Weekly LightBlast

August 29, 2013


Being Present

In each moment you have all information necessary for the healing and creating you seek.  All is within you, and yet in this dimensional expression, it often rests in those around you, waiting for your observant awakening.  You observe the struggle of another and find your inner compassion.  You observe the solution of another and find your similar path.  You interact with another and Find a Truth about yourself that is reflected to you through the experience.  It is all in your present moment, even though it unfolds so beautifully through the grace of linear time.  Your past has called forth the present experience, so it is here.  Your future is forming from the present experience, so it, too, is here.  Your present can have an ease to it that is the peace that passes all understanding; for the Truth within you is magnificent capability. 

Being is often described as the opposite of doing, yet they are similar.  You are always ‘being’ even if you are ‘being’ unaware and consumed with tasks of 'doing.'  You are always ‘doing’ even if you are ‘being’ still, conscious and connected to a greater awareness.  The difference is valuable for your awareness, yet the similarity is valuable for your openness.  Time moves and change is a constant in your experience, thus ‘being’ is merely a conscious state of ‘doing.’ The benefit of being is that you are connected into an invisible current that assists the healing and creating you seek.  The unseen momentum becomes a high-voltage catalyst, different from one who is not connected to that stream of flow.  Thus being reduces your action of doing and utilizes the unseen power that bonds worlds into being.  Grace is in that flow. 

As we sit to Blast Being Present, we are doing ourselves a favor by being aware and open.  We are being conscious of the influence of the past and future on our present choices and actions.  We are opening to the path of Love through the experience of Life. We are peaceful in the present, knowing the past is healing and the future is forming in grace.  We are courageous Beings of Love, that is our present/gift to the world.  Blast on!

August 22, 2013


Finding Truth

Ascension is a path of empowerment.  Yours.  That results in a changed experience throughout the Earth as each individual becomes a strong, loving, creative being.  There was no true forgetting, only fearful distraction.  As an individual is born into human form, it is loving.  With the experience of abuse, it becomes distracted from the core truth within.  Some beings find that truth later in life.  Some perpetuate the distraction.  Through the exercises of forgiveness, choice and sharing - all individuals participate in the potential to focus the clarity of Truth pulsing through them.  Each must find it within.  Yet each is part of a collective that experiences together.  So you have the paradox of Finding your Truth within on your own, and yet sharing that experience with others through ease and challenge. 

You Find the Truth of forgiveness when you experience it through the giving and receiving of it (even from yourself).  You Find the Truth of forgiveness is not truly outside of you, but within you.  You Find the Truth of forgiveness effects all those around you, even those that you need not forgive.  For instance, your children, your coworkers, your mates and friends benefit from your forgiveness of your parents as you interact with each of them from a greater expanse of Love.  The circle of change continues to ripple out from you.

Each being is along a different path of creation.  There are subtle nuances and obvious differences and yet each serves a benevolent purpose, no matter how atrocious some of them may seem to you.  In your dimensional expression you do not create physically without the preparation, experience, endurance and strength to complete a task.  It is the same in the other dimensions.  Fifth dimensional expression is an expression of infinite Love with an individual understanding of the collective.  Your preparation then, is Love.  Your experience is Life.  Your endurance is patience.  Your strength is forgiveness. 

Have you found such profound Truth of Love that an egregious act is merely a call to Love?  A platform for forgiveness and experience?  A creative being learning through the illusion of physicality?  Consequence, yes; for all experience has its effect.  This is your understanding of karma.  Yet as you Find the Truth of Love, you feel no need for punishment, for it is merely a block to Love’s continuance that you seek. Karma has no need for punishment, just integration of full experience.  Forgiveness opens you to receive the full experience of Love.

As we sit to Blast Finding Truth, we are for-giving and receiving the grace of Love.  We are freeing ourselves from the binds of destructive emotions within.  We are emanating our Truth of Love into every experience we have or hear.  We are the powerful force of inclusion that encompasses all Life as Divine, even those we disagree with.  We are the potential of new solution accessed within a gaze, within a smile, within the unspoken wisdom of Love’s Truth.  We are the path of healing offered to each Being to choose, for the Truth they Find resides within.  Blast on!

August 15, 2013


Allowing Grace

You are the choice point of your Life.  It can seem as if there is limitation around you, and in-deed there is.  But in thought, you are the limitless being that is only currently limited by your ability to Love.  With Love so unconditional that there are no bounds of good/bad, you access such vastness that the benevolent limitations of third dimensional expression are surpassed.  Your body begins to build an immunity to hatred and welcomes the truth of Love in all forms.  Your mind stops resisting those that do not eat, pray and love as you do and finds the common thread of Love in All.  Your understanding has the definition of what is and the unknown of what can be.  Your actions are subtle, where the greatest creative force resides.  Your choices are the power of Love in expression on Earth.  In this way, grace flows in such ease through you that the compelling magnitude of Love forms your Life.

Allowing is a courageous and powerful point.  It takes great wisdom to Know When a moment is ripe for change.  It takes great bravery to go against the weak norm of opposition and dominance through fear.  One who Allows is in such peace that the moment of challenge is Known as a moment of powerful change.  You have that power within you - to Allow Love to embrace and transform a moment.  Can you do that in your work?  Can you do that in your relationships?  Can you do that without expectation in situations that cause others to hate loudly?  It is what brings true change.  You are that change.

