Weekly LightBlast

March 27, 2014


Fresh Perspectives

Feeling Free is a perspective.  It is within you.  That is confusing sometimes as you look out into your world and feel confined.  Blessed Being, this is a catalyst for you, your empowerment, your choice.  All of this, within.  As you feel Free with your internal flow, you have available to you, Fresh Perspectives.  Not what has been done before, not what created your present experience, but a Fresh Perspective.  From this platform of hope, trust, faith and yes, even perhaps some degree of doubt; you are open to new potential and able to begin a new creation. 

With your internal focus, you begin to form matter on the subtle planes.  It coagulates and calls to form, though still unseen, new ideas and emotions that are the silent vehicles upon which your emanations flow.  Freedom.  You need not say a word, you need not emanate it from a mountain top.  It is boundless and silently flowing from you.  This is why your internal world is your Freedom.  It speaks broadly, though not loudly.  It travels through walls, through hearts and minds.  It travels through the invisible portals of the chakras and speaks to energy.  The particle is first a wave as it summons friend and community to particulate into form.  You can’t see it yet, but with your Fresh Perspective of hope, dreams and new solution; you are connecting dots (particles).  Forward your mind reaches as it feeds the seed of new Life.  Your powerful perspective is the road less traveled becoming the in-form-ation superhighway.  The high road becoming the middle road as Life is elevated through you and expands into a new balance (mid-point, center point, focal point) of Love. 

As we sit to Blast Fresh Perspectives, we are allowing our minds to wander into new territories of Light, informing the field of response with our waves of Love.  We are remembering the power of the Source Creator that we are, as the connection of Life becomes visible in our Love.  We are holding our vision of improvement and allowing Life to respond, for it is the nature of Life to progress.  We are renewing our commitment to the Love of humanity's Ascension, for it is the evolution of connection that we are perceiving into form.  We are remembering our state of grace that connections all roads through the path of heart, as Love calls us to new ground.  Blast on!

March 20, 2014


Remembering Oneness

Oneness is very different from sameness. Oneness speaks to the interconnected nature of All. This is the basis of the Age of Aquarius, the introduction and initiation to the fifth dimension; that All are connected. This is the vehicle of Love Flow, the interconnectedness of All. This connection extends from person, nature, idea, time – All is a very long list! Everything is everything! And yet there is separation. Each is in a separate physical body, having different experiences.

How are we One? We are One through the thread of Divinity of All Life. We are United through our Earth experience, and Unique through our singular perspective. What a beautiful Wholeness that is, creating a wonderful interplay of what seems to be polarity, but in Truth is the all-inclusive Circle of Life on Earth.
As we refine our brilliant heart/mind focus on the interconnectedness of All, we recognize the Wholeness of All interaction, whether it is a thought, word or deed within ourselves or with another. Wholeness contains the unspoken and spoken, the before and after, the cause and effect, the intention and perception. Each aspect has equal value, though often we focus only on one, perhaps because it is more visible or louder. While that may seem like polarity, one OR the other, from the broader perspective of Oneness, that is just part of the Whole. Begin to look at ‘both’ as part of something larger, therefore it becomes one AND the other. Less right and wrong, more a choice of experience.  As you Remember Oneness; your connected, Divine Nature – you remember your power to choose and Create.

Each choice of Love, each choice of Empowerment, each choice of Forgiveness has its effect on the Whole. You may not see it in the moment as the quantum seed begins to grow, but it is there. This emphasizes the importance of Choosing and Creating from a place of Love. Sometimes Love means saying no, dealing with something uncomfortable or stepping away from a situation. Each experience is unique in its ability to teach Love and Empowerment to All involved.

As we sit to Blast Remembering Oneness, we are seeking the thread of Divinity in All Life. We are Remembering our own Power and Creative ability to Choose Anew to infuse Love into Life. We are recognizing that All experience is a valuable and beloved interaction. We are sowing Empowerment for All, that the Divinity within may shine forth to catalyze a world flourishing in the Flow(er) of Love. That is how powerful you are, Divine One. Blast on!

March 13, 2014


Telling It Like It Is

Your words are a small part of your story - important for telling it, but a small part indeed.  Beneath the ripples of your words is a vast ocean of intent.  It contains the shells of the past discarded and disregarded, but yet still contained within.  The past and the present are one within your vibration, what ‘words’ does your past speak?  Does it tell a story of fear suppressing or does it tell a story of fear transformed into wisdom?  Do you speak of it with salt in the wound or do you speak solution into your powerful now?  It’s not just the words, though they do matter.  Yet the ocean underneath is vaster than any wave.  Your ocean of intent, your unseen vibration, is the whole story.   

