Weekly LightBlast

March 29, 2012


Free Flowing Creation

Freedom brings a flow that is necessary, but ultimately requires some direction for maximum benefit.  Creation is that direction.  Your power; innate, invisible and ineffable Truth, is the sacred mix of Freedom and Creation – allowing and directing, observing and choosing, sharing and consuming.  Life continues.  This mix of opposites, this mix of same is your full potential realized in form.  You are that and you become that continually.  This is your sacred breath, actively taken in for the air has no other desire than to fill all that would allow it.  A void is a desire, silent in its longing and open to share and be shared.  This is your sacred breath, actively sustained within, for the food of life is the intermingling - be it with self, other or ether.  Your Life sutstainment is as sacred as the release of separation, for you become One over and over in the sharing.  This is your sacred breath, actively released or life decays to destruction, only to be consumed by the hungry desire of another willing to live with a gusto that moves subtle into Life.  Be you the three of One or the liver of none, for your sacred breath will cleanse and enliven if you breathe with the courage of taking and the grace of sharing.  Choice and intent paint the scene.  That is Free Flowing Creation.

How then do you perceive?  What choice is possible to serve your intent?  Your intent is the resonance, the same beckoned into your field of awareness.  It will present or prevent, but it is for you to intuit intent.  Naturally same is drawn, for the building into form requires some such ability to bond.  You know this in your physical chemistry as somewhat of a lock and key configuration and it pertains to all life.  The lock and key must have a resonance of sameness that magnetize and yet an oppositeness to electrify, to compel movement.  As you perceive your life, you choose based on your intent.  What you perceive as possible then directs your flow.  How much movement will you allow?  To think outside of the box, to expect miracles, to look beyond the known is to compel great movement.  That is Free Flowing Creation.

Understand your intent clearly, for if you create from fear, need or greed, you create with the force of weak bonding and life becomes open to destruction.  There is no judgment in this, for Life is made to continue and improve.  It is innate within the Love from which All Life flows.  Completely allowing, awaiting direction, but unable to be annihilated.  The system is fail-safed, so why not breathe it in deeply and create form from Love?  That is Free Flowing Creation.

As we sit to Blast Free Flowing Creation, we are becoming that which we always were, powerful points of Life/Light, illuminating Love’s Grace into form.  We are honoring our choices, the choices of others and the beauty of taking, sharing and releasing/giving cycling through each moment.  We are the gusto that blows through with a force that stirs and stills, forming the sands that welcome the water to safe shore.  We are the choice to Love in the midst of opposite, recognizing the innate desire to share within All Life.  We are the courageous Lovers, knowing so deeply our connection to All Life that we perceive the grace within no matter what is shown on the outside.  We are the Ones that live to Love, the meek that would breathe deeply of life to allow even destruction to feed the form of Love.  We Know we are powerful in the silence of a sweet breath that builds a quantum storm.  Blast on!

March 22, 2012


Freedom From Expectation

Mental March marches on!  Freedom and Expectation are themes that come up repeatedly in the years of LightBlasting.  The LightBlast is a channeled topic that assists Lightworkers toward empowerment, so as we heal the Self, we are supported in helping others.  Freedom is necessary for open, creative flow and sharing.  Expectation is a trap of limitation that is often justified by a mind that is led by egoic need.  As we release expectation, we are opening to freedom and solution that was not available before.  Expectation is present when fear is present, for one in expectation does not ‘expect’ that All is Well.  The out-of-balance ego justifies expectation as a good cause, improvement and a solution that everyone else just doesn’t know they want yet!  When you release expectation, you are allowing the unseen force of Love to inform choice and co-creation with Divinity begins.  It’s Namaste applied into action with All Life. 
Freedom from Expectation can feel as if you are giving up goal-oriented creating.  Actually, you are still goal-oriented, the ultimate goal just becomes Love, Peace, Joy and sharing Life!  The Abraham-Hicks work can be confusing to some because they focus on the ‘stuff’ and use the stuff as an indicator that the Law of Attraction really works (it often doesn't seem to work because they are focused in lack).  In truth, when you actually apply the Abraham-Hicks work, you are so Free from Expectation that the stuff becomes less important than your state of Being.  You become Free within a less-than-ideal financial situation, work situation or relationship status.  Change then begins to form that matches your current vibrational emanation.  We’ve been Lightworking all March on aligning our mental state with an emotional state that supports creating a new life of Love.  Freedom From Expectation opens you up to the possibilities unavailable within the control and limitation of expectation.  It makes Peace Possible!

