Weekly LightBlast

April 30, 2015


Meeting in the Middle

Blessed Being, you are a powerful vortex of creation.  Your energies spin within and without, drawing information to you, into your awareness.  Within your awareness, information - the information of the world, meets.  One disparate situation, one triumphant situation – potential meets within you.  Your energy spins out, dispersing invisibly into the Earth experience, the biosphere, the data of possibility on Earth.  You are the ‘middle’ in which new potential can be born.  You are the, ‘As above, so below;’ for as you perceive in your mind, your heart flows.  Allow your mind to respond to your heart and you find the middle road of Love expanding your world.

Your world of duality is ‘the middle.’ You are the point, observing.  What do you see when you look at one extreme or the other, what do you feel?  For as you have a reaction, you are focusing a potent magnetic ‘shaper’ of life.  You can shift your reaction internally with your heart forgiveness and mind focus.  For as you free the heart through forgiveness, your mind has new perception available.  Your reactions become understanding, potential progress perceived, lesson learned, even as another may be learning.  You speak silently to the future and call new form forward.  You are that powerful.   

As we sit to Blast Meeting in the Middle, we are finding neutrality in the release of pain or judgment and discerning the great power of progress in humanity and the self.  We are freeing our hearts from the past and strengthening the future to foster Love’s growth.  We are finding a new perspective of why, for Life is the love of evolution and the evolution of Love.  We are opening our hearts and minds to see the gift in the present and the potential of the future.  We are Time manifest, bringing the past and the future into the now moment, the middle point where possibility meets Love and procreates new life.  Blast on!

April 23, 2015


Foretelling and Hindsight

Blessed Being, you are at a beautiful culmination point.  As we see you, this is always true; for from this perspective of Love you are cherished beyond measure as you are Life’s potential in form.  The sweetness of your mechanism is understood and appreciated.  Your ability to choose, to avoid, to confront – all treasured.  Dear One, you are the magnificence of form forming, life progressing, and you are enveloped in Love at all times.  You are presently the gift of Life breathing it in and exhaling it forth.  You have great power.

Is it not odd that we would arrange Foretelling before Hindsight?  For it seems that the Hindsight is the past that has already formed and it must be used to Foretell the future.  Yet we call you to the new, to blaze a new trail of Life, to become the new solution to the progress of humanity. 

You are deep within the throes of your Ascension.  More and more are awakening.  They are feeling and connecting in ways unheralded.  Yet others still sleep.  All perfect, as those sleeping stir greater desire for movement within you.  

Become that movement now, in this moment, and Foretell a new future into form. 

Hindsight is valuable.  It serves great purpose in helping you to choose,  as you wisely weigh options.  It also has the potential effect of slowing movement as one becomes careful based on perceived mistakes or trauma of the past.  At times, even this is valuable as you slow to strengthen more.  Yet you are at a beautiful culmination point, Lightworker; a time of great movement and creation.  Your ability to focus the future into form is enhanced, both because of you and because of the flow of Life.  Allow the foundation of your wisdom to support you, even as it expands.  Embrace your wisdom.  You will find it in the stillness of the depth of your heart.  Your mind, your Hindsight, follows.

To Foretell the future is to allow your present moment to become drenched in the potential you desire.   A peace, a Love, a fulfillment so saturating that you feel it prior to form.  Immerse yourself in Life and let it ebb and flow with a wisdom that Knows you are Creating.

To focus on creating the future and allowing Hindsight to support your strength is equivalent to becoming the cause that creates the effect.  As you focus more on effect rather than cause, you are profoundly, subtly appreciating the past, integrating the wisdom of it and allowing its highest potential to manifest through you.  You are the cause – now effect.  Flow your Love into Life and effect it!

The past already has been.  Rather than resist it, cause it to create a new solution.  Allow it to become the platform of the wisdom of lesson learned that supports new choice.  Every experience of the past offers the potential of greater wisdom.  

Blessed Being, you are the beautiful culmination point.  What effect will you cause with your profound power of Love?

As we sit to Blast Foretelling and Hindsight, we are embracing our humanity and anchoring the wisdom of the past for the brilliance of the future.  We are focusing our powerful intent toward the elevation of humanity’s grace.  We are honoring our separation and enhancing our connection as we see the future of Love’s evolution forming.  We are powerful beyond measure, finding the courage to allow our vulnerabilities to expand our strength.  We are the peace that encompasses all understanding.  Blast on!

April 16, 2015


The Passage of Time

There is an innate wisdom to humanity, it is within you and ever-expanding.  The system of Life within which you reside is an aspect of you, and you are It.  The separation of the physical form provides an environment of longing and mental awareness that begins to form a path of connection.  Time is one such connector, as it is connecting All things. 

This separation you experience is a brilliant mechanism, for it strengthens the heart/mind/body complex.  It directs and allows choice.  It begets discovery and defines movement. You separate Time into past, present and future.  You understand that it moves and never stops, yet you may also know the stillness within that defies the rules of Time.  Time, like all rules and laws, seems as if it is outside of you.  Yet in Truth, it is within you.  The rule of Time bends to your will as appropriate.  Appropriate is a matter of vibration, and vibration is a culmination of your past, present and future perceived within. 

Does your past instill resentment, powerlessness or understanding of the potentials presented?  Does your future instill fear, uncertainty, or an openness to the co-creation of your joy in form?  Does your present calm you, excite you, stagnate you or ignite you?  There is no judgment about your true feelings from the universal wisdom that appreciates you to a depth unfathomable.  There is pure understanding of the benefit of all that you perceive, for it is potential awaiting ignition.  Time patiently moves it along. 

