Weekly LightBlast

July 25, 2013


Accepting Reality

You are a creative force in your reality.  The linear functionality of your dimensional expression offers you the opportunity to review your past and plan your future, though your now moment is your creative fulcrum.  As you focus your attention in your now moment, you are actively creating your future, whether you focus on the future or not.  As you align with your improved future, you are actively healing any past disturbances, whether you focus on the past or not.  A peaceful, joyful, allowing now moment opens you to the full flow of your creative ability, the same creative force that has formed your universe.  That is within you - your focus, your attention.  As you embrace your now moment, whether pleasant or not, you are shifting your future.  This act of Accepting your Reality opens that flow.  It does not doom you to the repetition of the unwanted now, it does not broadcast ‘this is what I want,’ it merely opens your energy field for flow.  Movement is a constant in life.  Allow it and you receive its benefits.

The energy of resistance opposes that flow, though it is not a negative force – just opposite.  It serves a valuable purpose whether it be to slow down a flow, stop a flow or redirect a flow.  As you observe resistance in your own life, do you Accept it easily?  As you Accept a Reality of resistance, you again open to flow.  What a paradox!  When you resist that which does not serve your creation, you are supporting your creation.  Yet if you resist the resistance, you slow your alignment!  Translation: All is Well; therefore, Accepting Reality is a powerful creative flow.  If resistance seems to stop or slow your flow, that is benevolent Life calling you to your empowerment.  What does your inner stillness speak to you?  Move forward no matter what the resistance (strength)?  Stop until the best path is clear (rest)?  Let go of pushing against (release)?  Take a new path (realign)?  This is choice, your action in life.  As you choose to Accept your Reality, you begin with an openness that allows a balanced choice to form within you. 

As we sit to Blast Accepting Reality, we are opening to the now moment with  confidence, excitement and peace.  We are remembering the Grace of Life and its benevolence and recognizing how cherished we are with the endowment of Free Will.  We are resisting the urge to oppose and welcoming the present moment of opposition, for we see the Truth beyond the visible as the gift of empowerment that it can be.  We are the paradox merging into clarity, becoming the force of creation that seeds Love’s momentum.  We are the rock in a hard place, the river running through it and the sun’s warm glow of Life giving Life.  Blast on!

July 18, 2013


Revealing Truth

Truth is relative and ever changing.  Truth is true from a perspective.  Your perspective changes along with you.  What you believed to be true in childhood does not remain true to you throughout your life.  Truth can seem one way with near vision and another with the vast perspective that distance provides.  Your clarity depends upon your ability to encompass both spectrums into your understanding and allow Truth to morph and move along with you.  As you become clear on the vague truths you stashed away into your subconscious mind, you reveal a clarity that permeates your past and future with your current wisdom of Love.

Your perspective is unique to you.  Though you may find agreement with others, there is only you within the Self.  Your unique Self is an aspect of The One and here you see the beauty of compassion, the power of empathy and the strength of vulnerability.  Your perspective is exclusive and so valuable to the expanding universe that each view point is cherished as you realize (real eyes) that you are grace in form and forming grace with every breath.  The truth of peace becomes exciting.  The truth of joy becomes momentary.  The truth of anger becomes empowerment.  The truth of freedom becomes new limitations to perceive past.  (wow!).  The truth of you becomes so vast that this universe is a mere dot in the Wholeness of You.  Truth, blessed being, is yours to reign in, yours to rearrange and yours to release.  What truth inspires you?  What truth feels so good that it inspires you to growth?  What earthly truth hurts so much that it inspires you to a new Divine path?  What truth about YourSelf do you share or hide? 

Truth is valuable because it provides a framework and this framework is your structure upon which to build your life.  Allow it to grow along with you and you find a foundation that supports such Life that structure provides new freedom.  Truth is for you.  (in truth, of you, for you, by you and with you) Truth has no need to hold back your Divine creative nature.  It is merely a perspective, a dimensional containment that is meant to be moved past as your ability allows.  Seek the perspective that suits you and set upon your journey of transformation.  Your empowerment is revealed. 

As we sit to Blast Revealing Truth, we are recognizing that nothing was really hidden when we choose to see a new way.  We are remembering that our vision is within and the reflection of Light creates what is outside of us.  We are allowing our focus to direct our energy to a new path, enjoying the experiences along the way.  We are strengthening with the risk of vulnerability to grow.  We are renewed within the Truth of our Love, as we see Life reflecting the Divinity in All.  Blast on!

