expand out into the etheric field.  Your emanations have an imprint upon the unseen field around you that beckons response.  This is why those that have been preparing for years have become aware of their intentions and belief systems that silently radiate a signal into their creations.  When you become astute, you recognize your own beliefs and intentions reflected back to you in all you experience.  When you Ask, you receive an answer, whether informational, material or experiential.  In the energetic of Asking, you are open to possibility and Flowing Freely with potential; you are beckoning, and the response is resonant energy – also Flowing Freely with potential.  Thus what you emit and receive becomes co-creative and expanding.

All things have their duality within, for the engine of duality is part of the dynamic of Life on Earth that makes it such a fertile playground.  Without it, the clarification would lack definition for refinement, though duality is not the Whole picture, just part of the reflection.  For the sake of clarification, we will define the dual nature of Commanding and Asking, so that as you utilize each one, you are clear about the full intent of your creation. 

When you command, there can be a rigidness to it that indicates the energy of fear, doubt, or belief in overpowering to create.  When you create from the inflexible energetic of commanding, be sure that commanding is necessary.  Certainly you recognize that sometimes commanding is the wisdom choice.  There are times when your inflexibility to accept abuse or dominion is best served with a command.  At other times, as you command, you limit creation through false control, when what you are truly intending is to allay a fear or fill a lack.  It doesn’t matter if your intent is courageous or hidden cowardice, as long as your awareness is clear.  If you find yourself aware of creating through fear, be proud and joyful that you have the courage and clarity to recognize it and choose anew. 

The energy of Asking has its dual nature as well.  When you Ask with the openness of the excitement of creating and a clear Knowing that the timing, progression and outcome is not only perfect, but will bring expansion; Life becomes a joyful experience of wonderment, peace and Love for All.  When things seem to be stalled or changing paths, you don’t observe failure, you look clearly without fear at the possibilities in front of you.  You are aware that you may need to clarify or participate with some challenging experiences, but when you are open and conscious, you create without resentment or resistance.  Thus what was challenging becomes empowering, what would be deemed as lack becomes an open vessel, what others would judge as failure becomes a step along a path of creation that benefited in ways perhaps known and unknown, but valuable nonetheless.  To appreciate the other side of the coin, are you Asking from a stance of disempowered belief in your ability to create?  When you Ask with doubt in your self-worth and capability, that energy of fear, distrust and manipulation is embedded in the energy of creation.  When you give your power over to another because you don’t believe that you can handle responsibility, your own ability to respond is limited.  As you ask and create from this disempowered state of Being, you are open to being overpowered by those of resonance to overpower. 

There is no judgment in the intent behind Asking or Commanding, it is merely answered with like energy.  Here we strengthen our understanding of our own intent with Asking.

As we sit to Blast Asking, we are enhancing our Divine childlike wonderment of the joy of Life on Earth.  We are becoming ever clearer in our intent to hold the energetic resonance of the New Age of Love, as we Love ourselves so dearly that we overflow with the resonance of Love for All Life.  We are recognizing the empowering difference and similarity between Asking and commanding and utilizing both as our innate wisdom guides.  We ARE the resonance of Love, creating the new world within and aligning with a life of freedom, joy, capability and Love.  This is what you’ve been preparing for, now place your order and receive even more than you imagined possible.  Blast on!