Weekly LightBlast

October 31, 2013


Forging Ahead

All in your universe is influenced by movement.  Movement, or change, is a constant in your universe, though the pace is available to your influence.  You reside within a set of rules that have a balance of creation within them.  Your dimensional expression is the result of rules and you interact within them.  Here you discover your limitless nature as you integrate a set of rules and expand beyond them.  This is universal law; that you are subject to your own frequency.  You are born into a collective experience with a separate physical body and identity.  From this reflective balance, you move and change.  The Self integrates, moves and the collective is affected.  The choice of many individuals influences this change, but it must begin within you.  A choice is not a word spoken, it is a library of vibrational information that shapes form, at first unseen.  What then, does your vibration speak into the ethers? 

To Forge is to create with the power of the elements at your stead, boldly shaping and defining life.  In your history, this has been the mark of war, domination and suppression.  Yet you live in the time of a new battle, as you seek to regain the sovereignty of the heart and mind.  It does not require a fight, but a Forging of the Self such that outer influences do not penetrate and dominate your choice.  You are part of a collective.  All systems of Life are interdependent, just as they are sovereign.  Your choice; therefore, is sovereign within you, yet interdependent with All Life.  As you Forge the Self, you are effecting and effected by the collective of Life.  Within this mingling of cause AND effect, you become Whole.  Until the next moment of change.  It is a process of shaping and being shaped as you open the Self to the collective experience through empowered choice. 

The universal laws support Life.  Thus your choice is supported through the laws of Life that define your dimensional expression.  To move past your current dimensional expression, you choose/lean/open into the next.  Your third dimension requires your empowerment; your next dimensional expression requires your Love.  In this way you, as a sovereign being, choose Love.  As you Forge Ahead with Love, you open to movement, choose and go with the flow of Life.  It is moving with empowered Love that fully integrates you into the next dimensional expression.  As you interact with Love from the perspective/frequency of the sovereignty of All, your choices are the cause and effect of your life and the empowerment that fuels the choices of others.  All else becomes consumed through the grace of time – the vehicle through which change is understood in your world.

As we sit to Blast Forging Ahead, we are the masters of change that create the new age of Love.  We are opening to the flow of Life as we boldly create its path of least resistance.  We are empowered in our Love as we honor sovereignty and choice, knowing our choice within is birthing the future.  We are the Lightworkers, shaping our Light into a flame that creates, shining the grace of Love on all we meet.  Blast on!

October 24, 2013


Accepting Oneness

Following your heart is your path to connection, not only with the Self, but with the timeless flow of Life.  You are infinite in your Spirit, finite in your form.  This form has its limitations which can be illuminations for the enlightening one.  To surpass a limitation, you move beyond it, or expand.  To surpass the limits of your form, you expand into your formless nature.  This reshapes your experience into one that is more aligned with the attributes of the formless; the connectedness of life, the Oneness.  This requires your openness, your attention to the formless realm, and the trust that the self is capable to do so.  With patience, or the allowing of time, it reveals a new set of limitations that call you to a greater expanse. 

Thus to surpass the limits of your form you seek beyond what is in the present moment of form and you find the thread of connectedness, of Oneness.  So as your boss berates you, as your parent chastises you, as your friend speaks ill of you to another, you seek the thread of fear they are expressing.  Within that dark thread of fear is a spark of unformed Love of Self that they are blowing on hard (and loud) to ignite into a flame.  Perhaps in that moment the boss seeks self acknowledgement of their own value, the parent seeks justification for the judgment of others and the friend seeks a bond of need that is not found within.  Each situation is unique, yet the unformed Love is the same.  As you seek that thread of Love, you find your inner courage of empathy.  The boss, the parent, the friend, the stranger, the past, the future; you understand it all.  From that place of peace, you choose.  You choose the expansion of Love. 

It is the nature of Love to encompass without consumption.  Love does not ask that you give up the Self, but that you share yourself.  Love does not ask that you agree, but that you express yourself.  Love does not ask that you are perfect, but that you are authentic.  Here we circle back to the sharing of yourself.  To Accept Oneness, you share the Self through the expanse of Love, even when you say no, say nothing or say goodbye.  For each sovereign one chooses connection.  Connection does not bind, it supports. 

As we sit to Blast Accepting Oneness, we are opening to the Grace of God, unconditional Love.  We are honoring the sacredness of Life as we choose for the Self without shame from another that seeks domination.  We are opening to the understanding of all perspectives and the value of choosing for the Self.  We are seeing connection in all that we experience, even as we walk away.  We are fearless in our Love, strong in our internal empowerment and patient with the form of now.  Blast on!

October 17, 2013


Being Truth

I Am That I Am.  Truth.  It transcends right or wrong, it begets choice.  Choice is freedom in every moment.  This resides within you.  Being your Truth is honoring your uniqueness, the breath of Life instilled within you.  You are sacred, beloved, revered and special; as is All Life.  You are the Truth of Life.  You may disagree with the truth of another, yet their truth is valid for them.  To expand, one must embrace all facets of Life while choosing experience for oneself.  It is the paradox of The One.  You are One, both a sovereign, separate being in a physical body with an identity and a united being that is one with All Life, all time, All.  Embrace it All and become Whole.  Lean into that which you resist and allow.  Allow it to Be.  Allow your resistance to Be.  The mystery unfolds within you as to the perfection, the Truth, of All things - the subtle, the formed, the fractal, the whole.  Be it All.

