Weekly LightBlast

August 27, 2015


Creating a Wave

Blessed Creative Being, you live in a world of waves, of vibration. Your science has told you for many years that the solid table is a mass of vibrating molecules, densified by a bond that creates a sensory effect of solidity. Yet at its core it vibrates, willing to release the bond with the proper force. For a table, that force may be impact, fire or a chemical compound that severs the vibrational attraction, changing the behavior of the particles at the subatomic level. Your science has also discovered the ability to track light at a level so small that mere awareness changes the behavior from waveform to particle form.

Your awareness, then, is a catalyst that causes the behavioral change in a wave. It is not the only catalyst, and at this point in time, you are reconciling the time factor in form as you build form from awareness, choice and action. These are the building blocks of your world. The natural world around you shows you clues, the technical world around you now also shows you clues; but you must find your internal path of knowing that you create your world.

Much of your awareness resides in your unconscious mind, your subconscious awareness. Begin utilizing your intuitive senses, your choice and your actions toward clarity of feelings, thoughts and expression. This brings the vast subconscious into conscious awareness. As you focus your awareness, you begin creating impact in the subtle realm of waveform rather than the physical realm of table form. Your impact is your feelings, thoughts and expression. It is not visible like the results from the table, yet it begins the reworking of form.

You Create a Wave with your awareness; your feelings, thoughts and expression that manipulates the malleable vibration of life around you. Observe how your choice of kindness shifts the behavior around you. Observe how anger, suppression and shame shift the behaviors around you. Choose your impact, for you are influencing the form of your world. That form is not typically visible or palpable in the moment. Yet the vibrational behavior is changing and compelling new bonds before your eyes are able to see it. Choose your impact.

As we sit to Blast Creating a Wave, we are boldly choosing the positive potentials that seem impossible in the current bonding of humanity. We are influencing the future with the force of Love that compels rather than complies. We are learning our power to stand strong in the winds of change, creating a new future rather than lamenting the challenges that formed such strength. We are relentless in our expression of Love, allowing the impact of a yes or a no to be drenched in the creation of a new foundation of Love. We are unwilling to see no hope, for though it is invisible, it is within and calling for our wave of Love to bring it to the surface. When another ebbs, we flow; for humanity is remembering that Life is supportive in invisible, yet compelling ways. Blast on!

August 20, 2015


Fast and Slow

Human Angel, your knowledge and interaction with life is growing. It can be an in-depth journey of information, or it can be as simple as Love. Love does not always feel simple. It is not always easy. Sometimes Love means walking away, losing a loved one, or saying no as one seeks to manipulate or dominate. 

The simplicity of Love is found through Loving the Self and Loving Life equally. That equality denotes a neutrality, a strength, a peace with any experience. It is equivalent to peacefully observing the tides of the ocean ebb and flow, adjusting as necessary and enjoying the whole process as a beautiful part of life. There is no resistance to the tides, a moment of ebb brings another moment of flow. All is well. An astute one would even notice any sort of warning sign from nature that the tides were turning in a way that requires action.

The natural pace of life is one that you accept in some ways and resist in other ways. When you find resistance to the pace of life, you are not on equal ground and neutral with Life, you are feeling powerless, desperate, unable to accommodate your needs. It is in these moments that you are served well to find peace with the ebb or flow of Life, for it is benevolent, supportive and fail-safed to Love. Mechanisms of protection, progression, connection, expansion – these are all in-built into the fabric of your being and the fabric of Earth and the universe, even the dimensional structure within which it resides. The system of Life is an integrated system of Love expanding. As you flow with Love, so go your tides of creation.

Neutrality is another way of saying unconditionality, yet we say that you reside within a realm of conditions, so how does one ebb and flow between conditionality and unconditionality? From a Loving perspective, be neutral with the conditions of physicality; feed and protect the body, whether it is your body, the body of humanity, the body of Earth, the body of the ecosystem; feed and protect the body. That is Love, and it requires action that is based in Love rather than shame. Even if that action is saying no, it is based in Love. 

