Weekly LightBlast

August 30, 2012


Creating the New World

After the releasing of July, in August we moved to a new level of personal responsibility, thus we have increased our potential with manifestation.  These levels of responsibility that we move into correlate with collective ability and collective necessity.  As a Lightworker you are to be the bastion of hope and the oracle of focus, foretelling a future into the now.  That we have moved into a new level of personal responsibility signals we are ready for increased movement.  Quantumly that looks like a critical mass of desire for something new.  War, for example, creates an increased desire for peace, except for the few that profit from it.  We have always outnumbered them, now our power - as more of us realize our internal capability, outweighs their fortune.  Lightworkers carry the quantum information of the ability to foster peace into manifestation; first within the self, then emanating out into inspired word and deed.  Your thoughts, words and deeds now become more powerful, for you had the desire to assist with world peace within your codes of expression on Earth.

In order to Create the New World, you must become an aware and powerful Builder of Form.  To understand your creative ability, you can either become entangled with the complexity of the quantum or the simplicity of it.  It is as simple as Love.  Love is the binding force of creation, the call of atomic bonding, unseen in form until enough mass is reached that density is observable in this dimension of form.  Your aware building in the unseen, the future manifestation without fear, need or manipulation is paramount.  Where many get confused is the vague focus on the opposite of Love.  It is the challenge of a Lightworker - to focus on Love in the face of abuse, greed or deception is a challenge that can only be met with the courage of forgiveness and the complete knowing of the power of your Love to create win/win solution.  It means knowing when a boundary is empowered and when it is separative. It means recognizing when endurance is beneficial or not.  It means holding a space for new solution when opposition is louder than even words.  

As we sit to Blast Creating the New World, we are holding space for miraculous solution that shows the grace of Love inherent in All Life.   We are nurturing our own life to emanate a signal of what Love’s predominance creates.  We are singing loudly in our silent spiral of quantum awareness, becoming the force that changes headlines, connects heartlines and creates timelines that serve All Life.  We are the change we want to see in the world, being the Light that shines brightly as the darkness awaits integration into form.  That is within you, as forgiveness becomes the action of Love, darkness has united with Light.  Life begins anew.  Blast on!

August 23, 2012



How funny that after last week’s LightBlast lecture ;o) on Fortitude we now are told to rest?!  Actually, it is a beautiful continuation of Universal Law that supports Life.  Rest is essential.  Not only to our physical bodies, but to Creation.  It is another way of saying equilibrium or balance.  When we are at Rest, the direct flow has an opportunity to open and receive new information.  From that point of Rest, new choice is made and creation begins anew.  This is part of creation and you recognize it as the Feminine aspect of Life.  Rest is a point of reception as the interaction with Life, the unity, is honored. 

Life on earth is a reflection of All Life.  As a hologram of being, we contain the whole within and the whole contains all of us.  It is the great mystery of seen and unseen, past and future.  Within Rest is the present of Life shared.  Beyond the need to do, is the ability to allow.  That is Rest, and unity thrives as each becomes One while still in unique physical form.  This experience on earth is visible separation and invisible unity.  Lightworkers shine the Light on unity, the unseen; and new Life begins to form.  Rest well.  Know that your Love makes a difference as new choice is offered to an open heart and mind.  Universal Law does not support Forced Power, but it allows it – for it rests easy in Knowing the unseen nature of Love calling Love.  That is how form builds

As we sit to Blast Rest, we are feeding new life to the peace that passes into understanding as we hold the grace of Love in open arms.  We are following our gentle heart into an exciting dream of Love, bringing fresh perspective to a tired old story.  We are the reminders of joyful win/win solutions when fear wants to focus on problems.  We are the pillars of Loving strength when all seems lost.  The Rest is up to them!  Blast on!

August 16, 2012


Fortitude and Control

Building on last week’s release of Forced Power, we come to Fortitude and Control.  There are Universal Laws to Life and they support Life.  They determine form, they determine progress and they are based in Love.  Universal Law does not limit freedom within.  It merely shapes Life so that Life continues.  It does not limit Love, it merely gives space for Love to form, inform and reform.  The cycle of Life continues.  Your Fortitude, dear Lightworker, is called forth in this time of transition, as we build new form; first unseen and resisted, then shaped through the focus of time.  Fortitude and Control, when based in Love, have the momentum of the Universal Laws that build worlds.  Don’t give up!