To walk the mundance (typo’d that again!) with sacred view is Being.  Being is a state of connection, a state of awareness and as all life, can not be fully separated.  You can compare it to ‘doing’ from a state of disconnection, but you can not separate it from ‘doing,’ for it is ‘doing’ with connection and awareness.  The mundane becomes the mundance, a creative flow of movement of the body – living Life.  Whether one sits in deep meditation and the subtle body dances, or one gardens or cleans house and the physical body dances; the Truth of ‘doing’ is deep.  Let Life fascinate you and you are Being a sacred Truth.  You recognize the awareness in all things, even the beauty of greed has a poignancy to one that is deeply in Love with Life and embracing the potential of connection that the separation of greed ignites.  Are you that beacon of Love, the powerful Tiny Tim that holds redemption in your heart and emits it through your very Being of the Truth of Love?  You, blessed Being, are alchemy in form.  You take it with you every where you go – to work, to church, to a rock concert, to yoga, to the grocery store – everywhere, every moment.  You need not broadcast it with your words, for it is transmitted in all it’s Truth from your very Being.  Words are not always a match with the truth of vibration.  This often tests the patience of those seeking results that ‘doing’ produces!

As we sit to Blast Being Truth, we are honoring the natural flow of Love as the vehicle of change that it is.  We are strong in our unique essence, diverse in our collective connection with All Life.  We are sure of ourselves, open to others and patient with the pace of creation.  We are excited, peaceful and deeply in Love with Life, for all facets are the sacred elixir that feed progress.  We are the blessing and the blessed, recognizing the spark of Love in all we meet.  Blast on!

October 10, 2013


Releasing the Noise

Video Version HERE

It is easy to perceive or feel that life should be a different way.  It is one facet of the grand paradox of Life.  All is Well in this moment, yet all is changing in this moment.  If all is well, why is there change?  In these moments of paradox, you find new space.  When there is no definitive answer or direction, there is the void of potential.  Here you release your definitions and you find your dispersed, subtle nature that has not one answer, but multiple perspectives of Truth.  It is the way of Truth, it changes with you.  Within paradox, your truth expands; first undefined, then refined, then released again for the next wave of expansion.  This expansion is a result of you releasing your preconceived notions and definitions, opening your heart and mind and finding your new, expanded Self in the quiet moment of paradox.  The noise is the internal and external chatter that tries to define or hold stagnant the inevitable expansion.

To release the noise, you find the Self within the collective symphony of Life.  The two are not separate, and yet you are in a separate body having unique feelings, thoughts and experiences.  You are the instrument of Life and you are capable of utilizing the power of your heart and mind to release that which disturbs your empowered quiet.  There is no disturbance that is more powerful than you, even if it has domain for a moment.  You are capable of finding your path to empowerment, be it focus on the breath, a walk in nature or interaction with a loved one.  There are innumerable ways to connect with the self, and even at times to disconnect with the chatter around you.  There is yet another paradox.  How do you connect and disconnect at the same time?  No matter what the noise, there is quiet underneath.  As you seek it, like the treasure hunt that it is, your new Truth is revealed in the silence of discovery. 

As we sit to Blast Releasing the Noise, we are going within to reach the outer expanse, universal in our pursuit of happiness.  We remember the One and the many are Truth, occupying the same space.  We are letting go and reaching in, for the Truth is out there within.  We are opposite and same, depending on the perspective, for All Truth is as relative as we are.  Blast on!

October 3, 2013


Resisting Change

In these times of your Ascension, the great change of the Ages, you are in the midst of great change.  It is the way of Ascension, that which was done before, which may have even been comfortable, is no longer.  It does not all happen at once, it is cyclical, and yet there are times in each of your lives where the shift feels more intense.  The recent years have been as such, yet much has culminated in 2013.  After the passing of the marker of your collective choice to Ascend (12/21/12), you then have collectively, wisely chosen to release all that no longer serves you.  It isn’t the first time you’ve made this call, it is the timing of your newest collective yes to Love.  It is the answer to your heart’s yearning.  It is the dominion of the Inherently Divine Soul within the experience of the body.  Change is the vehicle of this Soul Progression.

Your very Life is the vehicle of Ascension and the vehicle of choice.  You are sacred and revered, even in choices you deem wrong.  There is no judgment in choice for it leads to change.  Change, or movement, is a constant of Life.  Sometimes movement contracts, sometimes it expands; yet it always moves and that is Life.  In a moment of contraction, or challenge, do you resist?  It is Life progressing, and you are the steward.  Resistance is a perspective, for not all ‘resistance’ is harmful.  When you allow the change to flow, you are in a state that is assisting your progression, even if it feels like contraction, rest, realignment, challenge, direction change or ‘wrong.’  All is Well, for Life is an engine that creates.  Change is the vehicle.  You are change in physical form interacting with linear time.  Be the change.  Wise words from one who Knew Love, even in challenge.  Your path, because of Gandhi and many more, can be easier in this time frame.   The collective of humanity has initiated a progression of Ascension.  Allow the change of that to flow through you or around you with as much ease as you can Be.  There is no judgment for a reaction to Life, there is just easier flow with your authenticity. 

As we sit to Blast Resisting Change, we are releasing that which inhibits our easy flow with Life.  We are balanced in the contraction and expansion, Knowing All is Well.  We are the courageous and powerful Beings of Love that Life is.  We are Loving easily, Accepting Gracefully, and changing rapidly.  We are living Love in all its facets, infinite in our ability to adapt, for we are Life progressing.  Blast on!