Weekly LightBlast

May 31, 2012



We come then to another round of Fortitude.  The LightBlast is a channeled topic that is a weekly progression of self-focus for Lightworkers.  Sometimes topics resurface, as Fortitude has from early in the year.  It’s 2012 – showtime!  ;o)  We’ve been preparing for this year and here it is.  Are you noticing your shift?  Do you see that change is more rapid, resistance is more challenging and things that were easy before are being brought to a new level of mastery?  Fortitude is a must! 

We are leading ourselves and Lighting a path of change for others into the new golden age.  Here personal responsibility is highlighted, consideration of others and the earth is required and Love leads choice.  Fortitude is your ability to shine your Light in dark places, both within yourself and within this experience on earth.  Each person has a different role, a different focus and change means that focus shifts, too.  Fortitude is your ability to go with the flow (less resistance) and allow when it is time; and to paddle with the flow and move forward when it is time. 

Finding Fortitude within sometimes requires a perspective shift, as we highlighted in last week’s Wedded Bliss.  To acquire a perspective shift can take some practice (Abraham-Hicks is masterful at teaching this) as usually when you need a perspective shift, you’re feeling emotionally and mentally challenged.  It takes astute awareness and habitual practice at finding the silver lining - but in a way that you believe it!  When you observe a challenge and ‘find the silver lining,’ you are settling yourself into a more peaceful state.  This state opens your mental and emotional channels, which were blocked with worry, frustration, etc., to new information, possibility and ease in the moment.  That’s Fortitude.  Simply finding a perspective that allows peace in a moment of challenge.  Remember that an emergency responder is in a form of peace – the ability to stay focused and move quickly, pull loads of technical information quickly and remain effective, keep emotionally calm and strong in a situation that is highly charged and perhaps even dangerous.  This is an extreme example, but as you remember that All is Well in a moment, as you find the perspective of challenges you’ve handled in the past, and as you find the perspective of improvement in the future, your now becomes a moment of peace.  Peace is courage and strength in a moment of challenge; and calm in a moment of ease.  That is a form of Fortitude.

As we sit to Blast Fortitude, we are building a strong base of peace, empowerment and Divine Perspective.  We are remembering that we are capable creators that shift this world by shining brightly in the glow of Love.  We are able to shift our perspective to a win/win solution.  We are able to utilize Time to prove our capability, our possibility and our peace in the now.  We are the builders of the Golden Age, beginning within and then sharing our inner gold with others.  We are the pillars of strength, peacefully standing strong, singular and united with all.  Blast on!

May 24, 2012


Wedded Bliss

One is Whole Within.  A separate unit of one is united in One Whole.  You are this separate, complete Being, united with All Life.  It is your story that seems unique, and it is; yet it is the story of Life that All share.  Your fractal significance is that your perspective adds a new angle to the story.  Expansion occurs automatically, it is the blessing of time.  Time begets change and space beckons form.  You are this engine of Life.  You are the perspective of change, new form.  You are the separate unit of one united with and changing The Whole. 

Wedded Bliss is your completeness accepted, it is your Wholeness within that allows your creation response to be born of Wholeness rather than fear.  Fear itself is not bad.  It is a separate unit of Life as is All, a creative force; yet it causes effect, adjustment, perspective shift - essentially work.  There is no judgment on the work of creation, yet as a human you have choice.  The choice of ease or the choice of work.  The difference is merely a perspective shift.  Ease is the natural Flow of Life assisting you with the momentum of creation.  Work is the natural Flow of Life resisted until the Flow becomes stronger than the resistance, as it always will (the blessing of time).  It applies to all aspects of your life, whether subtle in thought or feeling; or dense in form or action.  Resistance itself?  Merely a perspective shift.  Relax into Life, for it is fail-safed for your expansion.  Your choice, your perspective, determines your experience.  Within your internal Wedded Bliss, your relationship with Life becomes an easy Flow. 