July 11, 2013


Finding The Self

This path of Ascension is an inner path walked with the world outside of you.  You are an individual (2 into 1) that is part of a collective (1 into many).  What is the Self and why must you find it?  How do you find it?  The Self, is the individuated spark of God in human form, interacting with this dimensional expression of separation through the lens of reflection.  To become Self-realized (real eyes, duh ;o) is to see your True Beauty.  The beauty of Life pulses through you; experiencing, expanding, ever changing and moving.  The atoms and laws that create the universe in which you live, apply to you.  You have a relationship to them, as you are of them and with them in life.  You feed the engine of life just as it feeds you, and you Find YourSelf within rules that are either limitations, or rules of Love that compel you forward.  Finding The Self is finding the beauty of Life and compelling its grace into new creation.  The creation of You.

As you realize the Self is as magnificent as the planet upon which you live, just different in form and scale; you realize that the consciousness of Life that teems/teams around you supports life in all ways and therefore always supports you.  All of Life – plants, animals, people and seasons, are unique in beauty and are also Love to the core.  You need merely look through the lens of Love to see this Truth.  You are God in form and there are no mistakes.  Life supports you because you are Life.  Every perceived mistake is clarity.  Every perceived loss is expansion for new form to grow.  Every perceived degradation is a choice of empowerment.  You need merely find the perspective of that Truth.  This is the Self.  You find  The Self to allow your reflection to become so grand that you see the Truth of your magnificence.  As you recognize your beauty, you see it clearly in All Life around you. 

As you seek within, like hunting for a buried treasure, you find the core of Love within.  It is Love that binds this universe.  It is important to love not only the physical Self, but the behaviors and choices that you make.  You Find this by seeking within and strengthening the bond of Self.  That means maintaining personal boundaries with Self Love and appreciation of Life.  It means Loving all expressions of Life so dearly that grace shines through every interaction and fear is an illusion of the past.  The strength of the Self is determined only by the Self.  As so many have been misguided to confuse control with strength, life seeks its balance of freedom for all.  Even those you disagree with.  It’s not easy to be that strong and remain joyful.  Yet that is your Ascension work, and that is found within your Self.

As we sit to Blast Finding The Self, we are seeking the beauty of the soul in the soil of the Self.  We are Honoring our worth as it applies to every person, though not all will honor us.  We are holding boundaries of Self Love that support our strength, stretch our vulnerability and open us to new experiences in Life.  We are teaching through example what it means to respect the self, which is inherent with respecting others.  We are finding Love within…All Life.  Blast on!

July 4, 2013


Expecting Nothing

It is a fine line of balance to create your reality and remain detached.  You are a being of creativity, thus all that you do, even in the silence of your meditation is a seeking, a creating.  You seek that core of peace, the peace that passes all understanding.  It is exciting and palpable.  You seek it as you meditate, you seek it as you relate with others through intimacy, business and family.  You seek it as you create art, create a wardrobe, create a living space, create a charity, create a goal – all the while creating a new you, living in a new world that has changed from the new vibration of you.  You create Life.  How then, with all that creation, do you Expect Nothing?  It seems so opposite.

Nothing is not just nothing. In this inclusive universal experience, it is a potential of All, yet unformed.  It is the equivalent of everything, as one end of the perspective is everything, it’s opposite nothing.  The no mind of Buddha led to the inclusive mind of All.  It is the integration of All through the opening, allowing and receiving of the yet unknown – potential.  As you open to potential rather than limiting your experience to the control of expectation, you open to a flow of potential not previously available in the restricted flow of control.  Your creative work is the constant balance of flow such that limitation becomes a freedom and each new experience of freedom leads to new parameters of limitation that serves growth.  From one perspective your planet is limited by the locked orbit to the sun, yet those parameters provide the environmental structure that supports life within a certain framework.  Within that framework, life changes and the cycle continues, spiraling to a new experience again and again.  Expecting Nothing is the challenge of looking past the limitations and seeing the freedom as you push past a structure that was, into a form that is becoming that which it is.

The paradox of Expecting Nothing is that the potential of everything is within it.  You are merely opening to that full potential.  As you expect joy, excitement, love, peace, creativity; you may experience the opposite, but in the opening to allow the flow of opposites, you incorporate All into you.  To experience the opposite of joy and Expect Nothing, you release your grip on the opposite emotion and flow through the experience stronger, wiser and more able to experience that which you seek.  Your perspective is now broader, deeper and more Wholistic.  Your compassion is now more resilient.  Your fear is dissolved.  Your experience has broadened your Being.  You, like the universe, have become inclusive in nature.  Seeking Life and more Life through its many facets of potential. 

As we sit to Blast Expecting Nothing, we are becoming that which we are; open, excited, creators of form from potential.  We are allowing Life to flow through our perspective and directing our focus to the potential benefit of all experience.  We are becoming stronger as we allow vulnerability to become the strength of Life flowing that its potential offers.  We are open to Life, shining the Light of grace upon all that is, sewing fertile ground for joy’s blossom.  Blast on!