Weekly LightBlast

July 26, 2012


Accessing Doorways of Grace

Doorways are representative of beginnings and endings, they are opportunity.  Knocking, perhaps? ;o)  As we traverse life, doorways are metaphorically opening and closing on a continual basis, ultimately nanosecond by nanosecond.  It is choice that determines your experience of a doorway; and the material reality before you is formed.  We are bio-mechanical creators that interpret frequency so constantly and instantaneously that many don’t even believe that we do.  Lightworkers understand the power of the quantum world as each subatomic particle generates a powerful effect that creates form.  Our subtle energy of mind and emotion is the electromagnetic force that begins the creation of our experience.  As you interact with Grace, you are beginning form in the energy of compassion, peace, empowerment and wisdom. 

A doorway is a vortex of energy awaiting your observance and choice to settle structure.  When you Access a Doorway of Grace, you are allowing your heart, your Love, to structure the world.  Those of like resonance then are summoned by the electromagnetic pulse that you have emitted and your experiences begin to form.  An adept observes the response of the world and culls the information to map direction.  Opposition is a call to focus and inclusion, embrace that which seems opposite and it becomes part of your core strength (like a proton embraces an electron).  That which fortifies your direction with sameness is the community of Life organizing into a system that supports growth gracefully, just as a community is wont to do.  We move into the timespace where we recognize we are a global community of humanity, interdependent on our surroundings, with the true knowing that we are actually a cosmic Family of Life, bonded by element and unseen grace, separated only by difference in form.

As we sit to Blast Accessing Doorways of Grace, we are opening our heart to the Truth of our glorious capability to create a Golden Age of Love.  We are the holographic connection to a universe that expands with Love at the core of All experience.  We are the prototype of Grace in human form as we constantly refine our Acceptance of what is as a reflection of our immense ability to Love into new form.  We are the courage of Light to seek the darkest areas to Love.  In a holographic universe, that is within you.  All you have to do is open the door.  Blast on!

July 19, 2012


Sharing Your Love

Building on last week’s Acceptance, we are coming into fuller expression of Mastery – Love in action!  It is the act of Sharing Your Love that is the action of creating in the full flow of creation.  Love is not the only force that creates, we can create through greed, hatred and all sorts of other choices.  However, when you create through greed or hatred, etc., the natural flow of life will continue to pull any creation toward Love, for Love is the connective force that pulls atomic structure.  It is focus that determines the speed, but All Life will continue to balance toward Love.  As we integrate the polarizing forces of Love and the opposition to Love, we internally unite into All, becoming the Oneness that is inclusive without judgment, for All is of the same cosmic creative fire.  Sharing Your Love is allowing the fire of passion to transform your life into living each moment to its full potential – the potential of Love. 

I had a lesson early on from my Guides about withholding Love.  I didn’t want to hug someone that I worked with because I knew they were manipulative and back-stabbing.  My guides showed me that as I hold back from that person, I was actually reinforcing their power over me and not allowing my own Self to flow my True Power (Love). It’s like saying, “I agree that your power to manipulate and back-stab is more powerful than me, so I’m afraid to touch you or even allow my heart to be open when I am near you.”  Instead I moved into understanding how a toxic work environment that fostered disempowerment from the leader could trigger some people to behave antagonistically to survive the environment.  I decided not to allow that within myself and saw the difference between fake power and True Power (Love).  It’s not a loud difference, no one gave me a parade, but it became obvious to me and I found myself less afraid of the circumstances or outcome of anyone’s actions.

Honestly, that lesson continues today as I find remnants of areas of my life where I withhold Love and instead continue to hold judgment.  Some are more obvious (like someone who ‘wronged’ me), other areas more vague (like withholding Love from a government or an abuser that harmed someone in the news, etc.).  It is a constant process of refinement.  In addition it is a practice of wise boundaries and an open heart.  An open heart doesn’t mean a bleeding heart.  Compassion is a space of seeing all others as empowered, no matter what their actions in the moment belie.  

