Weekly LightBlast

February 19, 2015


Allowing and Adjusting

Your freedom is within your ability to respond to Life in a way that keeps you open, strong, focused and aware.  At first, as you learn to actively create your internal experience, it seems a lot to focus upon.  It can feel overwhelming as you determine, “Am I open in this moment or strong?”  Only to eventually discover that it must be both, though they feel so different at first. 

It can seem disruptive to your peace as you must observe every detail and shape your choices based on a changing, sometimes chaotic, vibration.  There is so much data coming at you and from you as you smooth your vibration into the flow of creation you are desiring.  The lag time of manifestation often clouds the clarity of which thoughts and feelings led to which creation.

There are open, yet focused, avenues of creation that will assist the overwhelm and allow you to adjust with greater ease.  You are part of the engine of Life.  In human form, your physical brain structure disrupted the full understanding.  Thus it becomes a path of experience as you learn from a new vantage point.  Do you see the loving process in that?  You created it, for you are of creation and powerful beyond the physical form.  As you open to the deep knowing that Life is leading you toward your potential of thriving, you ease the tension of the mental responsibility and open to your natural ability of response – adjusting.  Allowing is a loving state, and adjusting is a courageous choice.

As you open to trusting that the engine of Life is working with you, you begin to align with the synchronicity of information that shows you creation’s clues.  You must be open and aware to focus upon the data that is first invisible, malleable and merely an indicator of potential.  Is it time to move forward, rest and allow new information to form, or release and change direction?  You have this ability.  It is merely your allowing and adjusting that shows you direction’s path.

As we sit to Blast Allowing and Adjusting, we are open to the information of Life forming and we are choosing boldly for the progress of Love.  We are appreciating the positive and negative experiences, for they provide a platform of focus for strengthening Love’s determination.  We are protecting the inner world until it is strong enough to open to the full scope of Life.  We are learning the experience of polar opposites meeting in the heart of courage, for it is within that resistance meets forgiveness and new direction begins.  We are the powerful electromagnetic force of creation in our own lives, emanating so strongly that opposition releases its direction to the progress of Love.  Blast on!


Ann Metcalfe Conscious Eating Alchemist said...

love this Jamye, such perfect timing! I've been feeling a bit "plugged", not moving forward or feeling like moving forward and today I came up with some descriptions of the Gaian and HOPE Chest and I feel a lot better and lighter!!... allowing and adjusting... <3

Jamye said...

Beautiful, Ann! A time of ripening... :o)