Your subconscious mind is the ocean that contains your intent, it then speaks to you through your emotions.  Have you noticed that when you see a person who reminds you of another, your feelings stir from the container of the past?  If you have a good memory, positive emotions stir for a stranger.  Your subconscious mind contains the information of the facial patterns and all the experiences with that person of the past, and your feelings (information) are triggered into your conscious mind, into your present moment.  Awareness has intervened and pulled information from your subconscious mind.  Immediately you have feelings that show you what resides in the ocean of you.  What shell is contained within?  Joy at seeing this shadow of the past?  Regret?  Resentment?  Tell it like it is, for here is your doorway to the vast ocean within.  Don’t negate your true feelings, let them speak truth to you.  Their flow in another direction is for you to navigate.

It can seem as if emotions don’t matter, for matter is so solid and emotions are so nebulous.  We are aware that they can hurt or feel good, but humanity is only beginning to come into the awareness of the true connection of emotions.  They are subtle in form, informing life, and forming your future.  The subtle vibrational emanation of joy emits information into your auric field, into the energy field of earth and attracts like vibration.  It is the same process of taking a step forward and your body is moved.  You have moved energy in a direction.  The effect of joy is invisible in the moment, the effect of the step is visible.  It’s easy to track the cause and effect of, “I take a step and my body moves forward.”  However, it requires focus on the invisible, on the vast depths, to track the cause and effect of, “I emanate supportive thoughts and feelings and…” Yet as you tell the story of the positive effect, you are causing it.  As you view the past as the beneficial cause, you are effecting your present and your future. 

Look at your emotions (the motion of your ocean!), honor them as they are and find the perspective of Love that nurtures your future.  This is Telling It Like It Is Love, not telling it like it was.  This is Telling It Like It has helped you grow, not avoiding pain.  This is Telling It Like It Is part of the solution, not part of the problem.  This is Telling the whole story, not just the visible part.  This is honoring the unseen power of Love.  It is the truth of 5th dimensional living.  Everything is connected – through the invisible.  Your past has invisible connections to your present and your future.  Observe and Love your present, accept and appreciate your past, choose and change your future.   

As we sit to Blast Telling It Like It Is, we are choosing our words wisely after examining our intent clearly.  We are foreseeing the future of Love with the presence of our Knowing minds.  We are weaving the story of Life with Love through forgiveness, empowerment and new solution.  We are excited about the future, grateful for the past and presently aware of Love’s influence.  The flow of Life is boundless and free in the vast space of our loving hearts.  We are loudly loving in the silence of Knowing, seeing change as the benevolent gift it is.  Blast on!

March 6, 2014


Exceptional Living

Life offers vast potential in each moment.  It is rich with choice and plentiful in its diversity.  Your unique vibration and choice is a vital part of the information of Life.  As you choose, you create.  Your choice is a library of information - your intent, that ripples out into your field of awareness, creating a response from Life.  In the deepest of Love, Life responds.  People speak the words of your vibrational emanation to you.  You are compelled to turn on the radio or pick up the perfect book at the appropriate time.  You are interacting from a subconscious connection with All Life at all times.  The beauty of the subconscious mind is utilizing its vast ability to process information that is beneficial for you.  As you focus your awareness (conscious mind) on improvement, Life responds with focus.  Your intent of improvement is emanating out from you like a mating call from a bird.  That sweet song is heard and answered with Love.  Life becomes the catalyst that sparks your choice in each moment.  Does it seem Life has responded with opposition?  It is stretching you, pulling you in a direction and always magnetizing you toward improvement.  Does it seem Life has responded with support?  It is stretching you, pulling you in a direction and always magnetizing you toward improvement. Exceptional, isn’t it?!  Improvement available in all directions!

Your life becomes Exceptional as you enhance Love’s grace in all you experience.  In a moment of challenge, honor your feelings.  Let anger flow in a positive direction for you – inspiring you to action, inspiring you to hold a boundary, inspiring you to change.  Let love flow in a positive direction for you – inspiring the same.  It does not matter what occurs outside of you; that is old in-form-ation.  What matters is what is inside of you.  Your feelings, thoughts, emotions, intent – this is your creative power.  This is what creates your future.  Be patient and Know that Life is forming anew.  There are no exceptions to that.  Change is a constant.  Be focused and Know that Life is forming in Love.  You have that choice within you.  You are exceptional.  You are Love in human form.  You are deeply Loved by Life. 

As we sit to Blast Exceptional Living, we are accepting the power of Love to change Life.  We are honoring our internal world first, then choosing from an empowered focus.  We are changing our experience by changing our perception, seeing All Life as valuable and loved.  We are learning to let go and let God shine through, for we are each the spark of Love that Lights this earth.  Blast on!