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April 4, 2013


Foregoing Options

We revisit a topic that seemed odd at the time I originally channeled it, yet the information surprised me with its beauty.   I considered reposting the original one, but as I reread it, I fell so deeply in love that I couldn’t wait to delve more deeply into a topic that seems so mundane, yet is so rich with potential Love.  Ultimately, I forewent (is that a real word?) the option to be a little lazy, and to find a deeper expression of life within a concept.  Isn’t it the way of life?  You can experience on the surface or look deep into someone’s eyes and see the Divine looking back at you.  You can hear painful truths and respond with Love or continue a pattern of controlling, separating or assuming.  You have options.  They are internal, eternally evolving and you never get it wrong.

To Forego an Option is a choice for your Mastery.  It is Choice, which is Mastery.  The beauty of Life on Earth is available for your awareness in every experience.  When you discern the opposite (option), you are utilizing the awareness system that is in-built into your biology.  When you feel the opposite (option), you are connecting, also an in-built biological system.  Connecting with another, a situation, a concept or a question becomes an expansion.  That expansion is within the nature of the universe, the universe expands with your connection.  Feelings manifest creation, as does the logical discernment with the mind.  When you observe your Truth with that statement, what is your reaction?  Do you know the value of emotion and allow it to flow freely within you?  Even anger has a beautiful reason to flow, yet it need not deluge another.  When you feel anger flowing, your power, your boundaries are being denigrated.  It is merely a signal of energy (e-motion, energy-in-motion) flow.  Anger is a feeling, therefore, highly creative.  But what does it create?  Left unconnected through the conduit of Love, it creates a basis of boundaries and empowerment being denigrated.  There is no judgment with that because the ability of Love to connect is unending and the universe has no time constraints.  That which is Love’s opposite, is truly Love’s option.  You can Forego the continuance of anger and connect to Love, or you can continue to allow anger to beckon Love.  It is a matter of choice.  Your choice is in the matter. 

All opposites (options) require not only expansion, but contraction.  What does that mean as it applies to Life?  It is a letting go, a release, a lessening or a contraction.  Foregoing Options has release, or contraction in-built as well.  In order to expand, you release the old.  You see this in day-to-day life as choice is made to discontinue a pattern.  You are aware that many change relationships, jobs or locations – only to experience the same pattern with a different fascade.  It is a fine line of balance and choice to break a pattern.  You Forego the Option to repeat a pattern when you take the steps to create a new, healthier pattern.  The contraction is you letting go when as of yet there is no visible expansion.  Trusting the Self and the flow of Life is creation in action.  You are creative by nature, and your cycles of expansion and contraction are also your nature. 

As we sit to Blast Foregoing Options, we are letting go of small ideas of ourselves, our creative abilities and the power of Love.  We are releasing the binds of hopelessness and renewing our option to dream.  We are contracting into the dreamscape with such concentration that the force of creative flow cannot be contained.  We are breaking beyond the  confines of what has been done before and forging new ground of possibility.  We are the masters of Light, illuminating the world with the hope of new Life blooming.  Love is always an option.  Blast on!

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