Wedded Bliss is the Self as One.  The two become One – Self and another, Self and God, Self and Creation, Self and Life.  The dichotomy becomes the Whole Truth.  Nothing is outside of you, yet everything is.  Nothing is separate from you, yet everything is.  Nothing is resistable, yet everything is.  Nothing is choice, yet everything is.  Open to the natural Flow of Life and you find union, love and miracle as common.  Resist the natural Flow of Life and you find what you expect.  Seek the natural Flow of Life and you find the welcoming of Life.  It requires your perspective shift to become visible (look at it!). 

As we sit to Blast Wedded Bliss, we are shifting the perspective of separation into the perspective of connection.  We are observing Life outside of Self as Life inside of Self awaiting union within.  We are uniting with all that would separate (fear) as a force of change that naturally Flows toward resolution.  We are seeking the choice to become Whole within such that creation responds with a reflection of Love in form – the Whole Truth!  Blast on!

May 17, 2012


Creating Relationship

Magic becomes science for those that Know.  Life becomes magic for those that Live.  Relationship becomes creative for those that Love. 

Your magnetic nature shapes your world.  It draws, it pulls, it forms.  Your energy of Love is the compelling, the call, the union of opposites that find they are more same than not or else there would be no bond.  In the atomic structure it is the positive pull of the proton that elicits the negative electron not only into form, but into bond.  Within the negative charge of the electron is the desire.  All creation stems from desire.  Desire is the effect of separation, the beautiful engine that it is.  Once something is separated, it seeks reunion.  Thus relationship is created and opposites attract.  This is the fail-safe of the universal structure.  Relax into life and allow you desire to speak to you of unity.  When desire speaks for an intention of Love, its satiation will feed life’s continuation.  When desire is the voice of an intention of need, lack, fear or greed; guide the Self to seek Love, as all desire is a call to Love. 

Creating Relationship is the responsibility of the Self to seek Love in all interaction.  Not all interaction has the visible Light of Love, but your heart always knows, sees and hears the Light of Love.  Listen with your heart (hearT) and you will see the Light of Love within All.  Love is choice.  The heart will flow Love without regret.  The heart does not need the response of Love returned, for the heart’s ability is to flow and experience Love, no matter what the situation.  The heart in the body does not resent the bile of the liver, it feeds it life-giving blood and appreciates the cleansing.  The heart in the soul knows that a harsh word is the negative electron’s desire for the union of Love.  As a Lightworker you observe and Light the way to Love through relationship.  Sometimes relationship means knowing one in the physical world, other times it is the relationship of humanity that may never meet but are still connected through the breadth of compassion.  That is what Lightworkers create.  Connection.

As we sit to Blast Creating Relationship, we are opening lines of communication that span the globe.  We are connecting past hurts with present forgiveness and creating a future of Freedom.  We are Lighting the way to Love through compassion for those that do not know how to Love, but learn through example.  We are courageous creators, uniting opposites into connection, bringing the linear into the circular embrace of Love.  We are hearing Love in every word, seeing Love in every deed and Knowing that our choice to Love is the seed that grows the future.  We are the warriors of Compassion, relating each moment to the next that allows more Love to grow.  Blast on!

May 10, 2012


Freedom And Love

Freedom And Love are synonymous, yet how many in relationship don’t feel free?  It’s a tricky one.  We all have different definitions of what Freedom means and what Love means.  How we communicate that and relate with that is the work of life.  You make agreements continually.  Your Lightwork is to make agreements that support Love’s expansion in your life (and thus the world around you).  The tricky part is not satisfying the ego when you really need to satisfy the heart.  When you just satisfy the ego, you shape a moment/experience into filling a need.  When you satisfy the heart, you shape the world into a moment/experience that feeds All Life – even if you are the only one involved.  For example, if you forgive yourself for thinking negatively about yourself, there was no one else involved and it seems that no one else would be harmed or helped.  But as you forgive yourself and release that thought-form (thoughts forming the world around you!), you are actually stopping those around you from having to live that negative thought form with you.  It causes them to either act it out for you or to receive it as you release it upon them.  This is the Fellowship of Life in which we all participate and Creation Responds.  Your relationship with the world around you is a reflection of your inner world.