Unconditionality is within the subtle realm, the invisible. Therefore, with your invisible, subtle nature; hold no conditions. Forgive easily, forget the pain and remember the resolution. Hold a high standard of focus on the potential that Love is gestating, birthing or consuming for transformation.

The natural pace of life has a momentum of flow that supports your thriving. Your work is to be well with the conditionality and unconditionality that serves Love’s flow in your world. Relax into experiences more. Hold less mental tension of right or wrong. Say yes or no more easily, even with the challenges – All is Well. Gently focus on the Love that is within a being, even if their pain is speaking loudly in a moment; all while holding the boundaries of conditionality that nurture and protect your physical body. The ebb and flow of Life will carry you, push you or pull you as beneficial. It will continue to compel you to more Love, more neutrality, more Life. Proceed with Love.

As we sit to Blast Fast and Slow, we are well with the pace of life, for we are capable of discovering Love at any speed of progress. We are flowing easily with the tides of change, ebbing inward and flowing outward as indicated with the grace of life. We are seeing the connection between visible and invisible, knowing that the push/pull of life is an engine of movement that continues growth. We are neutral in the face of opposition, holding a strength so inherent that nothing pushes or pulls it out of balance. We are the bridge of connection that embodies the grace of true power – Love. We are holding strong in a moment of change, Lighting safe shores for those seeking steady ground to balance upon. Blast on!

August 13, 2015


Allowing the Unknown

Time is a beautiful gift on Earth. It supports your understanding and your evolution into the future. It provides a platform for desire to refine into form. Life evolves, devolves, resolves and triumphs through the grace of time’s flow. The linear Earth experience of time is valuable and will be experienced as such for years to come as you integrate the truth of physicality into the truth of the non-physical nature of Life. Time is merely a vehicle of manifestation refinement. Manifestation has a focal point because of time. The past, known as it is perceived; the future unknown. Are you at peace with the unknown?

As you master your thoughts and feelings, you are creating a flow of energy that works with you, assisting your creations. It is not that you must think and feel perfect thoughts and feelings each moment, it is that you no longer allow thoughts and feelings to rule you, to control your access to inner peace. As you are well with what is, even while you desire change, you are opening access to a future that was previously unavailable from a state of vibration that could not harmonize with it.

Your peace, your acceptance, your courage to change gives rise to new vibration emanating from you and thereby available to harmonize with a new frequency, a new future. To access this new future, relax into the unknown and know that Life is supporting you into your improvement. Life wants you to thrive. You are Life.

As we sit to Blast Allowing the Unknown, we are embracing the past as the perfect catalyst to improvement. We are peaceful in the present, knowing this moment is a focal point for choice that creates the future. We are a friend to time, knowing it is within us as well as around us; harmonizing manifestation between the inner and outer at the perfect pace. We are so strong in our Love that it is only details that are unknown, for the heart knows its ability to create a future of Love. That is the future we are allowing into creation.  Blast on!

August 5, 2015


Expecting Change

Dear One, how you focus your brilliant heart and mind creates a force of vibrational frequency that effects life. It breaks down barriers, it builds walls, it cloaks a Truth that is just out of range to your conscious awareness. Your awareness, your heart and mind focus; is a powerful catalyst. It is invisible, and therefore most predominantly effects the invisible realm. Yet this is how all form builds.

Change is constant. Change is always good. It has the potential of either creating a desired experience, or creating a desire for a new experience. Expectation is the hope, trust and faith in your own abilities, the response of life and the connection to the future. You expect because you are linear, you are connected to the future. Release resistance and your expectation flows with the ease of joy. Expect Change, because it is inevitable. Expect improvement because it is the compelling force of Love. Expect with ease, release expectations that constrict you and flow easily with the current of least resistance.

As we sit to Blast Expecting Change, we are opening our hearts to the present and receiving the gift of choice. We are releasing an old truth about limitation and recognizing a mountain of opportunity to climb to new heights. We are flowing well with change, for Time is an ally, creating movement as we relax into the tides of transformation. We are open and peaceful, understanding our power to adapt, for expectation is an inevitable companion to the wisdom of humanity’s flow into the future. The evolution of Love is flowing well. Blast on!