The expression grandfather time is apt in that there is a wisdom and a patience that is seasoned and Loving.  Begin to feel the flow of Time within you, rather than just outside of you for it is within All Life.  Just as the DNA of your grandfather resides within you and also outside of you, so it is with Time.  Time is within you, awaiting your attention to form it, direct it, and allow it to flow with you and through you.  With your perceptions, both known and unconscious, you form the magnetic pull that shapes your experience in the present.  Your present moment has the information of your past within it.  It has the potentials of your future within it.  Yet you are the focal point that directs its flow to form.  What will you choose?

As we sit to Blast The Passage of Time, we are ever still and ever moving as the duality of form offers us connection.  We are beginning to embrace the connection of All Life, discovering the power within.  We are strengthening our Love and our understanding as we perceive humanity as progressing through fear.  We are choosing a new emanation in the present as we begin the growth of Love’s foundation on Earth.  We are Time manifest, knowing the past has benefited the present courage to create our future.  Blast on!

April 9, 2015


Creation Created

Blessed Being, you are time manifest and divinity in form.  Your powerful biomechanism; the heart/mind/body complex, is awaiting you to direct the form.  Your focus, your perception and your choice determine the resonance of reaction and result that you create(d). 

Focus is a curious endeavor, for you are experiencing time as a linear path, yet your heart and mind are open to the past and future.  As you feel and think based on your past, you are accessing the resonance of that experience and bringing it into your now moment.  Your cells react, your hormones react, your body reacts to your thoughts and feelings of the past.  You recreate the physical experience.  The result is your present condition.  The 'conditions' from which your future is formed.

As you focus upon the future, it is the same.  Your thoughts and feelings create a physical experience in your now moment.  You are the physical bridge of past, future and present; you are all time – now.  Humanity has only recently begun to focus more seriously on shaping the thoughts and feelings toward desired creation more fully.  We present this topic to direct your strength of focus more fully even still.  For as you think and feel, Creation is Created.  Do you sense the time paradox?  In your present moment, creation has already passed.  The flow of Time is faster than you think.  Your work is not to think faster, though that is the result; your work is to focus more fully in the moment. 

Take life in more fully.  Experience with gusto, whether in mundane, challenge or triumph.  Delight in the body, the sensations of your surroundings and experiences.  Observe with an excitement of your creative potential and direct your focus toward the path of new solution.  Be the Creation Created, continuing creation.  This is the movement and the momentum of the I Am Becoming.  Ease your thoughts, increase your attention on the beauty of the now moment and amplify it through your powerful biomechanism.  You are becoming the Creation Created – Creating. 

As we sit to Blast Creation Created, we are allowing the past and the future to flow easily in the now, greeting them with attention when it best serves the moment.  We are integrating past challenge into wisdom and focusing future potential into form.  We are directing our thought flow to a chemical cascade that forms a present peace, grounded in the reality of earthly experience.  We are the Free and the strong, that will perceive the great gift within each being and enhance the Love of humanity.  We are mastering Time, incorporating the past and the future into the present and gifting our strength of Loving will to All Life.  Blast on!

April 2, 2015


Subterfuge (Subletting Your Mind and Heart)

Note from Jamye: The LightBlast is a channeled topic from Areon for self-healing for Lightworkers.  They are in an order that builds upon each other as they are a response to the current collective energies of Ascension.  While they don’t apply to everyone in the same way, just understanding them and observing your own or others’ views and actions around the topic is valuable.  With great Love they are sometimes pointing out where we could benefit from strengthening in some uncomfortable areas.    

Subterfuge is defined as hiding something, lying or tricking to avoid a consequence.  That sounds negative, like it is something that only a bad person would do to harm another.  However, often in the pursuit of feeling good, many seek to avoid the challenges that would offer new solution and empowerment.  Our intent is to soften your definitions so that you are empowered to observe the duality in everything, connect it, and thereby release the polarization that separates the self.  We spoke about the benefit of balanced vulnerability, for it offers growth.  Without the opening that vulnerability provides, there is no ability to expand.

What has taken Subterfuge in your heart or mind?  What anger, fear or shame has yet to be illuminated by the Light of your Love?  What have you not entrusted to the unconditionality of the universe that Loves all that you have experienced, for it has brought greater Understanding to the Absolutes of the past.  In the silence of your forgiveness you offer hope and opportunity to the future.  This benefits you, for you are freer within.  It benefits others, for your compassion is a strength of connection rather than pity of inability. 

Blessed being, you have great power within.  Do not sublet your heart and mind to the suppression of shame that another in pain would use to bind you.  Misery doesn’t love company, for it does not love.  It feels safe in the reflection of lack of power.  Hold yours.  For you are the only one that truly can. 

In essence, the Subterfuge of your heart and mind is not a bad thing.  You are not weak because you have not solved every inkling of trauma, challenge or shame.  Seek resolution, but do not resist its pace.  It slows to strengthen you, for you to reach full understanding of your power to avoid, to confront, to await new form.  Observe what you avoid and assess if you are in a moment of strengthening or resisting a consequence.  Either one offers great potential.  New choice is available every moment, so ease your heart and mind.  

As you release the shame of perceived imperfections, you will find strength in every choice and every choice strengthening.  This is an advanced topic for Lightworkers, as they no longer allow the power of their heart and mind to be subletted by the past or the potentials of the future.  Own yourself now.  You do not need any external circumstance to change for that to happen, for it is all internal.  The external will follow at the appropriate pace.

As we sit to Blast Subterfuge, we are healing hidden pain or misperception into wisdom.  We are allowing the Light of Love to illuminate the inner jewel of compassion within.  We are folding time into now as the past becomes the present gift of strength and the future becomes the form from now.  We are aware and accessing, becoming whole and empowered with each understanding and experience.  We are the path of potential, leading the self with the power of innate divinity embodied.  We are opening doors long closed, shining Light in all directions, and awakening the power of Love within.  Blast on!