Weekly LightBlast

November 21, 2013


Accessing Grace

Blessed Being, you are the reflection of Love in your experience.  At each moment choice beckons your courage to Love.  It is the paradox of Love, that such sweetness takes such courage.  It is the simplest, though at times, the most challenging path.  All that you perceive in the world around you is reflective of the flow of Love.  Do you observe others with the perception of their ever-changing courage to Love?  Do you observe yourself as you grow in your own ability to forgive, to stand tall, to empower yourself and another?  As you strengthen your ability to Love in all situations, you are Accessing the Grace that unifies your world. 

While separation is a beautiful truth of Life, it is merely half of the story.  The connection, the interdependence of Life, the unseen bond of Love that unifies All Life is the other half of the story.  The visible, palpable separation can blind the senses to what is unseen.  As you open your eyes and ears to the subtle, you are accessing the Truth of Love.  Here you understand the value of saying no.  Here you recognize your own resistance that inhibited flow.  Here you see the courage and value of forgiveness.  Here you understand the intention that speaks.  Here you find the power that binds atoms into planets and your experience begins to form into the realm of physicality.  It is the Grace of Love that binds form.  It is the Grace of Love that destroys form.  It is the Grace of Love that continues Life.  It is the Grace of Love that exalts All Life.  Unconditionally.  Unconditionally.  Can you do the same?  With your own life, with another’s, with a choice, with a fear? 

As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are following our heart to the universal Truths of Love.  We are perceiving our own barriers to Love and protective walls, as they are merely degrees of the same.  We are understanding the exalting of Life as we choose what benefits the Self and benefits All Life simultaneously, as the nature of Life is transformation.  We are remembering our Divinity and applying it to form, as the unseen becomes visible in the Light of our eyes.  We see the beauty in All Life, perhaps even before another sees it in the Self.  Blast on!


Seren said...
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Seren said...

Thank you Jayme for this beautiful Light Blast and most timely reminder!
♡Seren Grace