As we sit to Blast Freedom From Expectation, we are ushering in the new wave of Love to shape the shores of Life.  We are the Peaceful Ones, shining brightly through storm and breeze, reliably consistent no matter what the circumstance.  We are culling through the mental madness that separates and cultivating the mental acuity that allows Love to grow through the froth of change.  We are the beacons of Peace, embodying the new way of Being that creates real change through Love.  Blast on!

March 15, 2012


Peace Is Possible

The spring equinox is days away, the reminder that night and day are in a constant dance of give and take, always resting in equilibrium as one leads and the other follows for a time.  Day and night do not fight the seasons, they support them; each with a beautiful purpose and gift to Life.  This is Peace.  It is available to you in every season of your life, every season of your day.  Until you actually have consistent access into peace, you must practice awareness and focus, for Peace is not nearly as loud and aggressive as the rest of life.  It will not force itself upon you. 

The LightBlasts through the month of March have been predominantly about focusing your mental awareness in order to create.  We use our mind to categorize, analyze, discern and choose.  This is a beautiful and powerful gift when used properly.  Most societies only value the (limited) mental; banishing the emotional as weak, problematic and not valuable in business – unless you are manipulating emotions to sell product or services.  Your mental acuity is directly related to your emotional intelligence.  Are you saying Love but actualizing right vs wrong?  Are you aware of separation in the name of what is right?  You see this exemplified in the political arena to the extreme.  Are you seeing those extremes of emotion/right vs wrong/control/mental chatter in your own life? 

We can’t truly separate the mental and emotional, as we are one being with an emotional and mental state (physical & spiritual, too!).  Your emotional focus leads to your mental focus and vice versa.  Cultivating the patience and awareness required to manage your emotions or your mental state is what aligns you with Peace within any situation.  This is the work in Lightwork.  Your Lightness of Being is your indicator that your work is helping you to attain a peaceful state, which then becomes your natural state.  When you are peaceful you are able to hear the whispers of the formless, you have Access Into Information, you are open to new solution in Love.  At times I find myself in emotional states that are less than peaceful.  Yet I also find a quiet knowing that, ‘This, too, shall pass, and I will be stronger and freer because of the experience.’ In this way, I feel at least a hint of gratitude within a moment of pain.  That is peace in a different form than silent meditating in a beautiful garden.  Both are valuable. 

As we sit to Blast Peace is Possible, we are anchoring our mental clarity to feel peace even through the chaos of change.  We are the beacons of the new way of Being Light.  We have the audacity to find a positive perspective from challenge and nurture it into form over time.  We are using our mind to achieve an emotional state of peace when others may not see the possibility.  We are the wayshowers exemplifying that Peace Is Possible, even when war, greed and fear have led humanity into a state of confusion.  We are beckoning Freedom into form through the power of Love.  Blast on!

March 8, 2012


Mental Creation And Clarity

After last weeks Access Into Information, we are continuing to enhance our creative abilities.  As Lightworkers we utilize the True creative power of our internal focus (emotional and mental) to create the world around us.  If you are adept at it, you are noticing that ‘miracles’ seem to happen around you.  You are noticing that while change does take time, you are experiencing it faster than those that do not align with their power to focus toward Love.  You are responsible for focusing yourself toward health, positive solution and openness no matter what is going on around you.  You are patient with yourself and others as the realignment occurs and the world of form adjusts and builds.  You are astute to the signals of Creation that offer you time to rest or time to refine and fortify your focus.  You are aware of those that come to test your resolve and those that come to support it.  This awareness is your mental and emotional intelligence at work. 

