Weekly LightBlast

June 25, 2015


Freeing the Heart

Dear one, your power is within you.  Therefore, it is you that has the power in your life.  Your Heart, the core of your po9wer [sic], connects you to All Life through Love.  Your free will is your choice to Love or not.  Do not confuse Loving with experiencing.  You need not have all experiences, merely Love all of Life. Even as you choose not to experience something, you are emanating the gift of Love powerfully into your world – if you choose to Love it.  If you have the courage to say no to an experience, you are saying yes to yourself, to your strengthening, to your new path.  You are even saying yes to another finding a new path - as you say no to an old path, a harmful path.  Love the path anyway, even as you choose to observe it through the distance of time and space.  Free your Heart.  As it is free to flow, your Love permeates Life ever so much more.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool.  It is a key; silent, small, unassuming; yet opening huge doors to new experience. With the smallest of action, a mere shift, the Force of the door is Forged through easily. Blessed Being, as you forgive, you release the locks that hold you back from new experience.  You open yourself to an expanse of new creation that you couldn’t see from your previous vantage point. It was behind the door of freedom. Let go of past pain. Let go of present pain. Let go of future fear and choose a new experience. Walk forward. Even if that looks like ‘away’ from one perspective.  Free your Heart to flow in a new direction.

As we sit to Blast Freeing the Heart, we are opening the flood gates of forgiveness and finding solid ground on new shores.  We are observing the past as the perfect opportunity to strengthen into the present choice.  We are Loving Life so powerfully that all experience becomes a starting point for new creation, a new opportunity to Love.  We are so Free, that flow is a lovely ride, in its waves of flow, in its quiet moments, even amidst the rocks of resistance.  To a loving heart, beauty is everywhere; for potential is visible in the glow of Love.  Blast on!

June 18, 2015


Forging or Forcing

You have reached a culmination point, a midpoint.  The two seem so opposite, and yet they are similar.  A cycle within a cycle.  Here you teeter on the point, a moment of rest as equilibrium is reached.  How high have you traveled?  What do you see from your broad vista?  Take a moment and observe, for in this moment of balance, your stillness speaks volumes to you of your energy, your resonance, your vibrational foundation.

You are in a time of much movement, and yet you are building a new way of moving.  Are you Forging a path, or Forcing a path?  This question you can only truly answer in a balanced moment of stillness.  As you observe the vista before you, you assess your energy, your resonance, your vibrational foundation.  You ask the self, “Have I reached this point through Forging or Forcing?” You need a balanced moment of stillness to find the subtle truth. 

To Forge a path, to create in your world, requires a directing of your energy, a transmutation of the elements around you; the audacity to own your world.  Who are you to have the audacity to burn (Forge) a metal into new form?  You, blessed being, are the vehi8cle [sic] of movement that the metal has been waiting for.  It is through you that the metal transforms.  It would give its life to you to experience new life, whether in sword or art.  All potentials are available at the point you have reached.  Do you have the audacity to own your world?  Are you Forging a path of Love in your world?

The subtle difference in Force is available in a balanced moment of stillness.  As you observe the Forging of the metal, it appears as if it has been Forced into new form.  Indeed, if you look only with the eyes, you are correct. Yet in a balanced moment of stillness, as you observe creation, you see the metal has transformed. It is an obvious one, for you still see metal in a new shape. What transformation do you see around you that may not be as obvious?  Do you see a person renewed by a loving glance? Do you see another finding new solution because of a ‘no’ they received? Do you see challenge and triumph alike as Forging a new creation?  Force stops. Where do you feel Forced in Life?  What new Self are you Forging? 

Life wants you to have the audacity to ‘own’ your world.  Indeed, it is your Love that transforms Life.  Do you have the metal (mettle) for this, Lightworker?  At this beautiful point you have reached, Life is showing you ‘it’s all downhill from here, the expanse is yours.’ Forge ahead.

As we sit to Blast Forging or Forcing, we are nurturing our inner courage to Love Life into new creation.  We are boldly taking the reins and leading our lives to our freedom of Love.  We are releasing the need to stop the flow of a government, an institution or the choice of another and allowing our own flow to find the path of least resistance toward creation.  We are the water, gently eroding the rocks and shaping a new world.  Not by force, but by the flow of our Love being so strong that it softens the rocks into new form. Some will even roll with us. Blast on!

June 11, 2015


Line of Delineation

A spiritual being having a human experience.  Are you embracing the human experience?  Are you open to the experience of life on Earth, this reality that is so real to your senses?  Are you embracing the reality that is not so real to your senses?  These questions will show you your balance.  Observe how you authentically feel and think about them.  Embrace your resistance and reverence as equal, a reflection of each other; and you see the point; balanced, open to expansion, willing to imbalance for a moment of movement.  Life continues.