As we sit to Blast Sharing Your Love, we are mastering the open heart that Knows Love in all situations and sees the circumstance and outcome as fostering Love’s expansion.  We are creating a perception of Love’s empowerment in All experience on Earth.  We are shifting awareness from separation and powerlessness into connection and creativity.  We are Lighting the path to Ascension with Love’s embrace.  We are choosing each moment and perceiving the improvement that is the natural Flow of Life.  Blast on!

July 12, 2012



There is a flow to life that is well represented by the infinity symbol, the lemniscate.  This geometry of movement is built into the Flow of Life and is most often invisible, but flowing nonetheless.  Its heritage can be found in the beginnings of life on earth as two become one and one becomes two and the cycle continues, building and continuing, ever simple and if preferred, complex.  In your moment, this flow is Acceptance; in your Power, this flow is Choice.  To choose is to Know Love so completely that Acceptance becomes an easy flow and the breath of Life creates anew. 

Acceptance is a powerful point of creation.  It is not a weak position, it is not lack of creating, it is a release of resistance, which blocks flow.  The creative one then chooses, which directs flow.  The wise one then allows, which enhances flow, because choice is trusted and The Field will always answer back with what is building into form.  Do you know clearly how to read the response of Life?  It will show you through emotions and through synchronicities (with others, television, dreams, numbers, Facebook, advertisements, etc.) where your focus is needed to refine or enhance your creation.  As a worker of Light, you are to utilize the subtle that others would disregard and weave the golden age into being (Be the golden age into being!).  Acceptance is a gateway to rapid manifestation and is indicative of One that understands the Flow of Love and the power of choice.  From your powerful point of Acceptance you have infinite choice as to what you will create. 

As we sit to Blast Acceptance, we are opening the flow of creation into our hearts and using our brilliant minds to choose.  We are allowing Life to be as it is, offering the refreshing current of forgiveness, appreciation and Namaste to flow to all those around us.  We are transforming the ‘negative’ into the spectrum of contrast that expands life into greater flow of Love, the all-encompassing uniter of Life.  We are coming into greater alignment with the natural flow of life, infinite in its ability to expand and powerful in its ability to Love.  We are the infinite in finite appearance, creating a moment of Love in form.  Blast on!

July 5, 2012


Freedom Is Within

It can get rather frustrating feeling Free in this experience of life on Earth.  As you observe the world around you, restrictions are found everywhere.  Some are physical, some are emotional/mental.  Most societies aren’t set up for Freedom, they are developed to constrain people into certain behaviors that seem to promote unity and progress, though often that unity has its separation and that progress has its winners and losers.  The one that is Free Within is Free in any circumstance.  Freedom among the limitations of the experiences around you is what life on Earth is constantly bringing to your awareness.  Form is a limitation of sorts, and what a glorious limitation it is!

Freedom is a state of Being, therefore, it has the potential to move or change form.  If you are feeling Free in a moment, that Freedom can be elusive in the next.  It is your awareness, your perception and your focus that determines your state of Being.  Freedom Within is allowing the world to Be around you while still actively directing your focus.  Your awareness of your internal reaction to circumstances begins your path to Freedom.  As you recognize your feelings of Freedom or lack thereof, you have a key to accessing Freedom.  All life is built upon your feelings.  Emotions are the subtle energy of your soul expression beginning the magnetization of form.  As you shift your emotional state (always moving) you are changing the magnetization of form that will build your life experiences.  The ‘negative’ emotions can be great motivators, so as you appreciate the Divinity in opposition, you are allowing your perception to shift from negative to expansive.  It’s often easy to feel Free in a positive moment.  The ability to feel Free in a negative moment moves you beyond the pull of good or bad into acceptance of what is while still participating in the creation of Life.  Divinity in Form.

As we sit to Blast Freedom Is Within, we are opening our mind to the Divine mind and becoming actively creative.  We are releasing fear of present circumstances or the future, the burden of an undesired past and allowing it to inform the new into creation.  We are aligning our heart and our mind with the truth of our Divine nature, accepting ‘what is’ as the perfection that it is and Loving it into new life.  We are remembering our ability to create from within, sovereign in our perception and united in our Love.  We are shining Love and appreciation to each experience, for it is the fire that warms the heart.  Blast on!