There are times that Love doesn’t look so pretty.  There are times that Love calls for boundaries that support Life.  Sometimes saying no or leaving a situation is Love’s grace in the moment.  Death comes in all forms (a moment, a life, a relationship, etc.) and when it is viewed through Love, it becomes obvious when Life is supported to continue.  Your Fortitude and Control is your ability to maintain your perspective of Love as it informs new Life, though first unseen.  For how long?  Only Time will tell, and since it doesn’t have a mouth, patience (fortitude) is required! Building the new in Love isn’t the easy path, it’s the courageous path.  When you become responsible for the world that you experience, you must have great Fortitude and Control to go deep within the depths of your separation and fear, while many use Forced Power to avoid the inner work, which brings win/win solution. 

As we sit to Blast Fortitude and Control, we are enhancing our Universal Connection of Love within - the only real control we have.  We are strengthening our ability to maintain focus and peace, no matter what the situation around us.  We are the bearers of Light that remind all that the focus on Love is the solution to any pollution and action is then inspired.  We are the strong ones that lift burdens with Light, Loving so forcefully that choice becomes obvious.  May the force be with you!  Blast on!

August 9, 2012


Forced Power

We are in a phase of release, letting go.  It takes a master’s careful observation, patience and courage to assess with honesty.  You are responsible for the Self only, and yet part of that responsibility entails the collective, as the Self can not be fully extricated from All Life.  We eat it, breathe it, imbibe it and share what we have processed within.  The circle continues.  When you interact with yourself, you are still emitting vibrational information into the Field of Life.  When you interact with another, it seems more impactful because we have something solid in front of us, yet Lightwarriors know better.  Creation begins within, in the malleable and responsive subtle waves seeking particle form.  It is here, within, that control has its benefit; though that control is merely focus, and that focus is Love.

Forced Power, or control, has been the norm for millennia.  If we control the actions of another, we have a sense of power.  If we control the emotions of another, we have a sense of peace.  If we control the environment so that temptation is abated, we have a sense of piety.  With Forced Power, we are actually avoiding the real empowerment, which is a focused perspective of Love within - when all experience is at the very least tolerable, but ideally exciting new balance.  When you control the circumstances outside of yourself, you are not exercising your inner muscles, therefore, you have less capability to withstand the challenges.  A Lightworker's job is to shine Light where it is most challenging, within the depths of fear, anger or abuse.  You do that in many ways, but the most liberating is within, and from that space of enduring bright Love Light, you shine unto others the reflection of their inner core.  Freedom and unity are the result.

As we sit to Blast Forced Power, we are releasing the need to control the world and easing into Loving the Self so deeply that Love becomes visible in All around you.  We are allowing the world to find its liberating equilibrium from pain by showing the new way of Loving Life so deeply that even a challenge is a mirror of freedom.  We are controlling the mind’s focus into the peace that passes all understanding, as Freedom becomes so powerful within that life becomes an exciting adventure.  Blast on!

August 2, 2012


Excitement and Balance

Life is a constant process of homeostasis (balance).  It’s everywhere.  Each of the trillions of cells in your body is constantly seeking homeostasis.  As humans dealing with change, we seek homeostasis.  It is part of the cycle of life on earth, even as we deal with the cycles of beginning, middle and end.  If you are completing a project for work, you are reaching a new point of homeostasis.  It is the same with your emotional state, you are constantly seeking homeostasis.  Yet Life is constantly changing, so homeostasis is not a point of stopping, it is perhaps a point of rest, but ultimately it is a point of new creation.  Excitement is the engine of creation that propels new life into form! 

Resistance is the friction that defines form.  It is first a mental perception, yet your mental perception shapes your world.  Friction is an act of shaping; sanding away the rough edges, eroding a new river of flow or breaking down a wall.  How you perceive the friction of change is key to balance when the fulcrum is always changing.  Is it exciting or fearful?  It is as you choose to perceive it.  The moment is offering you movement, your choice is offering you a peace of the action. 

Exciting the atomic structure changes form rapidly and consciously.  Apply heat to varying degrees for specific outcomes.  Reduce heat progressively for a different outcome – super cool!  Atomic structure finds its strongest balance of structure in any weather.  Are you weathering your storms or are your storms weathering you?  Change is inevitable, it is built into the engine of Life.  Time is a marker, not a maker.  Your choice shapes the moment and the resistance that is experienced through joy allows form to be embraced in the arms of a loving Creator (you!). 

As we sit to Blast Excitement and Balance, we are finding our joy within change and the irresistible fun of Life renewing at a moments notice.  We are building Life into a new form that is nestled in joy and appreciation as form informs the new.  We are following our heart and leading our mind into the glorious focus of Love, seeing the world through Love-colored glasses – with hindsight, foresight, and 20/20 envisioning!  We are the builders of form that Light up Life, excited to balance the old and the new in equal appreciation as Life gives way to Life.  Blast on!