Weekly LightBlast

February 26, 2015


Creating Problems (and Solutions)

As you begin to Allow more, you are opening to your powerful heart.  Your biomechanism is complete in its ability, though ever changing in its details of availability.  Humanity is moving from mind focus to heart integration – a profound change in the availability of new solution.  Any nature of problem that is in your Earth experience has available solution. It is merely your ability to connect to it that changes.

Your ability to problem solve is in-built into your functionality. As all things, it is a balancing.  Through Time, you move from imbalance to balance, the seeking such a compelling that it is natural to you and often unnoticed.  Whether you seek peace, excitement or any other sensation, you are on a path of Life progressing that is honored by your willingness to consume it into new experience. 

Your brain naturally forms habits and patterns of understanding that become so natural, you hardly notice them.  This is part of the mechanism of creation, for it requires new data to progress.  New data is available through the timeless connection of the heart, the vast connector of Life.  As you open to the power of your heart, you are allowing new information into the details of the brain and new solution is formed.  As you love yourself more, you change the experience of your life and all those around you.  As you love life more, as you love challenges more as you open to the potentials of yourself more, Life and Love flow through.  That is Allowing new solution to flow into Earth experience.

As we sit to Blast Creating Problems and Solutions, we are reminded that we are a brilliant diamond that has formed within an alchemy of experience through Time.  We are appreciating the challenges as opportunities.  We are recognizing that a problem is merely the past meeting the present vibration that is no longer compatible, thus the future is calling for benevolent change.  We are open to the imbalances that occur, for we hold solution in the heart, the great potential of Love awaiting form through our allowing grace.  We are bravely shining brightly, illuminating the Light of Love from within.  Blast on!


Barbara Jean said...

Thank you Jayme, for all your posts. I listen and read each week as your messages and explanations are indeed helping me manage this ascension process. I often feel that I am "trying too hard" and it all feels worse and more complicated and internally chaotic. When I focus on the message you channel, like today's--I am more able to calm down and find the still point within; realizing the real focus needs to be on loving myself and feeling that love in my heart, then allowing it to infuse my brain so I am open to simple/creative solutions with a peaceful stance.

Ann Metcalfe Conscious Eating Alchemist said...

Thanks for this Jamye, messages are always so timely. As I've been opening my heart more to who I am, loving me, it seems easier to let go of expectations of what relationships/situations should look like - a more relaxed place to be. <3

Jamye said...

Excellent, Barbara Jean! That is a great lesson to learn. I am honored to be part of the process with you! Much Love to you!

Jamye said...

I'm so glad to hear that, Ann! You have such a dear Light. Shine on! <3