Clarity is a by-product of practice, focus and peace.  Even a paramedic is ‘peaceful’ in an emergency situation though they are moving fast, processing a lot of mental data and dealing with extreme emotions.  This is ‘peace’ on a spectrum that is so vast that it is available in any situation.  Can you imagine that?  As we experienced in last week’s Access Into Information, if you can expand the middle road to encompass All, you then have access to the full Truth of Life; that with sorrow is release that offers freedom, with pain is a signal that offers solution, with peace is a courage that Knows that All is Well so deeply that it is never lost to a moment of circumstance.  That is mastery.  That is Lightwork.  Working to remain in the Light of illumination during the darkest of moments.

Mental creation is the (first) action of Life.  It is the resonance of form creating.  Mental information is the result of your spiritual nature communicating through emotional information and you processing that into physical application through the mind.  For most people the mind is a problem because it is not strong enough to discern with absolute autonomy and to focus with clarity.  Meditating will help with the focus and courageously and relentlessly applying Love into each situation will help with finding peace no matter what the circumstance.  With that application you find your autonomy, for autonomy resides within the deep connection to All Life when you Know All is Well.  As you apply Love, you become Love.  It isn’t the easy path, it’s the courageous path.  It’s the path of humility as you realize you were judging (separating) or avoiding in the name of ‘love’ or what is ‘right.’  Action becomes part of the path when your emotion exemplifies inspiration rather than obligation.  True change is created in Love, not force. 

As we sit to Blast Mental Creation and Clarity, we are enhancing our power to create the new world.  We are allowing information to inform; refining our focus and uniting with the power of the universe.  We are leading the way toward new solution, not pushing against what-is.  We are shining our brilliant Light as a beacon to Love’s Grace, creating a foundation that supports Love’s growth.  We are the peaceful power that electrifies the darkest night, bringing dawn to form.  Blast on!

March 1, 2012


Access Into Information

March begins with a deep connection into the communication of the Universe in which you live, breathe and create.  Your connection is enhanced as you look beyond the physical manifestation of what-is, as you feel beyond the emotional manifestation of fear and think beyond the mental manifestation of expectation. 

2012 is a powerful year for many reasons, your focus being the most important.  Your work is to apply your Divine knowledge into 3D as your vibration and the Earth’s vibration increases into an expanded dimensional resonance.  It’s a reciprocal process that is eased and sped by your focus.  Spiritually it requires that you release any beliefs that you are less than perfection in human form.  Emotionally it requires patience and courage to integrate the Whole Self.  Mentally it requires awareness and diligence to align your mental activity with the Truth of your divine creative nature.  Physically it requires attention and action to support the temple of the body and forming your new Life. 

Your Wholeness is your Access INTO Information.  Otherwise, there is no deep, applicable connection to information, you merely have data circulating without fully benefiting All of creation.  When you Access into Information, you are connecting the system of Self into the system of All Life and creating from your natural fullness rather than action steps based on expected results that have been done before.  Your choice to connect fully into the system of Life is a choice to understand and embrace the full meaning of a moment.  A moment of pain is a moment of learning, integrating and transmuting separation into connection.  That which destroys becomes that which releases a bind that limited.  Loss becomes liberation.  Joy becomes a path, not an end point.  Here you expand the middle road to encompass All Life rather than polarizing toward avoidance of bad and cultivation of good.  Not an easy one.  You’ll notice times of strength and times/situations of weakness.  To become Whole you courageously direct your focus and allow the release of pain into learning.  Gratitude is key.  In the open arms of gratitude you reach past limitation and separation and embrace your Wholeness.

As we sit to Blast Access Into Information, we are uniting the Self with All Life and becoming the Creative force that anchors Love’s Grace into life.  We are freeing the Self from limitation and opening to the Truth of our connected nature.  We are moving from action to interaction as we fuel the momentum of Love to create new Life.  We are the change, being Love as we access the Whole Truth of a moment and encourage Love’s growth into form.  We are opening our hearts to illuminate the world with the courage that Love entails.  Blast on!