Love would share your pain as it would share your triumph.  Beyond the physical, we are all united Beings of Love that come into human form to experience.  We come from Love (God), and though you may not feel Love for your neighbor in human form, you do Love them in their true form.  Thus you agree to experience life with them on Earth.  Did you ever notice your neighbors often move when you release the lessons they are reflecting for you?  Become Free and Loving in the moment and the binding of fear, shame and resentment gives way to Love’s grace.  Love is always a choice, your choice.  For another’s choice to Love frees them, but if you hold onto resentment, fear or shame you are still not free.

Freedom understands its Whole nature.  When you are Free, you understand yourself as Whole beyond the limitation of form.  This seems loveless to those that don’t understand Love that empowers.  Detachment is a place of deep Love that knows the ability of the Self to create and the ability of Creation to Respond. 

Freedom sees all humans as capable with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of fear.  Limitation is not a prison, it is a plateau. 

Freedom sees a lover as safe with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of delusion.  Limitation does not starve, it feeds growth. 

Freedom sees the Self as powerful with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of comparison.  Limitation does not stagnate, it fuels expansion. 

Freedom sees All Life as perfect in its imperfection with the eyes of Truth, not the eyes of defeat.  Limitation does not bind, it strengthens. 

As we sit to Blast Freedom And Love, we are opening the flood gates of creation with the momentum of the energy that builds worlds.  We are becoming the powerful foundation of the new world.  We are releasing the binds of the old world of domination, suppression and pain and igniting the flame of the heart, Love’s desire.  We are a powerful energy in the world, allowing Love, not forcing life – for Love is always personal choice.  Blast on!

May 3, 2012


Understanding Self

All relationship is the Self reflected.  Relationship is connection.  The original connection is Self with Source, the separation from Unity into unique self.  From this creational point, All Life responds.  We are creative beings because we are connected to All Life, it is in-built into humanity and Life itself always continues.  To Understand the Self, you merely observe the reflection around you, for Creation merely Responds.  No judgment, only Love so complete that all is allowed.  Relationship will be a prevalent theme in May because how you relate to the world around you and the feedback you get from it is the story of Self.  It’s up to you to change your story. 

Understanding the Self begins with clear observance of your intentions.  Your intentions are the WHOLE story.  Your words can be just what you choose to allow others to hear.  Your actions can be just what you choose to allow others to see.  Your intention is for you to know (and perhaps some astute people).  Fear has been propagated in this world which keeps us from showing our true selves.  If you don’t look good enough, earn good enough or do good enough, you will be exposed as not being good enough.  So says the media/marketing machine that would disempower another for personal gain.  When you Understand the Self, that doesn’t effect you.  When you Understand the Self, you realize that you can gain while another does, too; there need not be any lack.  That is relationship – sharing instead of taking from or pushing upon.  When you Understand the Self through an open heart of Love, you see the reflection of Love in All Life around you.  You may observe the choice of another to denigrate life, but you also see the power of your own choice to enhance Life.  Love is far more magnetic and creative than fear, though fear has its ability to create. 

When you become clear with your pain, your fear and your shame; you come to Understand the Self as a perfect imperfect journey towards more Love actualized in form.  It’s easy to love a pretty flower, but can you love yourself (or another) after an argument?  Your pain that you hold within is merely a call for love.  As you Love it, appreciate its lesson and embrace it with courage, you are Melting a Wall that separates you from your Power (Love), from another and from the world around you.  True courage is compassion when pain is present.  If you can do that for yourself, you’ll find that Creation Responds with relief and support, for it is merely reflecting You – the compassionate one. 

As we sit to Blast Understanding Self, we are opening to the reflection of beauty that we are.  We are finding wisdom in pain, allowing All Life to benefit from the struggle of freedom achieved.  We are complete in our Love of Self because we understand that All Life is connected and cherished.  We appreciate the reflection that shows us our strength and our weakness, for both create more Love.  We are the Lightbearers, that bare the truth of our souls and shine the way for others to find their own Light.  Blast on!