The Line of Delineation from one perspective connects and from another perspective separates.  Which one are you looking at?  If one of those feels better, more spiritual than the other, then again go back to the equality of reflection seeming so opposite, yet being a mere reflection of the same.  If you find yourself separating, utilize the physical benefit of that separation as you strengthen the heart and mind to hold understanding in the midst of challenge.  If you find yourself connecting, appreciate your strength, for another moment may call you to a greater depth of connection that requires more fortitude than currently available. 

You are endowed with brain functionality that separates, categorizes, delineates, defines and refines.  This functionality of separating is in-built into half of your brain.  Equality in form.  Your brain is your vehicle of choice, allowing Life to expand out through your brilliant choice.  It both connects and separates.  It is merely for you to decide how you will balance the usage of your brain to have easy access to both.  Begin to seek more connection in things that seem so separate.  Begin to embrace your natural ability to discern the distinctions in Life around you.  From that Line of Delineation, choose.  It is your birthright.  Ultimately, the Line of Delineation is within you, for that is where choice resides.  You hold within you the keys to Life.  Life opens its doors to you.

As we sit to Blast Line of Delineation, we are opening our minds to our hearts, which bridges understanding and choice.  We are becoming strong in this reality on Earth, reclaiming our internal power from the misinformation of societies.  We are bold in the face of opposition, willing to see the Self reflected experiencing a moment of weakness or strength – Life growing.  We are expanding our definition of Self to include All Life, connecting invisible realms of Love to unite the separation within.  Blast on! 

June 4, 2015


Circle of Life

There is a cycle to life that is written in nature. These cycles reflect into your everyday life and offer you a chance to embrace the full potential of any experience. Some experiences are pleasant, others challenge you to your depths; however, each experience presents the possibility of growth and enhancement as you traverse the Circle of Life. 

The Earth experience is a reality of duality; the inner/outer, the self/others, good/bad, etc.  Two points, in opposition, realize the invisible line of connection between them and duality expands beyond the previous experience.  This line, from one perspective is still a single point.  This line from another perspective is straight, with a beginning and an end.  This line from yet another perspective curves seeming to disappear, yet with a mere perspective shift, it is a Circle.  One more shift of perspective and it is a sphere, encompassing many points, lines, Circles and angles (angels) of interaction/relationship.

One important aspect of The Circle of Life is Mother Earth. The Earth is the physical representation of the Circle of Life. It is Mother Earth that provides food, shelter and the experience of the seasons of growth. As we understand our interaction with Mother Earth, we resolve our past hurts that felt as if she abandoned us. Never was that so. Yet sometimes weather shifts have necessitated ingenuity and sometimes human control has siphoned availability; but Mother Earth has always provided.  We resolve our own past choices where we would now choose a different angle of interaction with the physical, tangible aspect of Life. 

Another important aspect of The Circle of Life is the connection of All in the cosmos; Father Sky. It is a weighty concept to resolve our importance within the fabric of the universe, for we seem so small in comparison. It is a fine line of balance to understand the importance of All, for better or for worse, and to recognize equality in all experiences, in all people. The Universal Continuance assures us that we are a vital part of an unseen pattern.  It is a cycle so large that we must step out of what is known and seen to encompass the perfect enigma. That we, too, become that enigma; understood and yet awed, forgiving and yet deliberate, strong and yet vulnerable. The full expanse of all Earthly cycles within the scope of our interaction is our Universal gift of inclusion.

As you observe the physical (Mother Earth) and the intangible (Father Sky), you are aligning your own experience of life to the understanding of the connection of duality; birth/death, time/eternity, courage/vulnerability, patience/action, freedom/ cooperation. These opposites are not so opposite, merely a different, vital and collaborative point on the Circle of Life. For it is the invisible influence of Father Sky that shapes the seasons of Mother Earth.  While the sun still rises and sets, it takes a keen observance to see the cycle. 

It takes all points to complete the circle. Each point is just as loved and appreciated as all others, for it serves the expansion of the circle.  You are that Circle of Life expanding.

As we sit to blast The Circle of Life, we are opening to the support of the cycles of Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are uniting the defined physical realm with the vast subtle realm, relating conditionality and unconditionality within.  We are resolving resistance to our points of contention and joining our hearts and minds to the potentials of new choice.  We are finding a new perspective in order to see the connection and direction available in Life. We are understanding our courage and priceless value in the Circle of Life, for we are all part of the breath that continues life. Blast on!