As we sit to Blast Allowing Grace, we are becoming the powerful Loving Beings we have always been.  We are peaceful with saying no and allowing opposition.  We are graceful with saying yes and allowing another empowerment.  We are wise beyond the moment and courageous beyond time.  We are Love in human form, seeing that Truth in All That Is.  We are the future in Love, the present in peace and the past in wisdom. This is Life; Love flowing through time in all manifest forms.  You need merely allow it to flow peacefully, powerfully through you.  Blast on!

August 8, 2013


Knowing When

Time is not just your friend, it is your essence expressed in this physical dimension of Earth.  The linearity of time is a construct of physicality and it threads the dimensions into a fabric that connects the bridge of evolution.  Your essence is that of All.  You are an instaneous integration of All into a unit of measure, that measure being a bit that completes the Whole.  The interweaving is a magical, calculable essence of expression; thought into form, form into life.  The infusing of Life into all expression, from your perspective, is the function of Time.  Quietly now, connect within the essence of Time.  You have a clock within you.  You are within a dimensional clock.  And yet the ticking, the timing, is an interactive choice within the limits of your dimensional framework.  The bridge then, is now your opportunity to release the dominance of Time and access the co-creative nature of Time, a Resource that is available within you.

As a human ascending, you are freeing the binds of Time and bending boundaries that held your creativity within the gauze of the past.  What has been before, is now and your future is formed of the thought of the moment.  The moment is then eternity and fleeting.  Your Timeless nature is within, encompassing the clock, engaging choice and freeing you time and time again. 

Knowing When is being in the moment, being present and listening with your tools of discernment.  What draws you or repels you?  Is it an easy, exciting draw/repel or does it spin you out of control?  How can you shift your perspective, your fears, your habits of thought and action?  Your work is to first find peace before choice.  The linearity of time allows your progression to creative joy.  Being honest with yourself about your energy of desperation or despair helps you release the illusion of lack within you.  Look past the future and see your now as the perfect choice point it is.  Find that peace within and choose.   

Movement is continual.  As you choose, you direct your movement with the wisdom of one who allows Life to flow with greater ease.  Within your moment of choice, the implosion/explosion meets and you create a new path of probability that signals movement changed.  The When is created within you. 

As we sit to Blast Knowing When, we are wisely choosing to balance life’s polarity within before choosing without.  We are listening with Love to the flow of our hearts.  We are astute to the voice of Love crying behind every angry or harmful word.  We are remembering that Life is a benevolent gift and Love is the powerful bonding that creates visible manifestation.  We are a friend to Time, Knowing that clarity comes with the peace that passes all understanding.  We are patient because it’s worth the wait.  We are active because it’s joyous to Be.  We are Love flowing continuously, the movement of Life manifest in graceful form.  Blast on!

August 1, 2013


Available Resources

Life is always calling each being to an improved experience.  As you observe, at times it is obvious, though at a slightly different angle, it seems destructive or harsh.  In these times of great change, when your empowerment is beckoning you to a creative flow, what do you see?  Have you noticed that even through pain or challenge, the potential is loving improvement?  That improvement sometimes requires the courage of forgiveness or risk of rejection.  Typically you must stand up, step forward and embrace your improvement.  When you do, you begin to realize the truth that forgiveness is easier than the consequence of holding onto pain.  You realize that the risk of rejection is an illusion of a finality that does not exist.  You realize that you are capable beyond measure and supported in ways undetected by the human eye.  Most do not know the value of the unseen energy flow that choice brings.  That is empowerment.  It flows through you. 

There isn’t a formula that works for every situation.  You assess and choose each time.  Each triumph and each challenge strengthens your ability to discern and choose.   It strengthens your ability to let go or hold on as appropriate for your benefit.  It strengthens your ability to foresee the new - what rests in potential.  The Available Resources are your stepping stones to that empowerment and improvement.  Your empowerment brings the improvement that benefits All Life.  It manifests through you.

Life is meant to be joyful.  In all of nature there is a beauty.  The stark desert, the crashing storm or the gentle breeze of spring each have a unique and powerful splendor.  What is available in each of these is for the observer and chooser to discover.  In the desert you attain a skill of preparation and planning prior to action.  In the storm you increase your ability to respond quickly or retreat.  In the breeze of spring you practice receiving the grace of rest and enjoyment.  All of these actions can be states of being when you allow the flow of Life to enliven and expand your experience of Life.  Your Available Resources are within as you receive the support of the structure of Life.  Breathe in the quick storm of oxygen readily available, plan the sharing of food sustainment and savor the refreshment of the waters that nourish and cleanse.   The resourceful one embraces the unseen flow and manifests it into Life - enjoyed and improved.

As we sit to Blast Available Resources, we are rejoicing in the beauty of all aspects of life and glorifying the integration of Love into all experience.  We are strengthening our inner ability and appreciating the outer challenge of expansion.  We are allowing and directing, strong enough to open to the new and wise enough to honor the unknown.  We are following our connective heart that Knows All is Well, and electrifying the brilliant mind that Knows All is changing.  We are open, receiving the genius of Life and manifesting the new Light of being human.  Blast on!